Organic Snacks You’ll Want to Stock In Your Healthy Pantry

A roundup of certified organic snacks that are worthy of stocking in the pantry, and perfect for school lunches, on-the-go snacking and anytime a snack attack hits.

Organic Snacks Thrive Market

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Let’s face it – sometimes you just need snacks.

Whether you’re on-the-go driving kids to sports, heading to the gym straight from work, or dealing with a mid-afternoon slump at your desk – whatever the reason. Better to have something healthy on hand than succumb to the drive-through or junk from the vending machine, right?

So with that in mind, I’ve been keeping tabs on the best organic snacks for you. In the name of “research” I’ve been testing out snack foods in order to find the best of the best healthy organic snacks!

One thing all these snacks have in common is that they are all certified USDA Organic snacks. That means they are made with organic, nonGMO ingredients and have no artificial colors or flavors added. So even though they are snacks, they are healthier for you (and the planet) than most snacks you find at the grocery store.

Keep in mind, just because a snack is USDA certified organic, does not mean it is automatically healthy. Organic junk food does exist! Snack foods should be eaten in moderation, as part of a healthy diet. 

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Favorite Certified Organic Snacks

I may receive commissions from purchases made through links in this article. Full Disclosure

FiggyPops Tart Cherry Supersnacks via

Figgy Pops

These Tart Cherry Fig Supersnacks from Made in Nature are the ultimate power snack. A blend of fruit and nuts (figs, cherries, walnuts, cashews), mixed with cocoa nibs, coconut flakes and cinnamon means they are packed full of energy but satisfyingly sweet too. Other flavor combos available too, but these are my favorite!

Barnana Chewy Banana BitesBarnana Banana Bites

If you haven’t tried Barnana Banana Bites yet, you need to try them STAT. Unless you don’t like bananas. But who doesn’t like bananas? Especially when they are dehydrated and covered in a peanut butter or chocolate coating. They also have a coconut and a plain version. Peanut butter is the best in my opinion!

Hippeas organic chickpea white cheddar puffsHippeas

When only salty and crunchy will do, these chickpea-based snacks are healthier than those bright orange fake cheese puffs you were about to grab. Hippeas, a company with a mission to leave no negative impact on the planet, has proven its worth in the salty snack department. I’m addicted to these things – especially the Vegan White Cheddar!

Joolies california superfruit organic medjool datesJoolies

When nature brings you the perfect snack, don’t mess with it. Joolies are fresh, sweet, organic medjool dates from California. They are naturally packed with fiber, and a good source of beneficial magnesium and potassium. Great to keep on hand for a healthy snack attack!

Thrive organic beef jerkyBeef Jerky

Thrive Market’s beef jerky is sourced from pasture-raised, grass-fed, organic beef. Each batch is marinated in organic apple cider vinegar, honey, and spices, and then smoked until tender. It’s a great Paleo snack, and a good source of protein that is also free of artificial ingredients, preservatives, gluten, and soy.

Lesser Evil organic popcornLesser Evil Popcorn

When I was in college, popcorn was a major food group in my diet. Nowadays, I eat much less of it, and when I do, I prefer a healthier version. My popcorn of choice is Lesser Evil because the popcorn is non-GMO and it is cooked in healthy, organic coconut oil instead of butter or vegetable oils. A sprinkle of Himalayan pink salt makes it just as satisfying as movie popcorn.

Late July Peanut Butter MinisPeanut Butter Minis

Your favorite peanut butter crackers just got a healthy makeover. Late July makes them with organic Valencia peanut butter and skips the artificial and GMO ingredients. These make a great addition to a school lunch or bring in the car for an on-the-go snack.   

Mavuno Harvest organic dried mangoDried Mango

Whenever I buy a pouch of organic dried mango, it disappears FAST! Even though it is unsweetened, it tastes like a sweet treat. This dried mango from Mavuno Harvest is ethically sourced from rural, African farming communities. Be sure to buy more than one bag, because they won’t last long!

Go Raw sprouted organic sweet cinnamon snacking seedsSprouted Snacking Seeds

These snacking seeds from Go Raw are a mix of sprouted pumpkin and sunflower seeds, coconut sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla extract. They are dried (not baked or friend)  and have 6 grams of protein per serving, plus antioxidants and minerals for natural energy. A great way to satisfy your sweet tooth without a sugar overload.


If you are looking for a snack bar that is healthy, filling and incredibly tasty, check out Macrobars from GoMacro. Macrobars are made with a mix of nut butters, plant-based protein and other organic, non-GMO ingredients. They make a bunch of flavors, so you’ll want to try them all!

Rythm organic Carrot sticks with sea saltCarrot Sticks

If you’re looking for a crunchy, salty snack that’s not made from a potato, then check out these Carrot Sticks from Rhythm. Organic carrots are gently dehydrated and sprinkled with a hint of sea salt – that’s it! Rhythm is also known for delicious kale chips and beet chips. So many ways to get your crunch on!

Annie's Bunny Grahams Snacks

Bunny Grahams

Annie’s Bunny Grahams are a classic childhood snack and for good reason. The ingredients are certified organic and there are no artificial colors or flavors or corn syrup, like so many kids snacks. Friends Bunny Grahams includes a mix of honey, chocolate chip and chocolate flavors. Even the adults can’t stop eating them!

Thrive Market for Organic Snacks

Thrive Market is my go-to resource for organic snacks because their everyday prices are always less than retail. It’s so easy to stock my pantry with healthy foods from Thrive Market and know that I’m saving money over what I would pay at my local stores.

Thrive Market is a membership-based online market, where prices are 25 – 50% off retail. You can save even more with autoship if that works for you (it’s the best way to keep those organic snacks in stock at all times!).

Try Thrive Market risk-free and get 40% off your first order and a FREE gift!

More Favorites from Mindful Momma

Have you tried any new organic snacks lately? What are your favorites?

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  1. Love Figgy Pops and O’Coconut. I’ve been meaning to try the banana treats too!

  2. Hi there! What a great post! I loved getting a chance to be a ShiftCon this year and it was definitely a lot of fun trying all of these products!! This is a great way to highlight all those companies and snacks and share them with your readers.

    1. Hi Mikki – I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to meet you at ShiftCon. Hopefully next year?!!

  3. Oh man, these all look so yummy! I am constantly trying to find good, healthy snacks for my kids (and for me!), and I am going to be hunting some of these down!

  4. Bree Talks says:

    I’m always looking for healthier snack options for on the run. These look great. If you could only pick one, which is your favorite from the ones listed above?

    1. I have to admit, I’m obsessed with the peanut butter covered Barnana snacks! I just ordered more from Thrive Market!

  5. Tara Brelinsky says:

    These looks delicious and we’re usually looked for healthy snacks to feed our kiddos. I clicked on the link for the figgy pops, but was a little disappointed by the cost. It seems a hefty price when you consider we’re feeding a large family on a tight budget.

    1. You’re right they are a bit pricey Tara. I looked for them at my local Costco last week and was disappointed that they did not have them yet- because I was hoping the price would be better. I’m still hoping they will show up!

      1. Karen Noffsinger says:

        We just got the foggy pops at Costco in Utah and they were only $9.89.

        1. Very cool! I’ve been looking for them at my Costco but haven’t seen them yet!

  6. OMG those Barnana’s look terrific. Good thing I have the excuse to run out and get them for my son- but let’s be real here…Ill be sneaking them when he’s not looking!

    1. Ha! The last bag I bought, I didn’t even share with my kids!

  7. katie chiavarone says:

    This is a fantastic list! I need to look further into these because we are a gluten free household and Im always looking for easy snacks…these look very promising!! Thank you!

  8. Our kids like the Peas Pleese products. We send them in their school lunches.

  9. Shanna Gons says:

    Thanks for the list. Are the Figgy Pops gluten free?

    1. I don’t think Figgy Pops are certified gluten free but there is nothing in them that contains gluten.

  10. Lisa Sharp says:

    I have enjoyed other pea snacks, I’ll have to try these!

    1. You should! They have a spicy version that is quite addicting!

  11. Need to try those figgy pops!!

  12. So many snacks! I haven’t tried any of these. Yet. I will work them into my snack rotation.

  13. Barnana! All day long! I would really really like to try it out. Thank you for sharing!

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