Why Organic Cotton Is The Best Fabric For Underwear

What’s the best fabric for underwear? This post will show you why organic cotton underwear is better for your health and the planet – plus you’ll learn about one of my favorite organic underwear brands!

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Underwear is the first item of clothing we put on in the morning, but it’s probably the most overlooked item in our wardrobe.

We take our underwear for granted as a functional wardrobe essential, but rarely do we think about its broader impact on our health.

In this post, we will take a look at what types of fabric most underwear are made from and find out why organic cotton should be the go-to fabric in your underwear drawer.

Brook There organic underwear and bra in purple

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Underwear Fabrics to Avoid

If you head to the underwear department at a large store, you will most likely find a lot of underwear styles made from synthetic fabrics. That’s because most synthetic fabrics are cheaper to produce and readily available to manufacturers.

The problem with synthetics when it comes to underwear is that synthetic fabrics are not breathable – and you WANT BREATHABLE when you are wearing something that covers some of your most important body parts. Non-breathable fabrics could mean yeast infections or bacteria buildup down there, which we clearly want to avoid.

Plus, synthetic fabrics are made using lots of chemicals, many of which can lead to skin irritations, allergic reactions and other negative health outcomes. Synthetics are bad for the environment too, and if you are a conscious consumer, you certainly don’t want that.

The synthetic fabrics to avoid in your underwear include:

  • polyester
  • nylon
  • spandex
  • lycra
  • microfiber
  • elastine

Note: any underwear that claims to be sweat proof, waterproof or anti-odor is most likely made with synthetic fabrics.

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Brook There organic cotton underwear and bra in white and pink

What is the Best Fabric for Underwear?

Now that you know to avoid synthetics, what type of fabrics should you look for in underwear?

Preferable types of fabrics for underwear will be natural materials that are made from plants, not chemicals. Natural fabrics like cotton, bamboo and hemp are breathable and the production is generally better for the environment too.

In my opinion, the best fabric for underwear is organic cotton. Why? Because organic cotton is better for human health AND for the health of the planet too.

Benefits of Organic Cotton for People

Organic cotton fabric is better for your health because fewer chemicals are in contact with your skin (which is especially important when it comes to your private parts!)

When cotton is produced organically, the crops are grown without pesticides and herbicides. To be certified organic, cotton fabric must be free from bleach, formaldehyde, toxic dyes and other toxic substances.

Benefits of Organic Cotton for the Planet

Unlike conventional farming, organic farming practices are better for the planet because they improve, rather than degrade soil conditions, and keep toxic chemicals out of waterways. Also, in comparison to synthetic fabric production as well as conventional cotton manufacturing, organic cotton has a lower carbon footprint.

Brook There organic cotton underwear styles with flowers

Brook There Organic Cotton Underwear

It wouldn’t make sense to have a conversation about underwear without mentioning Brook There. Brook There makes stylish, yet comfortable underwear styles made from GOTS certified organic cotton and just a touch of spandex.

All products are designed and sewn in the United States, and they offer a range of beautiful colors and styles to fit every body.

Brook There underwear styles include:

  • Bikini – a classic lingerie drawer staple providing full coverage and a leg-lengthening cut
  • Brief – a feminine silhouette with a waist that hits just below the belly button
  • Hipster – a slightly higher leg and waist and a full coverage bottom
  • Thong – a comfortable fit to wear under figure-skimming outfits
  • Boyshort – a high-waisted, full coverage cut that is perfect for sleeping and lounging

The color options at Brook There are especially nice – with a variety of earth-hued options and a few bright colors if that’s what you prefer. For those of you who want to keep it simple – Brook There offers an undyed version of each underwear style.

Read my full review of Brook There organic underwear here.

If you want to try Brook There underwear for yourself, you’ll be happy to know that shipping is always free on U.S. orders.

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