25 Non-Toxic Deodorant Brands That Work

A review of the best non-toxic deodorants including deodorant sticks, creams and sprays, as well as vegan and zero waste options, to help you find the natural deodorant that works for your needs.

non toxic deodorants that really work

Let me guess. Slowly but surely you’ve been switching over your beauty and personal care routine to natural, non-toxic products – but there’s one area that you haven’t quite mastered yet: DEODORANT.

I know exactly why. Deodorant is one thing you’re too scared to mess with. When you leave the house in the morning – whether you are going to the office, running errands or heading to the gym to work out – you need to be sure that you will not end up a stinking mess by the end of the day. No one wants to be that person!

Yet switching to a natural, non-toxic deodorant is totally do-able (and important!). But it’s true – it can be a bit tricky. After doing loads of research, including a reader survey, here’s one thing I know for sure: finding a non toxic deodorant that works is not a one-size-fits all proposal.

But I’ve done the homework, including testing a LOT of deodorants myself, in order to help you find the non toxic deodorant that will work best for YOU!!

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Why You Should Switch to a Non Toxic Deodorant

To start, let’s talk about why you should switch deodorants in the first place. Traditional deodorants and antiperspirants contain some potentially harmful ingredients. In fact, in my deodorant survey, the primary reason given for switching to a natural deodorant was to avoid toxic chemicals.

Here’s a rundown of deodorant ingredients to AVOID:

  • Aluminum – the active ingredient in most conventional antiperspirants* – linked to Alzheimer’s and breast cancer
  • Parabens – endocrine disruptors often used as preservatives
  • Phthalates – hormone disrupting chemicals hiding in the fragrance or other ingredients
  • Artificial fragrances** – a catch-all term for thousands of chemicals which can cause allergic reactions, skin irritation or worse
  • Triclosan – an endocrine disruptor and probable carcinogen
  • Propylene glycol – when derived from natural gas (most common form), it is a potential allergen and a non-renewable resource

*A note about antiperspirants: Sweat is our body’s natural way of releasing toxins so stopping our sweat glands from working should not be the goal at all. Instead, we want to make our skin less attractive to odor-causing bacteria – which luckily can be done with natural ingredients.

**A note about fragrance: The term fragrance is a bit tricky. When you see it on a label, it usually implies artificial fragrance chemicals but a few companies use the term even for essential oils and other natural fragrances. For example, Every Man Jack lists fragrance on the label but assured me that their scents are a mixture of essential oils only. On the other hand, Native deodorant uses some safe, phthalate-free synthetic fragrances in addition to essential oils, to make their fragrances stronger. I wish it were easier – but when in doubt – ask the company directly!

After a recent study found cancer-causing benzene in over 40 deodorants and antiperspirants, you’ll want to be sure to find a deodorant without benzene, like the ones listed here. 

Sustainable Swaps Guide

How to Find the Non Toxic Deodorant that Works Best for You

The Best Natural Deodorant Ingredients

Sometimes I wonder why we get so caught up in chemicals when nature creates so many hard-working ingredients. Nature-made substances including minerals, plant powders, butters and oils from nuts and seeds, and essential oils have all the anti-bacterial and sweat absorbing properties that we need to keep wetness and odor at bay.

Here are some of the beneficial ingredients you might find in the best natural deodorants:

Odor neutralizing agents

  • Baking soda* – raises PH of skin, making it less hospitable to bacteria growth
  • Activated charcoal – acts like a magnet, drawing out odor-causing bacteria and other toxins from skin
  • Magnesium – minimizes odor and treats skin problems
  • Saccharomyces ferment – a vegetable based enzyme that inhibits odor
  • Essential oils – naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial

*A note about baking soda: Many people rave about baking soda for odor control, yet a small number find that it causes skin rashes, bumps or other sensitivities. From what I’ve read, this is usually a temporary phase as your skin detoxes from conventional deodorants, however many brands now make baking-soda free deodorants for sensitive skin. 

Wetness absorbing ingredients

  • Arrowroot
  • Tapioca starch or cornstarch
  • Kaolin clay

Moisturizing / skin soothing ingredients

  • Coconut oil
  • Shea butter
  • Plant oils – jojoba, sunflower
  • Beeswax
  • Candelilla wax – a plant-based substitute for beeswax
  • Glycerin
  • Aloe vera
  • Propanediol (vegetable derived)

A note about deodorant formulas:

Some people complain that deodorants made with coconut oil and/or shea butter can stain your clothes. If that is a problem, you may prefer a deodorant with a base of glycerin or propanediol. 

How to find a Natural Deodorant that Works

No doubt you’d love me to tell you about the amazing natural deodorant that works for everyone. I’m sorry to tell you it doesn’t exist.

Each one of us is different – from the amount of sweat and odor we produce, to the level of activity we engage in, to our personal skin sensitivities and fragrance preferences. Many of us prefer the convenience of a stick, but some of us love to slather on a deodorant cream or do a quick spritz of a spray deodorant.

Maybe you are searching for a deodorant that is baking soda free, or one that contains activated charcoal or another specific ingredient. Maybe using a vegan deodorant is important to you, or having a zero-waste deodorant that is better for the planet.

Your favorite natural deodorant probably won’t be the same as mine – and that’s OK!

Armpit Detox

Also, keep in mind that switching to a natural deodorant takes time. Your skin will need to detox for a couple of weeks as it gets rid of the toxins from your old deodorant. Here are a couple things to consider during the transition time:

  • Apply deodorant more than once during the day
  • Do an armpit detox to prepare your skin for natural deodorant
  • Try the Underarm Bar – a charcoal based soap that boosts the power of your deodorant 
  • Most important – don’t give up!
How to Find the Non Toxic Deodorant that Works Best for You

Best Non Toxic Deodorant Brands

Here is a list of my recommended natural deodorant brands – including deodorant sticks, deodorant creams and deodorant sprays – all formulated with clean ingredients and no harmful chemicals. The list covers a range of pricing options, and includes zero-waste deodorant options, organic deodorants, as well as vegan deodorant brands (ALL brands listed here are cruelty-free).  

In terms of odor control, everything I’ve tried has worked for me – but truth be told – I’m not a super stinky person (guess I drew the lucky card on that one!)

All of these natural deodorant options have raving fans – but you’ll also find some people who say it didn’t work for them. Bottom line: it might take a bit of experimenting to find the clean deodorant that works best for you.

Sustainable Swaps Guide

Each & Every Deodorant - non toxic deodorant brand

Each & Every Deodorant

  • Type: Stick
  • Primary ingredients: Coconut oil, tapioca starch, earth wax, magnesium
  • Baking soda free formula
  • Plant-based packaging made from sugar cane
  • Fragrance: essential oils 
  • EWG rating: EWG Verified
  • Price: $20 (or subscribe and save)

My take: If you’re looking for a deodorant that goes on clear and smooth (no white residue), this is it! Love that it is EWG-Verified and is packaged in plant-based plastic from sugarcane. This is my current favorite deodorant!

type A deodorant tube - non toxic deodorant brand

Type:A Deodorant

  • Type: hybrid squeezable cream that goes on like a stick
  • Primary ingredients: glycerin, beeswax, arrowroot, sodium bicarbonate, coconut oil, zinc
  • Sweat activated formula releases actives through the day to fight odor and absorb moisture
  • Fragrance: essential oils
  • EWG rating: N/A
  • Price: $16.99

My take: The squeezeable tube is super easy to use. The formula works even on the hottest days and does not stain my clothes! 

attitude super leaves deodorant stick - a non toxic deodorant brand

ATTITUDE Deodorant

  • Type: Stick 
  • Primary ingredients: arrowroot powder, shea butter, baking soda, coconut oil, corn starch
  • Plastic-free, biodegradable paperboard tubes 
  • Unscented version available
  • All formulas are certified vegan
  • Fragrance: Natural extracts
  • EWG rating: EWG Verified
  • Price: $11.95

My take: Love that the packaging is a completely plastic-free and biodegradable and the formula is excellent too. The Orange Leaves scent is my favorite! 

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If you are specifically looking for plastic-free deodorant sticks, I have more listed here!

CLEAN_DEO_Beautycounter - a non toxic deodorant that is refillable

Beautycounter Deodorant

  • Type: Stick 
  • Primary ingredients: coconut oil, shea butter, non-GMO cornstarch, baking soda, candelilla wax and beeswax
  • 85% of users said it neutralized underarm odor all day
  • 96% of users said it goes on dry and clear
  • Refill cartridges available
  • Fragrance: essential oils and natural extracts
  • EWG rating: EWG Verified
  • Price: $31($20 for refills)

My take: The ultimate combination of a luxury deodorant + eco-friendly packaging. Clean Rose is a lovely scent!

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humble deodorant baking soda free - a non toxic deodorant brand that is also sustainable

Humble Deodorant

  • Type: Stick – both plastic and plastic-free options available
  • Primary ingredients: fractionated coconut oil, non-GMO cornstarch, baking soda, beeswax
  • Unscented versions available in both regular & sensitive
  • Sensitive skin version is also vegan
  • Fragrance: Essential oils
  • EWG rating: 1
  • Price: $10.99 – $12.99

My take: Humble has lovely scents and in my humble opinion, has the best deodorant for sensitive skin. The Moroccan Rose scent is my favorite!

mineralized deodorant powder

Mineralized Deodorant

  • Type: deodorant powder
  • Primary ingredients: Magnesium Hydroxide, Magnesium Carbonate, Calcium Carbonate
  • Unscented option available
  • Tins of powder come with an applicator sponge for mess-free application.
  • Fragrance: Essential oils
  • EWG rating: N/A
  • Price: $27.50 for full sized, $21.50 for refills

My take: This deodorant powder works well for me and I love the light scents. I was a bit worried about making a mess but the sponge applicator makes the powder really easy to apply. 

Wellnesse mineral deodorant aloe and driftwood scent

Wellnesse Deodorant

  • Type: Stick (plastic-free)
  • Primary ingredients: tapioca starch, coconut oil, baking soda, shea butter, sunflower seed wax, zinc
  • Packaged in sustainable paperboard tube
  • Fragrance: Natural driftwood scent works for the whole family
  • EWG rating: N/A
  • Price: $16 

My take: A simple but effective formula that goes on smoothly and is super eco-friendly. 

Healthy Nest

  • Type: Stick (biodegradable paperboard)
  • Primary ingredients: fractionated coconut oil, tapioca starch, candelilla wax, magnesium hydroxide, zinc ricinoleate, sodium bicarbonate, manuka honey, essential oils
  • Not vegan (contains honey)
  • Infused with prebiotics and probiotics to support a balanced skin microbiome
  • Fragrance: A lovely woodsy, citrus scent from essential oils
  • EWG rating: EWG VERIFIED™
  • MADESAFE certified
  • Price: $24 for 3.75-oz stick

My take: Great for pregnant and nursing moms but I enjoy using it too because I love the scent!

Schmidt's non toxic deodorant stick

Schmidt’s Deodorant

  • Type: Stick or spray
  • Primary ingredients (stick): arrowroot powder, baking soda, coconut oil, shea butter, candelilla wax
  • Primary ingredients (spray): alcohol, glycerin,ozone-friendly nitrogen propellant
  • Sensitive Skin formula and activated charcoal versions available
  • All formulas are vegan
  • Eco-Cert certified
  • Fragrance: A combo of essential oils and natural fragrances (but nothing artificial)
  • EWG rating: 1 – 3
  • Price: $9.99 – $11.49

My take: Schmidt’s deodorant sticks work well for me. Fav scents include: Bergamot + Lime, Rose + Vanilla and Charcoal + Magnesium.

pretty frank non toxic deodorant stick and deodorant ball

Pretty Frank Deodorant

  • Type: Stick, spary and deodorant ball
  • Primary ingredients (stick): shea butter, baking soda, coconut oil, beeswax, arrowroot
  • Primary ingredients (ball): shea butter, arrowroot, coconut oil, candelilla wax, vitamin E
  • Primary ingredients (spray): witch hazel, alcohol, safflower oil, aloe leaf
  • Baking soda free versions available
  • Spray and ball are vegan (sticks contain beeswax)
  • Fragrance: essential oils
  • EWG rating: 1 – 3
  • Price: $10 – $14

My take: Good affordable deodorant brand with options for everyone. 

Myro deodorant in blue container - a non toxic and refillable deodorant


  • Type: Stick
  • Primary ingredients: Propylene glycol (vegetable derived), aloe vera, Saccharomyces Ferment, glycerin, corn starch
  • Plastic case is refillable with deodorant pods
  • Fragrance: essential oils and naturally derived ingredients
  • EWG rating: N/A
  • Price: Starter kits $25, refill $11.25

My take: LOVE that this product is refillable and the product glides on super smooth! Pillow Talk is my favorite scent!

earth mama calming lavender deodorant

Earth Mama Deodorant

  • Type: Stick
  • Primary ingredients: coconut oil, corn starch, candelilla wax, baking soda, beeswax, magnesium, arrowroot, calendula
  • Formulated especially for sensitive skin, pregnancy and breastfeeding, yet effective for everyone
  • Certified organic by NSF
  • Fragrance: essential oils (unscented also available)
  • EWG rating: 1
  • Price: $12.99 full size, $5.99 travel size

My take: Love the subtle scents and soft feel of this deodorant. The mini sizes are great for travel!

primal pit paste deodorants - stick and cream versions - non toxic deodorant

Primal Pit Paste Deodorant

  • Type: Stick or cream
  • Primary ingredients (stick): Coconut oil, arrowroot powder, magnesium, candelilla wax, vitamin E
  • Primary ingredients (cream): Shea butter, arrowroot powder, baking soda, coconut oil, candelilla wax, vitamin E
  • Stick is packaged in cardboard tube, cream packaged in glass jar
  • Fragrance: essential oils 
  • EWG rating: 1
  • Price: $14

My take: This female owned company is one of the pioneers in natural deodorant – they make a very good product!

Thinksport deodorant

Thinksport Deodorant

  • Type: Stick
  • Primary ingredients: Coconut oil, candelilla wax, beeswax, corn starch, arrowroot, baking soda
  • Effective magnesium-enriched formula
  • Fragrance: essential oils 
  • EWG rating: EWG Verified
  • Price: $6.99

My take: Great option for anyone watching their budget

cleo + coco deodorant bar

Cleo + Coco Deodorant

  • Type: Stick and bar
  • Primary ingredients: cocoa butter, coconut oil, beeswax, baking soda, activated charcoal
  • Both a traditional deodorant stick in plastic packaging and a zero waste deodorant bar are available
  • Sensitive skin formula without baking soda available
  • Fragrance: essential oils
  • EWG rating: 1
  • Price: $12 – $18

My take: The wax mold at the bottom of the deodorant stick allows you to hold on for a mess-free application – a brilliant zero waste invention!  

pit putty organic deodorant cream

Pit Putty Deodorant

  • Type: Stick, cream, spray
  • Primary ingredients (stick): arrowroot, coconut oil, baking soda
  • Primary ingredients (cream): arrowroot, shea butter, coconut oil, sunflower oil, baking soda
  • Primary ingredients (spray): witch hazel, coconut oil, sunflower oil, rice enzymes
  • Sensitive skin formula without baking soda or coconut oil available
  • USDA Organic certified
  • Vegan
  • Fragrance: essential oils
  • EWG rating: N/A
  • Price: $11.95

My take: I love their deodorant cream! It goes on super smooth and the Geranium Lime scent smells amazing. The best organic deodorant cream around. 

kaia naturals the takesumi detox deodorant

Kaia Naturals Deodorant

  • Type: Stick
  • Primary ingredients: propanediol (naturally derived), glycerin, candelilla wax, saccharomyces ferment, magnesium, activated charcoal
  • Uses activated bamboo charcoal and natural fermentation for odor control
  • Fragrance: essential oils
  • EWG rating: 3
  • Price: $25

My take: Loooove this deodorant! Smells beautiful (especially the rose scent) and goes on so smooth….but it’s the most expensive deodorant on this list.

Native CUCUMBER_Deodorant

Native Deodorant

  • Type: Stick
  • Primary ingredients: coconut oil, arrowroot powder, baking soda, shea butter
  • Sensitive skin version is baking soda free
  • Also offer a plastic-free deodorant in a cardboard tube in select scents
  • Offer fun seasonal scents – get on their mailing list to find out!
  • Fragrance: proprietary blend of essential oils, natural extracts and some phthalate-free synthetics (I wish they were more transparent about their fragrance ingredients)
  • EWG rating: 1 – 3
  • Price: $13 

My take: This deodorant glides on super smooth. Some of the scents are too strong for my liking but Cucumber & Mint is nice because it is made with only natural extracts and is a softer scent.

meow meow tweet deodorant stick lavender bergamot

Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant

  • Type: Stick and cream
  • Primary ingredients: coconut oil, arrowroot, magnesium hydroxide, cocoa seed butter, shea butter (baking soda in original version only)
  • Low waste packaging: cardboard stick and glass jar
  • Many certified organic and fair trade ingredients used
  • Fragrance: essential oils
  • EWG rating: 1 – 2
  • Price: $14

My take: Another great plastic free deodorant in a biodegradable, push-up paper tube or a glass jar.

ursa major hoppin fresh deodorant

Ursa Major Deodorant

  • Type: Stick
  • Primary ingredients: aloe vera, saccharomyces ferment, glycerin, baking soda, shea butter
  • Ursa Major’s Hoppin Fresh Deodorant is an award-winning formula that keeps you cool and fresh all day.  
  • Fragrance: essential oils
  • EWG rating: 3-4
  • Price: $18

My take: Scent is an amazing blend of peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary


Soapwalla Deodorant

  • Type: Cream
  • Primary ingredients: shea butter, cornstarch, baking soda, sunflower seed and jojoba oils, kaolin clay, glycerin
  • Sensitive skin formula available (baking soda free)
  • Vegan
  • Comes in glass jar
  • Fragrance: essential oils
  • EWG rating: N/A
  • Price: $18

My take: This was the first deodorant cream I ever used and I loved the creamy consistency and the essential oil fragrance.

every man jack deodorant sandalwood

Every Man Jack Deodorant

  • Type: Stick
  • Primary ingredients: propanediol (vegetable derived), aloe vera, witch hazel
  • Some certified organic ingredients
  • Fragrance: a proprietary blend of essential oils (nothing artificial)
  • EWG rating: 3-4 (higher rating because they list fragrance, but all of their fragrance comes from natural sources and is paraben-free)
  • Price: $9

My take: This has been my go-to mens deodorant for my husband and two boys. It works! 

piper wai deodorant cream

Piper Wai Deodorant

  • Type: Cream and stick
  • Primary ingredients: tapioca starch, coconut oil, shea butter, baking soda, activated charcoal
  • Formulated for sensitive skin with just enough baking soda to be effective but not cause irritation in most people
  • Vegan
  • Fragrance: essential oils
  • EWG rating: 1 – 4 (some of the essential oils have higher ratings)
  • Price: $13 – $15

My take: Don’t be thrown off by the grey color – it goes on clear and does not stain your clothes. Also the blend of 11 essential oils smells fantastic!

eo deodorant spray

EO Deodorant

  • Type: Spray
  • Primary ingredients: Organic ethanol and essential oils
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Portable deodorant wipes also available
  • Fragrance: essential oils
  • EWG rating: 1 – 2
  • Price: $6.99

My take: If you like a deodorant spray, I highly recommend this one.

toms of main deodorant

Tom’s of Maine Deodorant

  • Type: Stick
  • Primary ingredients: Propylene glycol (vegetable derived), aloe vera, hops, sunflower seed oil
  • Readily available and affordable
  • Fragrance: Essential oils, plant oils and other natural fragrance ingredients
  • EWG rating: 2 – 3
  • Price: $5.99

My take: Tom’s was my deodorant of choice for many years. You can’t beat the price and you can find it everywhere!

Natural Deodorant Brands Conclusion

To summarize, finding the best non-toxic deodorant is not just about smelling fresh; it’s about prioritizing your well-being and the health of the planet. With an increasing awareness of the potential risks associated with conventional deodorants, the demand for natural, non-toxic alternatives has never been higher. And for those concerned with the planet, plenty of zero-waste deodorant options are available as well.

Whether you prefer a stick, spray, or cream formula, there’s a non-toxic deodorant out there to suit your needs and preferences. By making the switch to non-toxic deodorants, you’re not only minimizing your exposure to harmful chemicals but also supporting sustainable and eco-conscious brands. Ultimately, investing in your health and the planet by opting for non-toxic deodorants is a small yet significant step towards a cleaner, greener, and healthier lifestyle.

Have you found a natural deodorant that works for you? Share your favorite brand in the comments!

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Best Natural Deodorants infographic

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  1. This is super, super helpful! I’ve tried TOMS and Schmidt’s, and have been wanting to try Native for some time. I’m glad I made the switch to all-natural deodorants.

    1. Native is quickly becoming my favorite! Hope you like it!

  2. This is such a wonderful resource! I’ve tried a few natural deodorants, but haven’t yet found one I love. Thanks for doing the legwork! Off to try a few more 🙂

    1. It might take a while to find the best one for your body and lifestyle – but it’s worth the effort!

  3. I’ve been buying natural deodorants left and right, trying to find one i love. This is a great guide.

    1. Your body takes a couple weeks to detox when you make the switch – so hang in there!

  4. Great recap. I didn’t realize that you could have natural deodorant that is an antiperspirant too. I’m going to have to try some of these.

    1. Actually – they aren’t truly antiperpirants because they do not stop you from perspiring – but rather, they help absorb wetness!

  5. What a great comprehensive post! Making the switch to natural deodorant is definitely quite the task. I made my own for a while, but now that I have a baby ain’t nobody got time for that! I just tried Schmidt’s and I’m loving it!

  6. I recently started using Primal Pit Paste after getting it for me MightyFix from MightyNest one month and I think it’s great! It totally works and I like that it feels dry right when I put it on. Also a huge fan of Tom’s of Maine deodorants.

  7. I love this post! I feel like I have tried several different deodorants. Several of them caused me to break out (I think that is a baking soda allergy). One of my faves is Piper Wai, but I also like a couple of alcohol-based sprays. One of the most effective (and nontoxic) things that works pretty well is Milk of Magnesia!

    1. Milk of magnesia as deodorant? I’ve never heard of that one!

  8. E. Duncan says:

    I have a medical condition that causes me to sweat profusely all over, horrible situation for a woman! Regular deodorants do not work for me. I just recently took a chance on Dr. Teal’s stick deodorant and I. LOVE. It! It is very thick, such a lovely scent, and all natural ingredients (near as I could tell). I still sweat all over, but at least there isn’t that embarrassing odor. I love Dr. Teal’s Epsom salts in my bath, but had never thought to try the deodorant. Am very pleased, and it’s not expensive.

  9. I love humble deodorant! Great price and is super effective. The first week or so of using natural deodorant, it seemed to not be working, but I am so glad I stuck with it!!

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