SmartKlean Laundry Ball Cleans Clothes Without Detergent

SMARTKLEAN LAUNDRY BALL CLEANS CLOTHES WITHOUT DETERGENT B I admit to being a skeptic. A plastic, ceramic pellet-filled ball that would clean my dirty laundry without a drop of detergent? It sounded a bit hoodoo-voodoo to me. Would I have to chant something or say a little prayer each time I dropped it in the wash? I’m talking about the SmartKlean Laundry Ball – a new laundry product that cleans clothes without detergent. How does it work? The SmartKlean Laundry Ball cleans clothes using an innovative cleaning technology that is physical rather than chemical. The plastic ball is filled with mineral-based ceramic beads that create oxygenated water that basically allows the water to more deeply penetrate the fabric to release dirt, grime and odors.The minerals are 100% natural (see full ingredient list here) and are completely safe for people and the environment. Simply throw the laundry ball in with a load of wash and let it do it’s magic. Smartklean inside Why use it?
  • The laundry ball is reusable for up to 365 washes, saving you detergent costs, reducing packaging waste and keeping chemicals out of the environment.
  • It is completely non-toxic and hypoallergenic – perfect for babies and people with sensitive skin.
  • There is no soap reside left after washing, eliminating the need for a rinse cycle and saving water and electricity.
  • Super easy to use – no more drippy liquids or messy powders.
  • Works as well in cold water as it does in warm.
  • No need for fabric softeners because the natural softness of fabrics is maintained.
  • Better for your wardrobe – gentle on fabric, increasing lifespan of clothing.
  • Compatible with all washing machines, including front-loaders.
  • Cleans the washing machine while it cleans your clothes.
Are there disadvantages?
  • The laundry ball works best with small loads of laundry because it needs space to agitate the clothes. I usually pack my front-loading washer pretty full so this means more loads of laundry for me.
  • A monthly sun-bath is recommended to recharge the minerals. This is because they need to be fully dried every 10-30 washes and sun drying is the best way for reducing the moisture content of the components. I’m afraid I might forget to do this.
  • If you equate a fresh scent with clean laundry, you will need to add your own essential oils. (I love lavender myself!)
  • Heavy stains require pre-treatment – just like they do with conventional detergent washing. (The company recommends adding 1/4 cup each of sea salt and white vinegar to heavily soiled loads.)
  • The upfront cost of $45 may seem steep but remember, it is good for 365 washes – that’s 12 cents a wash!
What do I think? I was impressed with how well the SmartKlean laundry ball really does work. Although, I found the laundry detergent hard to break, and over time I went back to  using my favorite eco-friendly laundry detergentsWould you like to try the SmartKlean laundry ball? Buy SmartKlean on Amazon  


  1. Lisa @Retro Housewife Goes Green says:

    When i have looked at these in the past they were made from PVC. What is this one made of?

  2. Good question Lisa! SmartKleen laundry balls are PVC and BPA-free! They are made from a recyclable thermoplastic elastomer that is classified as #7.

    Here is more info from their website:
    This is one of the unique traits and competitive advantages our laundry ball has over many other laundry balls that use cheaper, more toxic plastics. TPE is not a polycarbonate plastic. The enclosure is BPA, PVC and phthalate-free. TPE’s are not generally ranked in the pyramid of plastics, they are currently depicted as the third revolution of the rubber industry as TPE possesses not only the high elasticity property of vulcanized rubber, but also the good processing property of thermoplastics. Although the contact of the laundry ball to the skin will be very minimal, we’d like to mention that TPE has been proven safe for skin in the medical realm and even meets the sanitary requirements of the FDA on even food-contacted materials.

    We understand that not all recycling centers take #7 items, which is why we accept returns so we may become responsible for their proper disposal. We have included the address to ship them to below and on our FAQ section (information section).

    201 S. Biscayne Blvd. 28th Floor
    Miami, Florida 33131

  3. grace @ahead says:

    wow. this one’s new! thanks for sharing! one question though, do you sell internationally too?

    I hope you can also check out our site at . thanks!

  4. I read your article and you had me sold on this laundry ball… then I did some internet research. Tests apparently show that these balls are no more effective than plain water. If you get good results using this on your first few loads, it’s probably because there was detergent left in your clothing from before. There are much cheaper versions of this product available on Amazon. Before shelling out $45, I suggest everyone do some research first, then maybe try one of the cheaper brands (if you still want to try it).

  5. Hi Rita – Thanks for your comment. I realize there are a lot of internet articles trying to debunk this type of technology. The people at SmartKlean have an article addressing these concerns:

    In regards to the price, there is a difference in quality with lower priced laundry balls. The SmartKlean ball contains 4 types of active ceramics and does not contain SLS like some cheaper brands.

    That said, this product is not for everyone. If you try it and do not like it, the company will take it back.

    Hope that addresses your concern!

  6. do you think this would work with cloth diapers? and if so how would you go about washing them.. would you still do the hot wash ect ect…

  7. Hi Cass – Yes – you can use them for cloth diapers although they do not recommend using hot water. Here is what SmartKleen has to say about it:

    Can the SmartKlean Laundry Ball be used on cloth diapers?
    Yes. Many of our customers say it works great on cloth diapers! In a recent product review by Joan Land, author of the Soft Landing Baby blog, she states: “Works great, even on soiled cloth diapers! With the addition of fine sea salt and vinegar, load after load of dirty cloth diapers came out clean.”

    Can I use hot water to wash with the SmartKlean Laundry ball?
    No, we do not recommend the use of hot water with the laundry ball because it may reduce the life of the active ceramic components.

  8. geni busick says:

    i want to buy one but if you can’t use it with hot water then how do you wash the cloth diapers?

  9. Hi Geni – Thanks for your question! Here is a link that explains how to wash diapers using the SmartKlean laundry ball. Just do a search on the word diapers to find the info:

  10. Tom@Best Washer And Dryer Reviews says:

    Without detergent? If its true, yeah this is part of the eco friendly planet solution! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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