Beat Winter with Natural Skin Care from Acure

A review of Acure natural and organic skin care products and how they give you healthy, moisturized skin all winter long. [clear-line] Better winter skin care from Acure via Winter started awfully early this year and I noticed a change in my skin right away. It’s drier all over but especially my hands and face. Fortunately I’ve got Acure in my corner. One of Acure’s skin care experts worked with me to pick out the best products to hydrate and replenish my skin during these colder, drier months (which sadly add up to about half the year here in Minnesota). I’ve been a fan of Acure for a couple of years now and I love that their products not only work really well but don’t break the piggy bank. Here’s a peek at what I’ve been using to combat my dry, winter skin: (Mindful Momma is a member of a number of affiliate programs. If you make a purchase through an affiliate link, a small commission goes to support our work – at no extra cost to you of course!)

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Argan + Mint Facial Cleansing Creme

According to the expert I worked with, the most important thing to have in your winter skin care regimen is the appropriate cleanser. “Most people start off dry because they have used a cleanser that is simply too stripping for their skin, leaving it void of healthy moisture balance and protection, right off the bat.” Acure Facial Cleansing Crème not only contains 1% Chlorella Growth Factor which helps regenerate and protect skin cells but also contains nourishing Argan oil, cocoa butter and antioxidants to further boost moisture levels. A fermented sugar soap gives the cleanser a satisfying foaming property that helps break down excess makeup, oil and debris while maintaining a healthy natural oil layer on the skin. My take: Leaves my face refreshingly clean but not at all stripped and I love the minty scent! $9.99 BUY IT

Night Cream

At night your skin’s primary focus is to regenerate cells. Acure’s Night Cream helps this process by incorporating 2% Chlorella Growth Factor and Argan stem cells. It has a rich cream consistency with a ton of essential fatty acids from Argan, Borage, and Evening Primrose, and patented Skin-Immune technology, designed to support and optimize the natural immune defense mechanisms to help protect against environmental stressors.  “Amazing food for the skin when your body is working its hardest” is how the folks at Acure describe it. My take: Perfect consistency. Nice subtle scent. Don’t be afraid to use it during the day too. $17.99 BUY IT

Marula Oil

Haven’t heard of Marula oil? It was new to me too. Marula oil is rich in proteins and omega fatty acids and is amazing for treating dry skin, healing wounds & scars and reducing redness. “Marula oil packs a huge anti-oxidant power punch to help with anti-aging along with essential fatty acids and proteins to help with firming, anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling support.” Marula is naturally lightweight, meaning it will absorb readily into the skin, leaving it feeling hydrated and smooth.  And by the way, Acure’s Marula oil is 100% pure and wildcrafted without pesticides by South African Women as part of an economic empowerment program. My take: This stuff is awesome! I’ve been using it everywhere – for cuticle repair, taming hair flyaways and I’ve even been putting it on my face at night! I love that it absorbs quickly and has no discernible scent. $15.99 BUY IT


Ultra Hydrating Body Wash

At first squeeze you’ll think this body wash is lotion – it’s that thick and creamy! But the rich lather will convince you that you’re getting clean as well as moisturized. Made with omega rich Argan oil, pumpkin seed oil and coconut, as well as cell boosting Argan stem cells, this hydrating body wash will leave your skin feeling like summer. “Expect to be smelling your arm all day after using this. It just smells that good.” My take: So smooth going on and the coconutty scent deludes me into thinking I’m on vacation. $9.99  BUY IT

What are your favorite skin care products for winter?

postsiggie4 copy     (Note: I was sent free samples of these Acure products in exchange for my honest opinion.)


  1. I want to try every one of these! My skin is incredibly dry already this year. The night lotion looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing this brand. I’m going to have to hunt it down.

    1. I’m surprised you don’t already know the Acure brand Lori! Yes, definitely worth hunting down!

  2. I’m already seeing dry skin and lips from the cold weather- thanks for the reminder and product list.

  3. Ug. Winter skin stinks. And the older I get, the drier I get. My skin is uber sensitive so I usually can’t do lotions but that pumpkin calendula bar soap looks to die for!

  4. These look wonderful! I like an argan oil cleanser for the winter. I sometimes put vitamin e oil on my face too.

  5. I also get very dry skin in the winter. I mostly use EMAB lotion, but I’ll have to check out that night cream.

  6. The cleanser and night cream is very tempting to me! I’ve noticed the winter dryness already starting this year!

  7. I’ve been suffering from breakouts again don’t know if it’s stress or not. I have to be super careful what I use on my skin or it will also break me out, you gotta love funky skin like mine ha ha

    1. Nicole – sorry to hear about the breakouts. Don’t worry you aren’t the only one with funky skin! Acure products are made with good, safe ingredients – so I bet you could find something in the line that works for you!

  8. Hi Micaela, What is Chlorella Growth Factor? I searched your site but didn’t find more information. I know you would never recommend anything unnatural but I wanted to know more since it sounds like BGH to me. Thank you!! Kate

    1. Good question Kate! Chlorella Growth Factor comes from green algae and it helps protect and boost collagen in your skin. Here’s a link to more details about it:

  9. What is best for allergy prone skin and where
    can they be bought?

    1. You can find Acure at Target stores and on Amazon. I’m not sure which products are best for allergy prone skin but I’m sure you can look into it on their website!

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