How the MightyFix Helps Make Eco-Friendly Habit Changes Easy

Find out how the MightyFix helps me make eco-friendly habit changes – and get started with a set of reusable produce bags for just $3. 
MightyFix reusable produce bagsThank you to MightyNest for sponsoring this post.
Have you ever tried to make an eco-friendly habit change? It’s one thing to have a good intention, but another thing altogether to get a new habit to stick. Personally, I’ve found that having the right motivation and the right tools makes a huge difference for me! Since one of my big goals is to continue to reduce my dependence on single use plastic, understanding the impacts of plastic waste is important and so is having high quality, reusable substitutes for disposable products. One habit that had been tougher for me to conquer is using reusable produce bags instead of plastic produce bags at the grocery. The ubiquitous roll of plastic produce bags next to every bin of vegetables made it all too easy to just keep shopping the usual way. 
Mightyfix reusable produce bags

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The MightyFix for Eco Friendly Habit Changes

But then came the MightyFix. The MightyFix is a genius subscription service from MightyNest that sends you ONE earth friendly product every month. It’s designed to help you tackle one healthy habit change at a time. I appreciate the simplicity of this idea so much. Instead of trying to change the world with a total eco-makeover, make one simple change at a time. That I can handle! I’ve been a MightyFix fan for many years now, and one of the first “fixes” I received was a set of reusable produce bags.  Before I got my reusable produce bags “fix”, I just had a jumble of random bags. They were ugly and old and I never remembered to bring them with me on my shopping trips.  Mightyfix reusable produce bags Something about getting a nice, new set of produce bags helped me to remember them, and ultimately to cement the habit of using them at the store! Plus knowing that a set of reusable produce bags replaces 300+ disposable plastic bags per year, is just the motivation I need!  Mightyfix reusable produce bags Nowadays I keep my set of reusable produce bags in the car and I’m rarely without them at the grocery store or when I shop at a farmer’s market. (Note: During the beginning of the pandemic, reusable bags were not allowed at some stores, but most stores and farmer’s markets are allowing them again.) These fine mesh bags are perfect for produce of course, but also for buying food like nuts, dried fruit, or granola from the bulk bins. The bags are strong, they dry quickly and most importantly, they are machine washable.  Mightyfix reusable produce bags

Get a Set of 4 Produce Bags for only $3

Are you looking to create a new reusable produce bag habit – and finally ditch those wasteful plastic bags?  
I’ve partnered with MightyNest to offer you a set of 4 reusable produce bags for only $3 – as your first MightyFix, when you sign up for a subscription.  Here’s what happens when you sign up for a MightyFix subscription:
  • Every month you receive one type of eco-friendly product. Past “fixes” have included wool dryer balls, reusable dish cloths, reusable snack bags and more
  • Members receive exclusive discounts – up to 35% off – on many other products at
  • Shipping is always free and also covers any other products you ship with your fix
  • You can cancel anytime – there is no mandatory subscription period
  • The cost is $11 per month but you get your first fix for only $3 using code MMPRODUCEFIX at checkout.
Sign up for the MightyFix here! 
I can’t wait to learn which eco-friendly habit you conquer next!     P.S. While you’re at it, sign up for my email too! You’ll get access to lots of free resources, like my Zero Waste Checklist, plus weekly emails filled with helpful tips and product suggestions!

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