Brand Review: Hungryroot Healthy Food Delivery

Hungryroot Review: Learn how this healthy food delivery works, who it makes sense for, and why I recommend it. Plus get a Hungryroot promo code on your first order. 
Hungryroot Review Healthy Food Delivery Service

What is Hungryroot?

Hungryroot is a service that delivers a weekly box of healthy ingredients and ready-to-eat foods, plus recipes and suggestions for how to cook them. This subscription service is pretty unique in the world of meal delivery because it includes both fresh groceries and prepared foods. Ultimately, Hungryroot is a combination of an online grocery delivery and a healthy meal delivery service – or as they like to say – a healthy, online grocery service with recipe and meal planning support. When I first heard about Hungryroot, I’ll admit, I did not think it would make sense for someone like me (a non-vegetarian who likes to cook), but after trying quite a few healthy meal delivery services, Hungryroot is the one I like best! Keep reading to find out why!
Hungryroot Review Healthy Food Delivery Service

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How Hungryroot Works

When you first join Hungryroot, you’ll be asked a few questions like how many people you are feeding and what your food goals are. Next, you’ll be asked about your dietary needs (vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free and more) and meal preferences (do you eat 3 meals a day + snacks or some different combination?) After that, you start ordering! Choose the general breakfast items that look good to you (granola, yogurt, pancakes, eggs?), and the types of lunch and dinner entrees you like (grain bowls, pastas, veggie noodles, salads and more.) Finally, you can add in some snacks and desserts – don’t miss the desserts! The groceries you receive turn into easy meals that only take about 10-minutes to make. And the part I like best is that the groceries can be mixed and matched. The recipes given are more like suggestions – it’s not like a meal kit where you have to follow ever step or risk messing up the meal!  Hungryroot has a plant-based focus, with many vegan options, although meat and seafood items are also available. Some branded foods like Kite Hill pasta and Beyond Burger, and ready-to-eat foods like Seven Sundays Muesli and Bobos Oat Bars are also available. Hungryroot Review Healthy Food Delivery Service

Hungryroot Review: What I Love (and a Couple Things I Don’t)

By far the biggest benefit of Hungryroot is the convenience of the prepped vegetables and the prepared sauces and other foods. It makes pulling together a healthy meal seriously easy! Here are some of my favorite foods from Hungryroot:
  • Really tasty sauces like Coconut Curry, Thai Peanut and Lemon Tahini
  • Flavored tofu including Lemongrass Tofu Nuggets and Savory Spiced Tofu Bites (my kids actually like them!)
  • Easy to bake desserts like Almond Chickpea Cookie Cough and Black Bean Brownie Batter
  • Pre-prepped veggies including Butternut Squash Noodles, Superblend Salad and Broccoli Rice
After starting with a few suggested recipes, I realized that the ingredients can easily be mixed and matched to create different meals and that flexibility was gold! If one of my boys wants to make a quick pasta for lunch, I won’t worry that they are using the ingredients for a specific recipe – I can easily adapt meals with the ingredients I have left.  I personally didn’t love the breakfast and snack items as much because things like granola, snack bars and crackers are items I usually have on hand anyway. Although I did discover a dehydrated fruit blend called Rind Snacks that I absolutely love! Room for improvement: I would love to see more certified organic foods available at Hungryroot. Quite a few products are organic, but many are not. The company states that they consciously source organic whenever they can. I’m guessing that cost is an issue, and since their focus is more on healthy food than organic food, this does not seem to be a priority for the company. Overall, Healthyroot helps me serve more healthy, plant-based meals to my family by providing the groceries and recipe ideas that make it easy – and I love that!

Hungryroot Review Healthy Food Delivery Service

Hungryroot Ordering Details

Hungryroot plans start at $59 per week with at least three two-serving meals. Beyond that, the price of plans will vary depending on how many breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and sweets you think you’ll need. Each week, Hungryroot will put together a suggested order for you (based on your preferences), but you’ll have a chance to customize your order to get the groceries you want.  It is easy to change your schedule by skipping deliveries or pausing your subscription. Reminders are sent by email and/or text to make sure you have a chance to make changes – something I really appreciate.  Shipping is always free on orders of $79 or more – but be sure to scroll down to get my promo code for an even better deal on your first order!

Is Hungryroot Worth It?

With a Hungryroot subscription, you’ll definitely spend more than you would for the same groceries locally, but keep in mind that the veggies are prepped and the sauces and many other foods are ready-to-eat. Plus the recipe ideas give you the confidence to make quick & easy meals. The convenience is totally worth a few extra bucks!  In my opinion Hungryroot makes sense if you:
  • don’t cook a ton and are looking for healthy but easy meal ideas
  • are looking to eat more healthy food but don’t want to prep all those veggies
  • are vegan and looking for easy meals and more variety
  • are not vegan or vegetarian, but looking for easy plant-based meals the whole family will eat (this is me all the way!)
  • are a one or two person household who wants to minimize food waste
That said, I think most people will use Hungryroot as an occasional grocery delivery service, as opposed to a weekly thing. Hungryroot makes a great gift too! A gift card to Hungryroot would be wonderful for a young adult in their first apartment or for a couple who just had a baby. Hungryroot cookie dough

Hungryroot Promo Code

Ready to try Hungryroot? Mindful Momma readers get 30% off your first order of $99+ and FREE Almond Chickpea Cookie Dough FOR LIFE!! Just use the promo code MOMMADOUGH at checkout to get the deal. Seriously, the Hungryroot cookie dough is the bomb! It’s gluten-free and vegan and you need to try it!  Place your first Hungryroot order today!     P.S. Like this Brand Review? Find more Brand Reviews here  


  1. Thank you so much for posting about this. It is just what I needed. I am a busy mom of three special needs kids. I constantly run out of time for myself. Grabbing whatever I can eat once a headache sets in. I subscribed to the box after your last post. Game changer. I call it my mom box. It provides me with food my kids would not normally eat but that I love. Portion sizes are realistic. Recipes are easy and fast to put together. For those days when I must grab lunch and run I get a few of those quick grab salads they offer. All of the food has been yummy and I love that you can order portion size sweets too.

    1. I’m so glad to hear you are loving Hungryroot Lacey! Isn’t it great how fast you can make a healthy meal with the groceries from Hungryroot?!!

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