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Green & Healthy Products:

Babies & Kids

Earth Mama Angel Baby


Rosie Hippo

Bags, Bottles, Lunch:

Graze Organic

Klean Kanteen


Reusable Bags   



Bare Escentuals

Earth Mama Angel Baby

Hugo Naturals




Earth Friendly Products

Eco Store


Mountain Green


Seventh Generation

Simply Neutral

 Clothing & Bedding

Birch Clothing

Funny Hunny Bunny MahaDevi Design


Craft & Sewing Supplies:

Stubby Pencil Studio

Gifts & Miscellaneous:


Good Things Green Things

Twin Cities Green


Health, Exercise & Outdoors:

Yoga Cloud

Office & School Supplies:

Stubby Pencil Studio

The Green Office 

    Non-Profit Organizations:   Children’s Environmental Health Network Center for Health, Environment and Justice Co-op America Environmental Defense Fund Environmental Working Group Green America Natural Resources Defense Council Organic Consumers Association Organic Trade Association Women’s Voices for the Earth   Buying Guides: Consumer Reports Greener Choices Green Guide National Green Pages Responsible Shopper   Books: Practically Green (my book!!) Fresh: The Ultimate Live Food Cookbook Sewing Green The Big Green Cookbook The Green Teen The Mom’s Guide to Growing Your Family Green Big Green Purse Seven Wonders for a Cool Planet    


  1. Heather H. says:

    In your Beauty column, i would add Everyday Minerals company. They sell amazing mineral make-up that contains only 4 ingredients! All 4 ingredients are natural minerals that are too big to penetrate the skin. Also costs about $12 for a 4 month supply. I don’t sell this product, I just happened upon it and fell in love.

  2. babazoobee says:

    don’t forget to add babazoobee!

  3. Great Blog! We’re glad you love Babo TOO!

    We would love to share our passion in developing a toxin-free sunscreen, which is called Good Day Sunshine. Top 10 on EWG!

    The product uses zinc oxide as well as mica to give the skin a natural glow. Good Day Sunshine is also PABA and fragrance free so it wont irrate skin or clog pores…and good for the BABE AND BABIES!

    If you’re interested about Good Day Sunshine or other chemical-free beauty products please contact me at:

    We’d love to also be an resource for your readers! Thanks again
    Yours in beautiful health,

  4. I would like you to add my website to resources I have Organo Gold Gourmet healthy coffee. No Caffeine only the herb Ganoderma you can google or go to pub med website to look up the herb. The coffee oxegenates your body,helps your blood pressure,and much more… You can lose weight and have incredible energy all day. Helps with arthritis any joint pain,breast cancer,tumors,kidneys and liver so mmuch more. The Green Tea takes headaches and migraines away. The Ganoderma helps with hot flashes, acid reflux it is so much known as the king of all herbs and does what it say in one cup for 99% of the people. All is infused with Ganoderma or the Spore Powder of the Ganoderma which is the most powerful part. People won’t remember to take a vitamin but they remember their coffee. Try a cup see me at

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