Favorite Zero Waste Products to Support Your Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Find all the best zero waste products for cleaning, beauty, home and on-the-go. Plus the zero waste mindset you need to help you eliminate single-use products, reduce plastic waste and live your best zero waste life. 

Best Zero Waste Products for kitchen, cleaning, beauty & home

Think of all the products you buy in a month. Now think of all the waste those products create. 

The containers. The packaging. Used products that are not recyclable. All that plastic. 

Ugh! It’s depressing, I know. But I’m here to help you swap out disposable, single-use products for reusable, zero waste products as often as possible.

Let’s get to it!

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The Zero Waste Movement

First, let’s have a quick discussion about the zero waste movement. What does a zero-waste lifestyle really mean? Is zero waste even possible?

The zero waste movement grew out of concern about overflowing landfills and plastic pollution accumulating in oceans. The goal of the movement is to look for ways to use less plastic and ultimately produce as little waste as possible.  

Zero waste is more of a guiding philosophy than a strict protocol. It’s a mindset that helps us be conscious of the impact of our purchases on the environment and to do our best to reduce waste when we can.

Adopting a zero waste mindset is a way to take some control and responsibility and know that we are doing our part to help the planet.

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How to Live a Zero Waste Life

If you are just starting out on a zero waste journey, I recommend looking at the products you use and making changes based on the following:

  1. The products you use most 
  2. The products that create the most plastic waste
  3. Products that are not recyclable or compostable

Start with one swap at a time. Pay attention to the amount of trash you produce, and see if you can lower it. Don’t feel bad about not being 100% zero waste – that is not the goal. Give yourself a high five for all of the zero waste swaps you make and keep on looking for new ones! 

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Best Zero Waste Products

I may receive commissions from purchases made through links in this article including Amazon Affiliates. Full Disclosure

My zero waste journey started many years ago when I swapped single use water bottles for reusable water bottles for my family. That seems like such a simple swap but it was a big change at the time!

Over the years, I have made many more swaps including zero waste products for the kitchen, bathroom and laundry, as well as zero waste cleaning products, beauty products and products for zero waste grocery shopping and taking food on-the-go.

Believe me when I say my zero waste journey is FAR from perfect – but nonetheless I feel good about the swaps I am able to make and I know that my changes have an impact!

Let’s take a look at some of my favorite zero waste product swaps in different categories:  

Zero Waste Beauty Products

Our typical beauty and personal care routines involve a lot of waste – from plastic bottles holding shampoo and face cream, to non-recyclable makeup compacts, to single-use makeup remover rounds.

Here are some of my favorite zero waste beauty product swaps:


Find more zero waste makeup brands here.

Zero Waste Kitchen Products

The kitchen is filled with disposable products, including the ubiquitous rolls of plastic wrap and paper towels, single-use plastic bags and cheap plastic food containers that don’t hold up over time. 

Here are some of my favorite zero waste kitchen swaps:


Find even more reusable kitchen products here.

Zero Waste Cleaning Products

Think of all the plastic bottles of cleaning products you have under your sink right now. Then multiply that by all the years you’ve been a house-cleaning adult. That’s a lot of plastic bottles! Add in the cheap sponges, plastic scrubbers and single-use dryer sheets, and you’ve got a lot of waste. 

Here are some of my favorite zero waste cleaning product swaps:


Find more eco-friendly cleaning ideas and sustainable laundry tips here.

Zero Waste Bathroom Products

Another source of waste are the supplies and tools for personal care that we keep in the bathroom and use frequently – like cotton swabs, plastic toothbrushes, disposable razors and menstrual products.

Here are some of my favorite zero waste bathroom product swaps:


Find even more zero waste bathroom swaps here. 

Zero Waste Grocery & On-the-Go 

Don’t forget about all the disposable products we rely on for grocery shopping and taking food and drinks on-the-go. Be prepared with zero waste replacements for plastic grocery bags, disposable cups, plastic straws and plastic utensils. 

Here are some of my favorite zero waste swaps for grocery shopping and on-the-go:


What are your favorite zero waste products?

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  1. Great post! These are all great products that can help you go zero-waste. Bees wrap nearly changed my life, I love the ones from Bee Kind, and reusable produce bags as well from SOL + SPIRIT which are organic cotton have held up really well. I would say those two products were a game changer!

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