5 Ways to Detox Your Beauty Routine with Activated Charcoal

Favorite activated charcoal beauty products that absorb toxins to help detoxify your body from the outside in.

How to Detox Your Beauty Routine Using Activated Charcoal Products | non toxic | clean beauty


What do you think when you hear the word detox? Does green juice come to mind? Giving up caffeine and alcohol? Eating like a rabbit for a week?

Most of us jump straight to things we ingest when we envision a detox, but detoxing is much more than that. Detoxification is the process of eliminating toxins from the body – through the body’s organs. And our largest organ is – you guessed it – our skin!

What you eat obviously plays a huge part in detoxifying – from the inside out – but if you are slathering your body with chemicals, then you are adding toxins from the outside in.

One way to give your skin a detox, is to eliminate toxic chemicals from your personal care and beauty products (here’s how). Go a step further by purchasing beauty products that contain activated charcoal, a non-toxic ingredient that is naturally detoxifying.

Benefits of activated charcoal

The magic of activated charcoal is that it has a negative charge that attracts and traps toxins and doesn’t let them go! Activated charcoal is used internally to treat digestive issues and even poisoning (something I have not experimented with), but it has become very popular in skin and personal care products due to its ability to absorb bacteria and other toxins directly from the skin.

Favorite activated charcoal beauty products

Maybe you’ve heard the buzz about activated charcoal and seen it in some products already. Charcoal black face masks are all the rage, but have you seen the black toothpaste? I’ve been loving all the activated charcoal beauty products I’ve tried so far – hope you’ll find something you love too!

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Kaia Naturals deodorant and other activated charcoal beauty products


How it works: Activated charcoal acts like a magnet, drawing out odor-causing bacteria and other toxins.

Buy it: Bamboo Charcoal Deodorant from Kaia Naturals

  • Ta-keh-su-mee, known as bamboo charcoal is a well-known Japanese secret for odor control
  • The combination of bamboo charcoal and natural fermentation technology, wicks away moisture and fights odor-causing bacteria
  • Available in cold pressed rose (I have this one and it smells divine!), lime mint and juicy bamboo (orange & grapefruit blend)
  • Instructions available online for going through the detox process from conventional deodorants

Terra & Co black toothpaste and other activated charcoal beauty products


How it works: The negative ionic charges of charcoal bind to bacteria, plaque and tartar to remove stains and promote a healthy mouth.

Buy it: Brilliant Black Toothpaste by Terra & Co.

  • Natural alternative for whitening teeth (charcoal has been used for centuries as a tooth whitener!)
  • Fluoride and SLS-free formula also includes plaque fighting coconut oil and baking soda
  • Flavored with tea tree and peppermint essential oils and a bit of xylitol
  • Yes, this toothpaste is black! You’ll need to rinse your sink after using it.

Beautycounter charcoal mask and other activated charcoal beauty products

Facial Mask

How it works: Absorbent charcoal draws impurities and toxins out of pores.

Buy it: Purifying Mask by Beautycounter

  • Blend of kaolin clay and charcoal works to absorb impurities and make pores less visible
  • Formula includes salicylic acid and sodium hyaluronate, to smooth skin and supports water retention
  • Goes on super smooth and does not feel overly drying while on face
  • Lovely light minty scent

Buy it: Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask by Derma e

  • Dual action formula that both detoxifies and exfoliates
  • Blend of kaolin and bentonite clays and activated charcoal absorbs excess oils and impurities
  • Activated charcoal pulls toxins out of pores
  • Apricot seed powder provides gentle exfoliation while rinsing off mask

Derma e charcoal scrub and mask and other activated charcoal beauty products

Face Scrub

How it works: Activated charcoal helps remove toxins from skin’s surface.

Buy it: Purifying Daily Detox Scrub by Derma e

  • Activated charcoal is known for absorbing 100 to 200 times its weight in impurities
  • Blended with marine algae to protect skin against environmental pollutants
  • Apricot seed powder is a natural exfoliant that is gentle to use every day
  • I keep this one in the shower!

Beautycounter charcoal cleansing bar and other activated charcoal beauty products


How it works: Charcoal detoxifies and absorbs impurities in skin.

Buy it: Charcoal Cleansing Bar by Beautycounter

  • Contains Binchotan, a type of activated charcoal which helps draw out dirt, oil, and impurities
  • Made with hydrating coconut and sunflower seed oils so it won’t dry out skin
  • Great for sensitive and acne prone skin

Are you ready to detox your skin? Which product are you most likely to try?



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