Clean Baby Products with Organic & Natural Ingredients

We’ve rounded up the best clean baby products made with natural and organic ingredients so you can rest assured that baby is being pampered safely. This guide includes organic baby wash, natural baby shampoo, diaper care, and other baby skin care products.

Natural Baby Products

“It took having a precious, little baby of my own for me to start really paying attention to buying natural, non-toxic products.”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that line.

There’s something about bringing a new life into the world that wakes you up to the potential hazards in the world around you.

Suddenly you become extra sensitive to every little thing in your new baby’s environment – from food and clothing, to items in your home, and even the air they breathe. The shampoos, creams and other baby care products you use on their little bodies are under scrutiny as well….and for good reason.

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Why Natural Baby Products Matter

Pick up a personal care product off a store shelf, and it will very likely contain ingredients linked to hormone-disruption, allergies, or other negative health effects, including cancer. Why? Because current U.S. federal regulations are extremely limited, and untested ingredients are perfectly fine for companies to use. 

It’s one thing to use these ingredients on our grown-up bodies, but another thing altogether for a baby. A baby’s tiny body does not detoxify as efficiently as an adult’s, so the same chemicals can have a more drastic effect on them.

You just don’t want to mess around with something like this on your baby. And why take the chance when plenty of chemical free, natural baby care products exist? 

Learn More: How to Buy Non-Toxic Beauty & Personal Care Products

How to find the Best Clean Baby Care Products

Speaking from experience, life with a newborn can be a pretty overwhelming time. As a new mom, you don’t have a lot of time for leisurely shopping.

Sure, you want to buy safe and healthy products for your home and baby – including things like an organic crib mattress and a non-toxic changing pad – but you don’t have time to visit specialty shops all over town. Nor do most of us have an unlimited budget to buy high-end lotions and potions for baby.

That’s why I put together this list of the best natural and organic baby product brands for you! For the most part, these baby care brands are very affordable and easy to find on your next trip for diapers and groceries.

Everything listed here meets the following criteria, which are especially important for babies:

  • EWG’s Skin Deep rating of 1, or EWG Verified or certified USDA Organic
  • Trusted certifications like EWG Verified, Made Safe Certified or USDA Organic (read more about certifications here)
  • Fragrance-free or lightly scented with natural essential oils
  • Made with natural and organic ingredients (synthetic preservatives may be necessary in some products for safety)
  • No animal testing

Best Baby Products Brands

I may receive commissions from purchases made through affiliate links in this article. Full Disclosure

The companies that made this clean baby product list make everything you need to care for your baby – from organic baby wash and soothing diaper creams, to natural baby shampoo and baby skin care products.

You can find most of these clean baby products at mass retailers, drug stores, natural food stores and even many grocery stores, but I’ve included links to online resources if you prefer to buy them there. (You’ll also find many of these products in my Mindful Momma Amazon store!)

You will also learn the mission behind each brand, the types of products they make, the certifications they carry, and what I love most about them!

Sustainable Swaps Guide

Natural baby bath products

Earth Mama Organics: My Favorite Organic Baby Products

Mission: To provide safe, herbal alternatives with worry-free ingredients, for pregnant, postpartum and breastfeeding women, and babies of all ages.


(learn more about Earth Mama Organics baby products here)

Certifications: Some USDA Certified Organic, NSF/ANSI 305 and Non-GMO Project Verified

What’s to love: The Sweet Orange Baby Lotion is to die for! They have a few certified organic baby products.

Use code MINDFULMOMMA for 10% off regularly priced US orders (does not include travel kits or bundles).

ATTITUDE: Best EWG-Verified Baby Products

Mission: ATTITUDE is on a mission to reduce ingredients of concern in homes by giving families the tools to enjoy healthier lives.


Certifications: All baby products are EWG Verified

What’s to love: The most affordable natural baby care products that are also EWG Verified. Low waste refill packages also available for some products.

Take 15% off with code MINDFULMOMMA15 at checkout.

Healthybaby: Long Lasting Clean Baby Products

Mission: Healthy Baby’s mission is to protect and enrich the full potential of every child…and support parents with safe and non-toxic products.


Certifications: Products are EWG Verified and many are Made Safe Certified.

What’s to love: Healthy Baby’s Shampoo & Body Wash Concentrate can be used to create a gentle, luxurious foam that’s good for over 200 baths. 

Pipette: Most Affordable All Natural Baby Products

Mission: Pipette was created to give parents a solution that actually works for their babies’ sensitive skin, without compromising on safety or sustainability.


Certifications: EWG-Verified, Leaping Bunny Certified

What’s to love: An affordable brand that is also available at Target. Pipette also has bath & body care products for kids, mom and the whole family. 

(Pipette at Target)

Natural Baby Products

Babo Botanicals: Best Fragrance Free Baby Care Products

Mission: We believe that people with sensitive skin deserve amazing, natural products that actually work.


Certifications: Many of the products are EWG Verified

What’s to love: Known for their multi-tasking hair care and bath products, with formulas for different needs.

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Made Of: Easily Accessible Organic Baby Products

Mission: To provide new parents with simple, organic-first and safe everyday baby products at affordable prices. 


Certifications: EWG-Verified, NSF Organic (at least 70% organic ingredients)

What’s to love: Easy to find on Amazon or Target. 

Evereden: Best Clean Baby Products for Baby and Mom

Mission: To create the safest baby products using scientifically proven clean ingredients to ensure thoughtful, effective formulas. 


Certifications: EWG-Verified (many, but not all products)

What’s to love: Premium products formulated for babies as well as moms in all stages of pregnancy and post partum.  

Get 10% off your first purchase with code EDEN10 at checkout.

Baby Mantra: Best Baby Products for Rashes and Eczema

Mission: Baby Mantra’s mission is to envision, develop and deliver the highest quality products to improve the well-being of children around the world, using the finest earth friendly ingredients.


Certifications: All baby products are EWG Verified

What’s to love: The Calming Massage Oil is beneficial for rashes and eczema.

California Baby: Best Award-Winning Baby Creams

Mission: To create the safest naturally based products to soothe, nourish and smooth out life’s rough patches: one baby, one kid, one family at a time.


Certifications: Many USDA Certified Organic ingredients used, some products are USDA Certified Biobased

What’s to love: The extra-rich calendula creams and lotions are hard to beat.

Natural Baby Products

Honest Company: Best Multi-Tasking Natural Baby Products

Mission: To create products that are effective, but unquestionably safe, eco-friendly, beautiful, convenient, and affordable.


Certifications: Some USDA Certified Organic ingredients used and a couple products are certified USDA Organic or NSF Organic.

What’s to love: The multi-tasking healing balm is great for grownups too. Easy to find this brand at local stores. 

More Favorites from Mindful Momma

What are your favorite organic & natural baby care products?

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natural Baby Care Products


  1. I actually use a lot of these products for myself (we’re past the baby stage in my house) although my blog partner is due any minute! Maybe I’ll make her a basket of these great products! Thanks for the great ideas!

    1. I’m in the same boat – my babies are teens – but I still use some of these baby products because they are so darn nice! Earth Mama Angel Baby lotion smells SO good and Little Twig lavender body was is great in the shower!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for this list. It’s very helpful. Just one less thing to think about.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth – exactly what I’m hoping for! Us moms have so many other things to worry about!

  3. Thank you for such a wonderful and detailed list. Would love to see Beautycounter’s baby collection added to it!

    1. Good idea Erin! I’ll probably do another, similar post soon and Beautycounter would be a great one to include!

  4. I’m really glad that you talked about natural baby products not having the chemicals and ingredients that are linked to hormone issues and negative health effects. I want to take really good care of and protect our baby from everything that we can, and I think that natural products are a great way to do that. I’m going to have to do everything we can to use all natural products to help take care of our baby, so we don’t have to worry about any health problems down the road from these harmful ingredients!

  5. Jenni Samual says:

    Thanks Micaela, Your guidance is very useful. Baby’s skin is sensitive than adults, so it is so important to be careful while choosing baby products.

  6. This is AWESOME!!!! Thank you so much for putting this together.

  7. Diane Price says:

    This really came at a crucial time for me…just yesterday I talking with my husband that I want to switch to organic baby products. Thanks so much for writing this!

  8. Do you have any recommendations for baby products that don’t come in plastic? I have been looking but most brands still pack everything in plastic even though the content is organic. It feel contradicting.

    1. That’s a good question Valinda. I think the main reason baby products come packaged in plastic is because people are afraid to use glass around babies or in the bath. It’s so hard to find the right balance. One company I like is ATTITUDE because they offer refill boxes so you can refill the plastic bottles of baby and bath products.

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