How to Make Etched Wooden Spoons

How to Make Etched Wooden Spoons

A strange smell has been wafting up from the basement lately. The smell of burning wood. No, we’re not experimenting with a new way to keep the house warm in the winter. Momma’s got a new tool and she’s been busy in her workshop!

Yep, I bought a Dremel. A multi-tip wood burning Dremel tool to be precise. I’ve wanted to try wood etching for years, and when I saw the tutorials for etched wooden spoons, cutting boards and ornaments over at Design Mom, I knew that now was the time to take the plunge. I figured if they worked out, my relatives would be getting them as gifts and if not, well, we would have a new supply of spoons in the kitchen.

Armed with my Dremel and an assortment of bamboo utensils (bamboo is a fast-growing, renewable resource so I figured it was a good wood to choose. plus it is inexpensive so I can afford to mess a few up), I headed to the basement to see what I could do.

DIY Etched Wooden Spoons

The Dremel comes with a variety of tips and you can switch them out depending on whether you want small dots, large dots, dashes or lines. Just keep in mind that you have to let the tool cool down completely before you switch the tips. I found the universal woodworking tip in the photo below to be the most useful.

DIY Etched Wooden Spoons

Feel free to trace designs on your spoons before you start etching – or just do them free-form like me. I enjoy winging it – you never know what you’ll end up with.

DIY Etched Wooden Spoons

Don’t forget to etch the handles too!

DIY Etched Wooden Spoons

My 9 year old made one for his teacher. Can you see his name etched in the wood?

DIY Etched Wooden Spoons

Would I recommend this project for kids? Only under constant supervision and with kids that you can trust to follow your rules. The Dremel tool gets extremely HOT and you just don’t want an accident to happen. Also, I’m sure the fumes of the burning wood and lacquer are not great to breathe (next time I’ll be buying unfinished wood utensils). But doing a little etching once a year is probably OK and what a cool gift for a child to make and give!

Have you ever etched anything with a wood burning tool? What did you make?

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