A Day and Dinner at Star Thrower Farm

A Day on Star Thrower Farm via mindfulmomma.com Sometimes you just gotta take the plunge. When I first signed up my family for a day trip to a local farm, I wasn’t sure how well it would go over. Would the boys rather be playing Minecraft on the computer? Would our weekend chores be neglected because we were gone all day? Would it rain and ruin all the fun? All worries aside, I signed up for the event and never looked back. The Where the Wild Things Are spring foraging event, organized by Slow Food Minnesota was held at Star Thrower Farm in Glencoe, MN. Star Thrower Farm is a sheep farm owned by Deborah and Scott Pikovsky. They raise pure-bred Icelandic sheep on pasture and the fruits of their labor include sheep’s milk cheeses made in small batches, grass fed lamb meat, handmade sheep’s milk soap and wool products. Star Thrower Farm via mindfulmomma.com When we arrived it was raining but it soon cleared up and turned into a gorgeous day! Deborah gave us a tour of the farm, including the milking room, the cheese making room and a barn that used to be used for conventional dairy. No worries – the sheep on this farm spend the majority of their time outdoors and only come in when necessary. Star Thrower Farm tour via mindfulmomma.com The sheep were beautiful and very curious. They came up to see us while their guardian llama stood nearby. The farm has 3 llamas watching over the herd – they take cat-naps but never really sleep! Star Thrower Farm sheep via mindfulmomma.com The new lambs and mamas are kept separately while they are still nursing. We got to meet the newest addition to the flock born just that week! The breeding rams live separately as well. One in particular, fondly named Rafunkle, loved to have his head scratched. Star Thrower Farm via mindfulmomma.com After the tour we were treated to a delicious meal by chef Doug Flicker from Piccolo. The menu included cheeses from the farm, herbs foraged from the land, spring morel mushrooms and of course their famous lamb. Delicious! Star Thrower Farm meal via mindfulmomma.com The meal ended with the quintessential spring dessert – Rhubarb Crisp. Star Thrower Farm Rhubarb Crisp via mindfulmomma.com We spent the day outside, learned a ton about raising sheep and farm life, and ate fabulous food. The chores and computers were not missed for a second. Like I said, sometimes you just gotta take the plunge.

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Have you ever spent time on a farm?

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  1. This looks like the most fun day ever! We recently did a farm stay on a goat/chicken farm and it was a blast. For this of us who don’t live more rurally – and for those boys who live to play Minecraft – these are great ways to reconnect to food, nature, etc.

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