Traditional Medicinals: More Than Just Herbal Tea

Discover Traditional Medicinals herbal tea for health and wellness.

Traditional Medicinals Herbal Tea

Winter is tea time for me. In the morning you’ll definitely find me clutching a cup of coffee but come afternoon or evening, it’s a cup of herbal tea that I crave. Tea warms me up on a cold, Minnesota day and is a flavorful drink between meals. But more and more often I reach for tea to help improve my health in some way, whether it’s to stave off a cold, calm a cough or help me relax.

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The Traditional Medicinals Difference

One thing I have often wondered about tea was whether or not there is a big difference between brands. I mean, I certainly have my favorites but I wondered, could the quality really be different between say two different brands of peppermint tea leaves?

Well it turns out there is a difference. In reading up on Traditional Medicinals, I learned that their teas are more than just good tasting, herbal blends. They are true herbal supplements, made with health and wellness in mind.

Traditional Medicinals uses pharmacopoeial quality herbs which deliver much stronger health benefits than food grade herbs. This is a very high standard for the quality, purity, strength, identity and composition of the plants.

More Reasons to Love Traditional Medicinals Tea

Not only that but there are a whole slew of other reasons to love the Traditional Medicinals line of teas:

  • Certified Organic herbs used whenever possible
  • All teas are Non-GMO Project verified
  • Many Fair Trade ingredients
  • Herbs are cultivated using sustainable agricultural methods or sustainably wild harvested whenever possible
  • All ingredients are plant based with the exception of honey
  • No artificial colors, flavors or ingredients
  • No animal derived colors
  • Manufacturing facility is solar powered
  • Compostable tea bags (just remove the aluminum staple first) (did you know that some brands use plastic in tea bags?)
  • Cartons made from 100% recycled paper board (55% post-consumer)
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Favorite Teas from Traditional Medicinals

The Traditional Medicinals brand is not new to me. I’ve been drinking some of their classic tea blends for years. My favorites during cold season are Gypsy Cold Care, Breathe Easy and Throat Coat. They also make a great Everyday Detox tea and I drank the Pregnancy Tea when I was pregnant with my two boys.

When a Traditional Medicinals care package arrived in the mail, I had the chance to try a few new items. Nighty Night is a blend created especially to help promote a good night’s sleep. I love its calming and comforting camomile flavor. It’s the perfect relaxing drink before bed.

I’m also working my way through a box of SuperPlant teas that promote specific health concerns. There is nettle for joint health, fennel for digestion, raspberry leaf for cramping and many more.

Note: Traditional Medicinals teas are herbal supplements designed for common, self-care type conditions and can not be used to ‘restore,’ ‘correct,’ ‘prevent,’ ‘mitigate,’ ‘cure,’ or ’treat’ disease.

One Downside

My only caveat about Traditional Medicinals teas is that for some of the blends you need 2 tea bags to make a proper serving of the tea. This was something I wouldn’t have expected and obviously it has an impact on the cost of the product when you need two tea bags per serving. Not a biggie but I just want to point it out.

Buy Traditional Medicinals

Traditional Medicinals can be found everywhere from health food stores to traditional grocery stores to mass merchandisers and drug stores, as well as on Amazon.

Do you drink tea for health & wellness purposes? What’s your favorite type of herbal tea?

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  1. I’m a huge tea drinker and have been drinking Traditional Medicinals for many years. I really like their selection. When I had insomnia a few years back I drank their Nighty Night tea by the carload!

  2. Good to know the Nighty Night tea works for insomnia Lori!

  3. christine says:

    I really like trying new teas and so am looking forward to drinking Traditional Medicinal. but where do I get it/
    Thanks for sharing

  4. Cristi Lewis says:

    Does traditional medicine tea bags contain plastic?

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