12 Reasons to Love the Happsy Organic Mattress for Healthy Sleep

In this Happsy mattress review you’ll get my honest opinion of the Happsy organic mattress including the organic materials used, the non-toxic certifications, how shipping and delivery works, and of course, how comfortable it is to sleep on. 

This post is not sponsored but Happsy sent me a free mattress for review. I may receive commissions from purchases made through links in this article. Full Disclosure

Buying a new mattress is a big deal.

Not only is it an expensive purchase – up there with buying furniture as one of the bigger expenses in your home, but given that you spend one-third of your life in bed, a mattress is seriously important for your health too.

Unfortunately, most mattresses are made with petroleum based foam, toxic glues and treated with chemical flame retardants – and all that chemical off-gassing makes them an unhealthy place to spend so much time. 

Buying a new mattress is not something we do very often, so it can be hard to know where to start – especially if you are committed to buying an organic mattress. Over the years I’ve done a lot of research on non-toxic, organic mattresses and created a Natural & Organic Mattress Buying Guide – so be sure to check it out!

Today I want to go in depth on one of my favorite organic mattress brands: Happsy 

Happsy Mattress  - woman on bed

I may receive commissions from purchases made through links in this article including Amazon Affiliates. Full Disclosure

Happsy Mattress Review

The Happsy mattress company started with a mission to make healthy sleep accessible and affordable to everyone, so they created the first certified organic mattress-in-a-box.

They wanted their mattress to be made from the best materials for human health and the planet – but also to be moderately priced so more people could afford it. I’ve seen luxury organic mattresses priced at upwards of $10,000, but the Happsy mattress starts at $899 for a Twin – which is the best price I’ve seen for this level of quality. 

Here are 12 reasons why I think a Happsy mattress is worth considering:

1. No Toxic Flame Retardants

Most mattress companies use some form of flame retardants or flame barriers in order to pass strict federal flammability regulations. Happsy uses naturally flame retardant wool to pass inspection without chemicals. Wool also helps regulate body temperature and humidity and it’s super comfy to sleep on. 

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2. No Glues or Adhesives

Unlike most mattresses which can have up to 10 lbs of glue in them, a Happsy mattress has a unique design that is made without any glues or adhesives whatsoever!

3. No Polyurethane Foam

The Happsy Mattress is constructed without any of the toxic polyurethane foam (also known as memory foam, “eco foam” or soy foam) that is the industry standard. Instead they use non-toxic, natural latex made from the renewable sap from rubber trees. 

We were happy to notice that the mattress did not have a strong smell when we opened it (unlike conventional mattress brands), because it does not contain any chemicals that would off-gas.  

Happsy mattress inside view

4. Organic Materials

Happsy uses environmentally-friendly, certified organic materials throughout the construction of each mattress including:

  • Organic latex foam – Natural latex is created from the sap from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree and is naturally breathable and resists mold, mildew and dust mites. Happsy uses natural latex that has been certified by the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) instead of the toxic polyurethane foam that is the base of most conventional mattresses.  
  • Organic wool – Wool is naturally resistant to burning, which allows the mattress to pass flammability standards without any fire retardant chemicals or synthetic flame barriers. Wool also helps regulate body temperature and humidity. Happsy uses wool that has been certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). 
  • Organic cotton – Happsy uses GOTS certified organic cotton that is grown without harmful pesticides. You’ll find organic cotton in the filling and batting of the mattress, as well as the fabric used for the organic cotton cover.  

Bonus: the entire Happsy mattress factory is certified organic! The factory is used exclusively for organic mattress production so there is no chance of contamination.

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5. MADESAFE Certified

The Happsy mattress is certified non-toxic by MADESAFE, one of the best indications that a product is truly safe and non-toxic. All MADESAFE products are screened for known toxins and harmful chemicals such as carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, heavy metals and more.

man laying on a Happsy Mattress

6. Super Comfortable

Is the Happsy mattress comfortable? That’s the most important question after safety!

The Happsy mattress is a organic hybrid mattress design that combines the best of latex with the best of pocket springs. 

The latex is great for contouring and pressure relief and the springs provide excellent support and a bit of bounce. In my opinion this is the best combination because it reduces motion transfer across the bed (your partner will thank you!) 

The mattress has a medium firm support level that is comfortable for side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers alike. If you prefer a more plush feel, you can add the Happsy Organic Mattress Topper for an added comfort layer.  

Happsy uses a custom system of pocketed coils for optimal back support and to help with posture alignment. The coils are made from upcycled steel and are distributed evenly for uniform cradling. Overall the coils are evenly distributed but the perimeter coils are zoned firmer for edge support.

7. Breathable

Traditional memory foam mattresses are notorious for sleeping hot and sweaty. The Happsy mattress is designed to be very breathable, with airflow channels in the latex to allow heat to dissipate easily. The combination of natural latex and moisture-wicking wool is much more cooling and breathable to ensure a more comfortable night’s sleep. 

8. Made in the USA

Wondering where Happsy is made? Happsy mattresses are custom made from start to finish by skilled artisans in the United States. 

Since my husband and I already have an organic mattress we love, we put our new Happsy mattress in our son’s room. He loves the combination of the soft latex, with the supportive springs and says it provides a very comfortable sleep!

9. Easy Delivery

The Happsy mattress arrives compressed in a cardboard box. All you have to do is open the box and carefully open the casing and the mattress will expand – no assembly needed! 

10. 120 Night Sleep Trial

Happsy has a 120 day free trial with a money back guarantee including shipping costs. If you are not satisfied you will get a full refund – so you’ve got nothing to lose when you try it out! 

11. 20 Year Warranty

There’s also a 20-year warranty, because this mattress is meant to last.  

12. Affordable Pricing

From the beginning, the Happsy Mattress was made to be affordable and accessible to anyone who wants to switch to a non-toxic mattress. Ranging from $899 for a Twin mattress, to $1699 for a King, the Happsy is an affordable price relative to many organic mattresses. Free shipping and free returns are also included. 

Happsy Mattress close up image

Happsy Mattress Coupon Code

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, I highly recommend HappsyYou can get take $225 off a Happsy mattress with coupon code Mindful225 at checkout. And while you’re at it, get a set of organic cotton sheets and organic pillows from Happsy – they have some of the best pricing around! 

Happsy Mattress FAQ

​What firmness level is the Happsy mattress?

The Happsy mattress has a medium firm firmness level, which makes it a good fit for most sleeping positions. If you prefer a firm mattress, this might not be the best fit for you. If you want a softer feel, you can pick up the optional mattress topper

Does the Happsy mattress sleep cool?

Yes! As I mentioned above, the Happsy is made with breathable latex, wool and cotton, instead of heat retaining memory foam. 

Is Happsy owned by Naturepedic?

Yes – The Happsy company was founded by Naturepedic in order to offer an affordable, organic mattress. They are able to take advantage of the same ethical supply chains and Happsy also has the same non-toxic and organic certifications. If you are looking for a more customizable or luxury mattress, or an organic crib mattress check out Naturepedic

Let me know if you buy a Happsy mattress – I’d love to hear what you think!

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