A Week Without Sweets and The Value of Breaking Habits

A Week Without Sweets and The Value of Breaking Habits www.mindfulmomma.com

The minute my boys get home from school, they always want a “sweet snack”, which usual means a couple of cookies or maybe a piece of candy if they have some from a holiday or special occasion. After dinner it’s the same routine – “What’s for dessert?”, they ask!

Imagine my surprise when, completely out of the blue my boys decided that they wanted to have a dessert-free week! I’m really not sure where this idea came from other than the fact that their dad and I do a yearly post-holiday detox where we give up sugar, dairy, caffeine and all that other good stuff for a few weeks. Maybe they wanted to impress us with their ability to give stuff up too!

Why Breaking Habits is a Good Thing

Actually the concept of giving stuff up isn’t foreign to them – we have technology-free weeks a few times a year as well. The biggest benefit I see of giving things up is to break habits. When you break a habit, you see that it is possible to do things differently. And you may even appreciate the new reality more than you think! When I do my annual detox, I break my habit of constantly snacking while making my kids lunches or mindlessly grabbing a handful of something every time I get the urge. When my boys don’t have screens in front of their faces, they rediscover toys they forgot they had and spend more time using their wild and wonderful imaginations. When they are not eating sweets, they grab some fruit and find that they are perfectly satisfied!

A Week Without Sweets and The Value of Breaking Habits www.mindfulmomma.com

I’m as guilty as the next person at being stuck on sweets. Giving up my afternoon piece of chocolate has been a sacrifice for sure, but we are all in this together! Wish us luck as we finish out our sweet-free week!

Do you ever give things up to break a habit?

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  1. Well, fruit is a lot better than cookies, candy and chips (so congratulations for that); but it still has a pretty high sugar content. A little fruit is OK; but we’re better off trying to find green veggies like avocados, peppers and asparagus. But I’m impressed you got your teenager to dump the junk food — way to go!


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