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My book, Practically Green: Your Guide to Ecofriendly Decision-Making was published in October of 2009 by F&W Media/Betterway Books. You can purchase it in the following places:

Amazon – Kindle version (can also be viewed on iPad using the free Kindle for iPad app)

Amazon – print version

About Practically Green:

Creating a green & healthy home might seem like an overwhelming task at times.  Practically Green takes the practical approach to mindful living:  Start small and go from there.  Author Micaela Preston takes the guess work out of green living by helping you make smart, healthy choices for your family without spending tedious hours researching the pros and cons of all of the products available on the market today.

In Practically Green you’ll find:

  • Copy & Clip guides that simplify shopping
  • 30+ easy, earth-friendly DIY projects and ideas
  • Healthy recipes for things like sustainable snacks and greener lunches
  • Essential information to help you make smart, greener choices for your family

Press for Practically Green:

“Practically Green is the book I wish I so desperately had when I became a parent (and before that, for that matter).  This book shares information that I had to find in a million different sources before.  But the mountains of text I had to search through?  Micaela takes all that and sizes it down into easily digestible chunks and usable, clear guides.”  Katy from Non-Toxic Kids

Practically Green is “a perfect starter for the person who wants a green guide that’s not preachy or overly authoritative.”   Minneapolis Star Tribune

“A compass in a blinding storm”  Alicia from The Soft Landing

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