Why Xtrema Ceramic Cookware is a Hero in My Non-Toxic Kitchen

Learn all about Xtrema ceramic cookware and how this pure ceramic cookware is versatile and multi-functional and of course completely non-toxic and safe for your family. Find out which pans I recommend and why I think Xtrema is a useful addition to your cookware collection.

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As an eco-conscious mom with a passion for cooking, I’ve been working on creating a highly functional, eco-friendly and non-toxic kitchen for many years.

It’s been a slow and steady process that has involved swapping out wasteful disposable products for durable, reusable kitchen items, as well as stocking my kitchen with high quality, non-toxic cookware.

My cupboards hold a little bit of everything, including classic stainless steel and cast iron pans, but today, I want to tell you about a type of cookware that is less common but is a fantastic addition to my cookware collection: 100% Pure Ceramic Cookware from Xtrema.

Xtrema ceramic cookware - casserole in Versa pan

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What is Pure Ceramic Cookware?

Pure ceramic cookware is cookware that is 100% ceramic pottery and nothing else. Ceramic skillets, pots and pans are made from natural materials only including clay, minerals and oxides. The pans have a ceramic glaze but contain no chemical coatings at all. 

The combination of the materials and the high-heat firing process (over 2000 degrees) creates a shiny black color on the outside of the pans that becomes permanently bonded to the ceramic substrate. Ultimately, ceramic cookware can withstand very high temperatures and are extremely durable and non-scratch. 

It’s important to note that pure ceramic cookware is very different from ceramic-coated cookware. Pans with ceramic coatings are typically metal pans with a coating made from silica and other inorganic materials, that provides a non-stick cooking surface. Pure ceramic cookware is ceramic through and through.

Xtrema 100% ceramic cookware infographic

What I Like About Xtrema Ceramic Cookware

Xtrema by Ceramcor is well known for their line of handmade, 100% ceramic cookware and bakeware. There are a lot of things to like about Xtrema’s pure ceramic cookware – let’s take a quick look at them:

  • No Coatings – Because Xtrema is pure ceramic pottery, nothing will ever flake, peel or scratch off this cookware. This also means no PFAS chemicals or nanoparticle coatings.
  • Third-Party Tested – Each batch of Xtrema is third-party tested for heavy metals. They test every shipment for extractable lead and cadmium in accordance with California Prop 65 and also meet LFGB regulations in the European Union. These test results give you the peace of mind that your cookware is safe and your cooking can be worry-free.
  • Versatile – Xtrema’s signature ceramic pans can be used on the stovetop, in the oven and even on the grill. The pans also look great as serving dishes on the tabletop.
  • Lightweight – Ceramic cookware is almost 40% lighter than cast iron, making it easier to handle on the stovetop and move from oven to table.
  • Good Heat Retention – Ceramic cookware is an excellent heat retainer and will retain heat for a long time even on a low heat setting.
  • 10-Year Warranty – Xtrema provides a 10-year limited warranty so you can feel confident in your purchase. Plus, if you do have a problem with any Xtrema product, they have a replacement program, and your first replacement is free. (Full details of Xtrema warranty here.)
xtrema ceramic cookware pot on stove

Downsides of Xtrema Cookware

There are a couple of downsides to pure ceramic cookware that you should keep in mind. These are not deal breakers in my opinion – just important to note.

  • Hand Wash – Hand washing is recommended as best practice, but you can use the dishwasher if you prefer. Just keep pans away from other items in dishwasher to avoid chipping.
  • Made in China – Xtrema actually tried to produce their cookware in the U.S. but could not find anyone who could produce an innovative ceramic product that was viable for stovetop use. Instead, they work with established factories in China that can produce ceramic cookware that meets their standards.
  • Breakable – While Xtrema is very durable, scratch-proof and chip-resistant, it will break if you drop it – so don’t do that! 🤣 Also, keep in mind that Xtrema offers a Forever Replacement Program to ensure that you are always satisfied with your purchase.

Favorite Xtrema Ceramic Cookware Pieces

I’ve been cooking with Xtrema cookware for many years now so I thought it would be helpful to share about the specific pans that I have used.

xtrema ceramic signature skillet

Signature Skillet

Xtrema’s Signature Skillet is a great place to start if you are new to cooking with ceramic cookware. It’s an all-purpose skillet that is great for searing meats and sauteing just about anything. I have the 9″ skillet and it is available in a 7″ and an 11″ size as well.

I’ve found that the trick to cooking eggs in a ceramic skillet is to pre-heat the pan on a low setting for a couple minutes. Then add some oil or spray with a cooking spray and turn the heat up to to medium-low. Make sure to avoid high heat and keep the burner on low to medium-low when you add the eggs or they might stick. It may take a bit of experimenting but you can do it! Cooking eggs in ceramic is much healthier than cooking them in a toxic non-stick pan.

xtrema versa pan whole chicken

Versa Pan

The Versa Pan is a unique pan that works for everything from braising and sauteing to cooking casseroles, baking and even roasting a whole chicken. It’s a deep, round pan with side handles and comes with silicone handle protectors so you won’t get burned.

I love using the Versa Pan for one-pot meals because it’s so convenient. Plus it looks great as a serving dish on the dinner table. My husband has used our Versa Pan for baking sourdough bread and it works like a charm! We have the 10″ Versa Skillet and it is available in an 8″ and a 12″ size as well.

Where to Buy Xtrema Cookware

In order to keep prices as low as possible, Xtrema is sold direct to consumers online. The good news is they have many sales and offer special pricing for sets. You also get FREE shipping on orders of over $200 and they have a 30 day return satisfaction guarantee.

Mindful Momma readers can get 15% off with code MINDFULM (this code can be combined with other discounts to superpower your deal!)

xtrema versa pan with lasagna casserole

Xtrema Cookware FAQs

Is Xtrema cookware non-stick?

Ceramic cookware is not non-stick cookware in the same way that a pan with toxic non-stick coatings would be. However, the cooking surface will become naturally non-stick with the use of oil or fat and low heat. 

How do you clean Xtrema ceramic cookware?

For best results, use a natural fiber scrub brush to clean any food that is stuck on to the surface of the pan. The hard ceramic surface cannot be scratched but a metal scouring pad could leave markings behind. Xtrema cookware is dishwasher safe as long as you place it carefully into the dishwasher to avoid chipping.

What utensils should be used with ceramic cookware?

Non-metal utensils are recommended because metal utensils can leave marks in your Xtrema pan (although they will not scratch the surface.)

What types of stove-tops work for Xtrema?

Xtrema can be used with all types of stove-tops including gas, electric and glass. For an induction stove you need a special induction disk which fits on top of the induction burner.

Have you tried Xtrema pure ceramic cookware? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!

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