Organic Cotton Bedding for the Perfect Night’s Sleep

Find the best organic cotton bedding for your sleep style.
Pact organic cotton bedding This product spotlight is sponsored by Pact Organic.
How much do you know about the way you sleep? I recently got a Fitbit and all of a sudden I’m tracking my deep sleep and REM and how much I’m awake in the middle of the night (it’s a lot, sigh!) Over time, I think the data will be really interesting. Sleep is incredibly important as we all know, but it can be elusive no matter how healthy we try to be. It helps to get set up for a good night’s sleep by watching what you eat and drink before bed, turning off the tech, and following other bedtime rituals to help you relax.  
Making sure your bedroom is a healthy, non-toxic environment to sleep in is also key. We’ve talked about non-toxic mattresses and natural bedding on the blog already – so we know why organic and natural materials are so important.  But let’s get a bit more specific. A bit personal even. Pact organic cotton bedding #organic

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What Is Your Sleep Style?

Is curling up in bed one of your favorite activities? Is your comforter your best friend? Are you cold when you sleep and love to snuggle in bed? OR  Is your bed neatly made and styled with throw pillows? Do you have #hotelbed goals? Are you warm when you sleep and tend to throw off the covers in the middle of the night? Depending on your sleep style, you may want a completely different set of organic cotton sheets!
PACT Organic Cotton Bedding
Pact Favorite Tee bedding in Pine Heather and Pact Three Quarter Sleeve Robe in Charcoal Heather.

New Pact Organic Cotton Bedding

You many know Pact from their super comfy organic cotton apparel, like underwear, camis and cozy sweatshirts. I’m a huge fan of Pact socks myself – they come in so many fun designs!  Pact is awesome because they always use 100% organic cotton and produce in a Fair Trade Certified factory. Pact is an independently owned company, based in Boulder, CO that is committed to making the apparel industry more sustainable.  And now Pact has entered the world of bedding! In keeping with their commitment to organic, all Pact bedding is 100% organic cotton and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified.  Getting back to this sleep style question – Pact organic bedding comes in two versions – you choose the one that makes sense for you, depending on your sleep style! Let’s take a look! (FYI – Mindful Momma readers get 15% off your first order at Pact with code MINDFUL15 at checkout!) Pact favorite tee bedding set

Favorite Tee Collection

If you sleep cold and love to be cozy, you’re gonna love the Favorite Tee Collection. These sheets are made from 100% organic cotton jersey material that is as soft as your favorite t-shirt. So soft in fact, they’ve been called “a mattress shaped version of your favorite college tee.”  The Favorite Tee Collection comes in white, heather grey, indigo heather and pine heather. 

Room Service Collection

If you sleep warm and love the feel of a crisp, cool sheet, you’ll love the Room Service Collection. These sheets are made from 100% organic cotton sateen, with a silky feel that is cool to the touch.  The fabric is wrinkle resistant, so sheets go on crisp and neat, for that hotel-like vibe.  The Room Service Collection comes in white, natural and dark navy.  Personally, my sleep style is hard to pin down. In the winter, I go to bed freezing! #Minnesota But then I’m burning up in the middle of the night. #hotflashes Maybe some day they’ll invent the magic temperature changing sheet – LOL! But in the meantime, I’ll be swapping my style between the seasons, and using Favorite Tee in the winter and Room Service in the summer.

Mindful Momma readers get 15% off your first order at Pact with code MINDFUL15 at checkout!


Which organic cotton sheets match your sleep style?



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