Eco Friendly Gift Ideas for Your Planet Conscious Friends & Family

A roundup of eco friendly gift ideas ranging from non-toxic cookware and home goods, to natural beauty and personal care products to sustainable wine & more. There’s something for everyone on this holiday shopping list!

Eco Friendly Gift Ideas blog post

Thank you to all the brands participating in this sponsored holiday gift guide. Rest assured these are brands and products that I personally recommend and stand behind. I hope you’ll love them too!

Holiday shopping – Do you love it or hate it?

Admittedly, it can be stressful when you feel the need to buy gifts for people you don’t know very well. On the other hand, it can be fun and rewarding when you find the perfect gift for someone you care about!

It’s even better when those gifts are non-toxic to humans and have benefits for the planet! 🌎

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Unique Eco Friendly Gift Ideas

You’ll be happy to know that this roundup of eco-friendly gift ideas has been vetted to be better for both human health and the environment. Take a look through it – I bet you’ll find a great gift to get for someone on your list this holiday season!

360 Cookware Baking Pan

360 Cookware

Cookware makes such a wonderful gift – especially if it’s high-quality cookware that is meant to last a lifetime! 360 Cookware is a fantastic choice because they make heirloom-quality cookware and bakeware from durable stainless steel.

  • Eco friendly attributes: 360 Cookware is manufactured in the U.S from safe, surgical grade stainless steel with no coatings (and no toxic PFAS). It comes with a lifetime warranty, so it’s meant to last!
  • Great gift idea: I recommend the Bake & Roast Pan because it can be used for so many foods, from casseroles to fruit crisps!
  • Read my full review of 360 Cookware
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Activist Skincare

Looking for something unique for the beauty connoisseur in your life? Activist Skincare makes artisanal skincare from clean ingredients that is packaged beautifully and sustainably.

  • Eco friendly attributes: All Activist products are packaged in glass (or metal for sample sizes) and the products are refillable with low-waste refill packets.
  • Great gift idea: I recommend the Trial & Travel Kit because it features small sizes of all the products.
  • Read my full review of Activist Skincare
  • Get a FREE $25 gift card with purchase of the trial & travel kit.


Eco-conscious fashionistas will love a gift from Quince – a company dedicated to making high-quality, sustainable clothing and accessories, without the high-end prices.

  • Eco friendly attributes: Quince products are made using sustainable materials like natural wool cashmere, organic cotton, mulberry silk and ethically sourced leather.
  • Great gift idea: Who wouldn’t want a gift of cashmere? Quince has gorgeous cashmere sweaters, cashmere scarves and gloves and more.


Wellnesse was started by an eco-conscious mom who struggled to find safe personal care products for her family. She created her own non-toxic formulas for toothpaste, hair care, deodorant and more, and people loved them so much she created a company to sell them!

  • Eco friendly attributes: Ingredients are carefully selected to be both safe for people and the planet. The company is committed to sustainable packaging as well.
  • Great gift idea: I recommend the Travel Bag Set because it has everything you need for non-toxic oral care, packaged in an adorable cork and cotton travel bag.

Looking for plastic-free products to give as gifts? I’ve got you covered!

Olive + Crate Eucalyptus Sheet Set

Olive + Crate

A gift of bedding is always well received, especially when it is both luxurious and sustainable. Olive + Crate specializes in bedding made from cooling eucalyptus and is perfect for hot sleepers and anyone wanting breathable, moisture wicking sheets.

  • Eco friendly attributes: Eucalyptus fibers are grown pesticide free and the fabric is manufactured in an energy efficient, closed-loop process.
  • Great gift idea: The Eucalyptus Sheet Set is the ultimate in luxurious bedding.
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Attitude Oceanly plastic free makeup kit


Oceanly™ is not just another makeup brand. The solid makeup line is vegan, EWG verified and packaged completely plastic-free, making it a unique gift idea for the makeup lover in your life.

  • Eco friendly attributes: These plastic-free makeup sticks are packaged in FSC-certified biodegradable cardboard tubes and printed with biodegradable ink.
  • Great gift idea: The Silky Pink Makeup Set that include a blush, highlighter and lip gloss would make a wonderful gift.
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my green mattress - Kiwi mattress on a wooden bed frame

My Green Mattress

A new mattress is the ultimate gift – especially when it is made from natural and organic materials. The family behind My Green Mattress is dedicated to crafting comfortable and SAFE mattresses with no toxic flame retardants or other chemicals usually found in mattresses.

  • Eco friendly attributes: All mattresses are GOTS and GOLS certified organic, MadeSafe® certified, and handcrafted in the USA.
  • Great gift idea: The Kiwi Organic Mattress is an affordable, hybrid, organic mattress that works for all types of sleepers, from kids to adults.

OSEA bestsellers minis gift set


If you know someone who needs a little me-time, then a gift from OSEA would be the perfect choice. OSEA makes luxurious, sea-inspired facial care and skin care products with clean, scientifically formulated ingredients like mineral-rich seaweed.

  • Eco friendly attributes: All ingredients in OSEA products are carefully chosen to be safe and effective. Most products are packaged in glass, and plastic and paper are minimized.
  • Great gift idea: The Bestsellers Minis Collection is the perfect introduction to the OSEA line.
  • Use code MINDFULMOMMA for 10% off your first order.

Looking for more kitchen gifts? We’ve got lots!

Our place better bowl set

Our Place

Your kitchen savvy friends will appreciate a gift from Our Place, maker of well-designed kitchen products that make cooking and sharing meals more joyful.

  • Eco friendly attributes: Our Place prioritizes recycled materials in its products, including recycled plastic in bowls, recycled aluminum in cookware and recycled glass in glassware.
  • Great gift idea: The Better Bowl Set is a streamlined prep set designed to grate, juice, spin, store, mix and serve.

evolvh haircare trio shampoo and conditioner


Know someone who is obsessed with haircare products? Introduce them to EVOLVh and they will be hooked for life! The mission at EVOLVh is to create high-performance haircare that is also safe for people and the planet – and they’ve done a great job.

  • Eco friendly attributes: EVOLVh haircare products are made with clean, natural and cruelty-free ingredients. Liter bottles that use 56% less plastic are available for many products.
  • Great gift idea: Choose one of the Healthy Hair Trios based on the recipients hair type.
  • Use code MINDFULMOMMA for 15% off your first order.

saffron marigold artisan quilts

Saffron Marigold

If you are looking for a very unique gift, something from Saffron Marigold could be just the ticket. Saffron Marigold specializes in handmade home textiles created with fabrics that are block-printed by hand in designs from all over the world.

  • Eco friendly attributes: Saffron Marigold uses all natural fabrics printed with low-impact dyes and created in Fair Trade partnerships with artisans in India.
  • Great gift idea: The Jaipuri Razai quilts are hand-stitched from 100% cotton voile and filled with soft cotton batting, featuring original Saffron Marigold prints.

Annmarie Skincare clean beauty trial

Annmarie Skin Care

Natural product lovers will swoon over a gift of skincare from Annmarie. Annmarie Skin Care crafts effective facial care and body care products from the best organic and wildcrafted ingredients, for radiant and healthy skin.

  • Eco friendly attributes: Ingredients are carefully chosen to be effective and safe. Products are packaged in glass, aluminum, and cardboard, with minimal plastic used. Also, Annmarie Skin Care is Made Safe Certified.
  • Great gift idea: Annmarie’s Clean Beauty Trial is a great way to sample all the favorites in this line and is affordable enough to be the perfect stocking stuffer.

Want more self-care gift ideas? Check these out!

Xtrema Versa Pan with chicken on table


The home chef in your life will love a gift of 100% Ceramic cookware from Xtrema because it is so versatile. Xtrema’s pots, pans and bakeware go from stovetop to oven and look fantastic as serving dishes on your tabletop too.

  • Eco friendly attributes: Xtrema cookware is made from natural clay with no added chemicals. Each batch is tested for lead and other heavy metals to ensure that it is non-toxic and safe to use.
  • Great gift idea: The Versa Pan is a super versatile pan that can be used on the stovetop, oven or grill and comes in three sizes.
  • Take 10% off with code MINDFULM10 at checkout.

Dry Farm Wines Bold Reds gift collection

Dry Farm Wines

A gift of wine is always appreciated, especially when it is biodynamically produced wine that is free from additives and is sugar-free and lower in alcohol than most wines. Dry Farm Wines curates natural wines from around the world from growers that are dedicated to regenerative, dry farming practices.

  • Eco friendly attributes: Dry Farm Wines works with small, organic growers who employ heritage farming practices, plant native grapes, and nurture their land so they can keep producing delicious wines year after year.
  • Great gift idea: Anything from the Dry Farm Wine Holiday Gift Collection would be a great gift. Or gift someone a subscription so they can enjoy delicious wine all year round!
  • Get an extra bottle of wine for $0.01 with your first subscription order.

Tips for Finding Eco-Friendly Gifts

So, how do you know if a gift idea is sustainable or eco-friendly? A lot of brands claim to be planet-friendly, but you do have to watch out for greenwashing.

Just because you see the term natural, organic or green on the package, does NOT mean that it truly meets any specific criteria.

You may have to dig a bit deeper and look at the ingredients or company website to find out if a product really measures up to their claims.

Here are a few things to look for when shopping for eco-friendly gifts:

  • Is the product durable and reusable as opposed to cheap and disposable?
  • Are the ingredients natural and non-toxic?
  • Do they use sustainable materials in product construction?
  • Is the manufacturing process ethical and sustainable?
  • Does the company use eco-friendly packaging?
  • Do they have any third-party certifications?

What’s your favorite eco-friendly gift to give? Share your ideas in the comments!

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