3 Reasons to Choose Brook There for Organic Underwear & Bras

Looking for comfortable, sustainable and stylish underwear? Check out Brook There, an organic lingerie brand that is committed to using eco-friendly materials and ethical production methods. Discover their collection of bras and underwear, and find out why they are a great choice for conscious consumers who care about the environment and their health.

Brook There Organic Underwear

Thank you to Brook There for sponsoring this post. All opinions about the brand and products are my own.

Do you go for matchy-matchy bras and underwear? Or do you prefer your undies to match your outfit so you feel coordinated and confident?

When you reach into your underwear drawer each morning, you might not realize it, but you are setting the tone for your day.

You’re either setting yourself up to feel confident and comfortable in your skin – or not, depending on what underwear you choose.


I mean, if you grab a pair of undies that you hate and that don’t fit well – that doesn’t set you up for a very good day, now does it?

On the flip side, you know that feeling when you’re ready to take on the world and you aren’t even fully dressed yet!

This may sound silly because no one else knows what you have on underneath – but it matters to YOU – and that’s what counts!

brook there purple, organic cotton bra and underwear

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Why Brook There Should Be Your Go-To Underwear Brand

If you’ve been around Mindful Momma for a while you know that I’m a fan of sustainable fashion and organic underwear. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when Brook There reached out to have me share about their organic underwear line!

Brook There was founded in 2006 by a woman named Brook, in her home state of Maine. After struggling to find minimalist lingerie that was both comfortable and ethically made, Brook taught herself how to design her own lingerie. She wanted lingerie that would make her feel like herself, rather than someone else’s fantasy – and she knew that other women did too.

So she got to work and created a collection of undergarments that are minimal and sensible, yet flattering and sensual too. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why I think you’ll want to try Brook There underwear for yourself.

Brook There organic cotton bra and underwear

1. Comfortable, Minimalist Designs that Don’t Go Out of Style

Just because you don’t want super sexy lingerie doesn’t mean you have to go for the granny panties. Underwear can be feminine and flattering without being over-the-top sexy.

Brook There underwear is thoughtfully designed, elegant and feminine without being frou-frou or frilly. The designs have a minimalist aesthetic but with just a touch of glamour from the shiny trim. And there are no distractions from annoying straps, hooks or itchy elastics to interfere with your confident vibe.

Over the years Brook There has used customer feedback to create staple styles that stay in stock all year round, so once you find something you like, odds are good that it will still be available when you need more. Which means you can count on having your favorite underwear in your drawer at all times!

Brook There organic cotton underwear on towel rack

2. Made With Certified Organic Cotton

From the very beginning, Brook There has been focused on quality and sustainability – from the fabrics used, to the production methods, and even the packaging and shipping.

Brook There underwear and bras are sewn from breathable, soft organic cotton jersey fabric, with just a touch of spandex for the perfect stretch. The cotton is certified GOTS organic and milled and dyed in California.

Organic fabric is safest for your skin because the fiber is grown without pesticides, and the processing must be free from bleach, formaldehyde, toxic dyes and other toxic substances.

Organic cotton is better for the planet too because it is grown in a way that improves rather than harms land, waterways and natural habitats.

Another thing I love about Brook There designs is that the colors are inspired by nature – choose from rich wheats and nutmegs, midnight blues, grassy greens or vermillion sky. There’s even an undyed version for those who just want the basics.

brook there undyed organic underwear and bra

3. Hand Sewn in the USA

With almost everything being made overseas these days, it’s certainly refreshing to find an underwear brand that is made in the USA!

All Brook There products are designed in Maine and cut and sewn by a small, dedicated team of sewers in Massachusetts.

By keeping production in the United States, the products don’t have to be shipped overseas and there is much more control over the production and the ethics of the entire process.

And by keeping the inventory at the same facility where it’s cut and sewn, the need to package each garment in poly bags is eliminated.

Ultimately, you can feel good about buying underwear made in the USA by a women-owned, small business!

Favorite Brook There Underwear Styles

Brook There has many organic cotton underwear and sustainable lingerie styles to choose from:


Brook There has five styles of breathable, organic cotton underwear so you can find the fit that works best for you. 

  • Bikini – classic lingerie drawer staple providing full coverage and a leg-lengthening cut
  • Brief – feminine silhouette with a waist that hits just below the belly button
  • Hipster – slightly higher leg and waist and a full coverage bottom
  • Thong – comfortable fit to wear under figure-skimming outfits
  • Boy Shorts – high-waisted, full coverage cut that is perfect for sleeping and lounging


Brook There makes three styles of wireless bras so there is something for every body type. 

Ready to try Brook There underwear for yourself? Leave a comment on the post and let me know your thoughts!

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