Kickstart Your Natural Living Journey With This One Question

Kickstart your natural living journey by asking yourself this one important question.
How to Start Your Natural Living Journey // mindfulmomma.comYou’ve been wanting to live a more natural, healthy life.


You don’t know where to begin. All you see is a huge list of have-tos, shoulds and can’ts – and not a whole lot of extra time or money to get any of it done. Plus you’ve got a lot of questions and endless research to do. Yes, it can be overwhelming. I get it. I’ve been there myself.
How to Start Your Natural Living Journey //

How to kick-start your natural living journey

Whether you are brand new to natural living or want to dive in a little deeper, the first thing you should do is forget your to-do list and focus on this ONE important question:

How do you want to FEEL?

Yes, you read that right! How do you want to FEEL as a result of the changes you make? How do you want your body to feel? How do you want to feel emotionally? How do you want your family members to feel?
The key to making successful habit and lifestyle changes is understanding the motivation behind the actions. What do YOU want out of this? How will natural living benefit YOU and YOUR family? Just being conscious and mindful of these desires is a huge step on the path to natural living! The truth is, you’ll never succeed armed with a to-do list alone. You need to tap into your emotions and motivations.
Run through this list and see if any of these statements resonate with you:
  • I want to feel healthier every day
  • I want to feel energized when I wake up in the morning
  • I want to be confident that I am making good choices for my family
  • I want to be assured that I am making good choices for the planet
  • I want to feel positive about the lifestyle I’m living
  • I want to feel strong in my body
  • I want to help my child feel happy and healthy
  • I want to feel motivated to cook healthy food
  • I want to feel relieved that I’m not using toxic products in my home and on my body
  • I want to be smart and savvy in the decisions I make
  • I want to help my spouse/partner to feel well and healthy
  • I want to be less worried about the health of my family members
  • I want to feel challenged to work hard and make lifestyle changes
  • I want to feel assured that I’m doing my best
  • I want to feel hopeful for the future
Then, take a minute to come up with your own personal statement:

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I am motivated to live a more natural, healthy life because I want to feel ………………

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Next Steps on Your Natural Living Journey

Now that you understand your feelings and motivations, you’re ready to start taking meaningful action and get into your healthy living groove! The next step is to LEARN as much as you can. Here’s a great place to GET STARTED – with my most popular posts about natural home, healthy food, better products & DIY! After that, create some SMART GOALS (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-based) for the changes you want to implement. Then it’s time to DIVE IN and start making those changes! Buy that organic food, swap out those toxic beauty products, start a zero waste challenge, experiment with some natural remedies. Have fun! But first, I would love to hear your thoughts on how you hope a natural lifestyle with help YOU feel. Please leave me a comment below. I’m excited to know how you’re feeling! postsiggie4 copy     (images via pixabay using creative commons license)


  1. I agree! It’s important to remember your motivation when the going gets tough. I feel motivated by wanting to keep my children safe and give them the healthiest future possible.

  2. I love this. I need to tap into this sentiment when I’m about to make poor food choices.

    1. Yes, it does help to think about the end goal before we make poor choices. Not always easy though – I get it!

  3. Barbara Richards says:

    I feel so much better when I am free of any clutter and yet there are certain things I have a hard time of letting go. I have a smart phone that I like and use but I have in my drawer an old Razor flip phone that I loved, is not active but can’t get rid of. It was a though phone. Even if I dropped it, it worked. I take it out, look at it and put it right back. REALLY? Am I crazy or what? Certain things just are hard for me to let go (thank goodness not too many thing).

    I want to feel free and energized, any ideas? HELP

  4. Debby DeLano says:

    I want to have a peace of mind feeling today, tomorrow and forever more…

    1. Ahhhh….don’t we all! What is one thing that would help you with that peace of mind you crave?

  5. Kimberlee says:

    I want to feel content. Content with the things I like and the way I do things enough to be kind to others, instead of defensive; when they question my choices. I want to be confident enough that I can listen intently to people telling me how they live their life with true interest and no need to partake in it. I want to be quiet and simple, creative and compassionate, kind and strong. I want to be me.

  6. anne ovari says:

    Hi Michaela, thanks for the email. I have fibromyalgia so am always on the lookout for ways to help me feel better. I have grandchildren so I would like to be able to stay active as long as possible. I would also like my family to live a healthier lifestyle.☺

    1. Anne – Your family is lucky to have you helping them live a healthier lifestyle! I don’t know much about fibromyalgia specifically but I hope you find some healthy tips and ideas here that help!

  7. I want to feel free in my mind. I’m trying to get off sugar and it feels like my mind and life get hijacked by poor eating decisions. My kids tend to crave sugar and then I indulge too and I always feel guilty. So making healthier “treats”
    I want to feel like I’m creating a happy healthy home for my family. We use mostly baking soda and vinegar and lemon oil to clean but I clean homes on the side and some clients prefer me to clean with bleach products. I usually just use the ones they have on hand, but I’m still around them.

  8. I have 5 chronic illnesses right now, and I’d really like to feel better without all the extra medication. Some I know I have to take, but I want to help myself out too. I’m excited to read more of your blog.

    1. So glad you found the blog Kim – I hope you find some good ideas and inspiration here!

  9. Amanda Morris says:

    I’m very new to natural living but have begun slowly trying to make small adjustments in our household, mostly focusing on cleaning products and processes as a starting point (my boyfriend is being more resistant than necessary lol, but most of the time he doesn’t even notice when I’ve made a change unless I say something). I did have a quick question that may be somewhat trivial but I could not find an answer for in all my google digging! I purchased microfiber dish clothes on amazon last night, and after I bought them I realized they have a “poly scour” side to them. Since they are specifically for dishes, this does make sense and will definitely be useful, but I want to make sure the scour side is still benefiting our eco impact and not something I should be avoiding. I love your blog and have passed it along to others who love it just as much as I do! Thank you for all you do for the eco-friendly community!

    1. Hi Amanda – good question! Microfiber fabric is made from polyester or nylon which are non-renewable resources. However, the benefit is that they are very durable and long-lasting. If your microfiber cloths are replacing disposable cloths then in my opinion, this is still a benefit to the environment!

  10. I want to feel like I’m making a difference in the environment.

  11. I really want to thank you for having this page. I am just starting this journey and its wonderful to have help. I’m 27 and a new mother, I feel like I have wasted so much time not living this way!

    1. Hi Kayli – Thank you! I’m glad you found my blog too! Becoming a mom is the catalyst for many people to make the switch to a more healthy, natural lifestyle – so glad you are ready to make some healthy changes!

  12. I need to get my mojo going again. but with everything that is going on with family health I am in a rut.
    I plan on moving this year so I can be closer to family. Hopefully getting a new start will help me. My husband died last November so the one year is bothering me. Another reason to find another place because there are just to many memories here. I need to get back on track to a better life style and better eating habits.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your husband and other family troubles. I do think that healthy eating and lifestyle choices are key to feeling better in the long run. I hope you find some helpful info on the blog – and best wishes to you!

  13. Hello Micaela, I have been working on becoming more natural in my decisions for a long time now but have not been consistent. I want to feel better to live a fuller life for myself and my family. I lean in toward a more natural lifestyle but then become exasperated with an overwhelming plethora of information. I do not know where to start. I need more guidance which will then help in my conviction toward a healthier lifetstyle. I hope by my actions that my family will hop on board as well.

    1. Hey Tracy – Thanks so much for commenting! I totally understand how frustrating it is when family members aren’t on board with your efforts. My best advice is to keep plugging along with your baby steps. Keep educating yourself and passing that knowledge on to your family and friends in the ways that work best for you. It will be slow and not perfect – but it’s real life! Best wishes to you!

  14. Lindsay O. says:

    I need to write my goals on my mirror so every morning I feel inspired and motivated. I am motivated to live a more natural, healthy life so I feel less stressed and more confident throughout my day about my choices, not only for me but my family and the world I am raising my children in.

    1. Great idea to write your goals on the mirror! Your motivation is similar to mine – keep it up!

  15. Thanks for focusing on taking the next right step. It is so important to not feel you have to do it all right now. One step at a time and when you look back in a year you will be surprised how far you’ve come

  16. I Love the living Green thing. I feel confident knowing I can live a happier life with more energy and still pull off a hectic day. I make my own aromatherapy blends and a few essential oils for myself and my family. because I know just how toxic some of these chemicals are. If they weren’t so dangerous, why do they put the POISON Control hotline number on every package? I make all my household cleaning products, laundry detergent and softener, shampoo and conditioner, plus so many more. And I SAVE money doing it. Plus I garden so no chemicals there either. I am looking forward to learning more and about how I can help our Planer survive.

    1. Yes good point about the poison control number on cleaning products – no thanks! Glad you are feeling confident about living a greener, healthier life!

  17. Wendy McKane says:

    I want to be proactive in how I live my life. Whether it is what I put in or on my body, what I expose my family to in our home, or how I am impacting the planet-I want to to feel as though I’ve made informed choices. I’ve recently learned about the effects of endocrine disrupters and it reawakened me to take charge of my health and our planet.

    1. That’s wonderful to hear Wendy – being informed and proactive will be a huge help to your health and the planet!

  18. I want to feel validated in what I do and my ability to do it – be it at work, at the gym, or at home. Maybe it’s a bit selfish to seek validation, but honestly, it’s one of my biggest driving forces to do my best every day.

    I want to feel proud of myself – by always remembering where I started, and the journey I took to get where I am now. I gotta stop forgetting to reflect.

    Interesting points you make here. I tend to approach everything with a to-do, even the idea of wanting to feel a certain way, I’m used to saying “I gotta stop feeling (blank).”

    1. Kara – I totally understand the desire to feel validated – we all do! Maybe instead of saying “I gotta stop feeling XYZ”, you turn it around and say “I WANT to feel XYZ!” Make it positive and see if that helps!!

  19. Howdy Micaela;
    How I want to feel is fully alive. I want to feel a sense of well being. I want the home I live in to contribute to a longer healthier. I want to be sustainable in making some of my own food. I don’t live in the suburbs of Toronto, but in an apartment building. So I want to make what I can in a reasonable and realistic way. I want to be able to contribute to a better environment for all.
    So far, I make my own yogurt. I also make my own kombucha. Francois says mine is way better than store bought. I want to start making my own gluten free bread. Francois has problems with gluten, and some dairy. I have limited space to grow my own herbs, so I try to buy organic whenever possible.

  20. Starting a change to natural living. I feel we are livkng outside of our means, not using the right stuff all around. I watch a box go in the trash makes me cringe. Torally can compost it. We have used products that say theh are green, to only have horrible break outs. Ready to break free to be natural and holistic.

    1. Glad to hear you are starting a more natural, holistic journey!

  21. Debra Rodriguez says:

    I am motivated to live a more natural,healthy Life because I want to feel “FREE”. I have been working on these changes in my life for awhile now but it was really hard because I was working all the time.Now I’m retired and I can focus on converting to a freer life.The first thing I did was stop wearing Bras.I love it and haven’t felt so free before.We were never meant to wear bras.That’s it for now. Debbi.

  22. I want to feel good about the choices I make to help my family and the planet be healthy now and in the future.

  23. Hello! I’m (sort of) just starting to get serious about keeping things non-toxic so that my family will be more healthy. I am swapping stuff out here and there, but I have health specific goals that are needing to be addressed ASAP. Also, my husband is starting to roll his eyes at me (lol), so I need to mindful on which products or food groups are most important to change. We already buy organic milk, meat/poultry (most of the time), and produce. But, to be perfectly honest, we also eat out quite a bit. It’s just reality when you have littles that are constantly going from here to there, with no time to go home and eat something decent.

    I’m sure food has to be the most important factor in our current health issues, but what comes next? Is it more important to swap out rugs, mattresses, etc., or do I need to spend my time, energy and moolah on cleaning products, detergent, or sheets (now too?!)? Is that bracelet that I just got for my daughter (that smells good) toxic enough to where it should find itself “lost” which would surely cause some tears. She is constantly smelling it. 😬 It didn’t even cross my mind when I bought it just a few weeks ago for Christmas. Argh! My head is spinning!

    Sorry for the super long comment! I really appreciate you and others like you putting all this info. out here for us busy mommas just trying to keep it together!

    1. Hi Victoria – such great questions! I usually recommend starting with the products you use most and that are the easiest to swap. Cleaning and personal care products are a easy and relatively inexpensive – just switch to eco-friendly products as you run out of things. You can wait on bigger ticket items until they need to be replaced or they fit your budget. As for the bracelet, if it has a strong smell it might be a good idea to get rid of it. A strong chemical or plastic smell is usually an indication of something toxic! Hope that helps! Best of luck with your green & healthy goals!

  24. I feel like I want to feel all of these, but most importantly I want to be a good example for my boys.

    1. Such an important post Kala! I have 2 boys and always feel the same!

  25. Really great point! I am doing many things toward this goal… now I just need to get rid of my eye cream and lip stain. Oh- and Natural hair color a bit… as far as toxins hopefully. Im new- so look forward to seeing your helpful advice😊

    1. Happy you joined the community! Green & healthy wishes to you!

  26. For me, living a natural lifestyle makes me feel balanced and united with not just my friends and family but also myself. There has been many projects that I’ve planning on doing in the near future. I semi have a natural lifestyle but I want to get more into it that the tips you gave wasn’t the first time I heard it. Just the way explained it made me understand more into my journey

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