Tutorial: Homemade Whipped Body Butter

A homemade whipped body butter recipe made with shea butter and other natural ingredients.
Whipped Body Butter www.mindfulmomma.com Whether you are an avid DIY’er or a novice thinking about taking the plunge into homemade skin care, I’m telling you, this homemade whipped body butter recipe is the bomb! Here’s why I love it so much:
  • Contains only 3 natural ingredients (plus essential oils if you want it to be scented)
  • Made with rich, nourishing oils that truly moisturize the skin (not just sit on top of it)
  • Cheaper than high-end lotions and body butters
  • No preservatives or other yucky ingredients
  • Super simple to make!

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Whipped body butter ingredients www.mindfulmomma.com

 Whipped Body Butter Recipe

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Ingredients you need (and where to buy them)

1/2 cup raw, unrefined shea butter Unrefined shea butter is extracted from the nut of the shea tree without chemical solvents and contains natural healing properties that would be lost during the refining process. Unrefined shea butter has a naturally, yellowish color whereas refined shea butter is bright white.  I purchase shea butter in bulk from my local co-op but you can also find shea butter online. 1/4 cup cocoa butter Buy raw organic cocoa butter disks like you see in the photo above or by the jar. 1/4 cup sweet almond oil I buy mine in bulk but you can easily find it at natural food stores or online. 10 to 24 drops essential oil of your choice  Many brands are available but my go-to brands for DIY projects are Aura Cacia and Now Foods. shea butter for homemade body butter recipe www.mindfulmomma.com

How to make it

Bring water to a simmer in the bottom of a double boiler. (If you don’t have a proper double boiler, create one by putting a metal or Pyrex bowl on top of a saucepan, keeping bowl well above the water level.) Pack the shea butter into a measuring cup (like you would brown sugar) and place in the top of the double boiler.  Add the cocoa butter disks or chunks from your jar of cocoa butter. Allow both ingredients to melt together. Homemade whipped body butter ingredients www.mindfulmomma.com Next, mix in the sweet almond oil and turn off the heat on the double boiler. If you want to add essential oils, now is the time to add them. I created this tranquility blend with 3 of my favorite essential oils: Tranquility Blend: 6 to 8 drops each of: geraniumsweet orange and sandalwood essential oils Let the mixture cool until it has started to set up but is not yet solid. I recommend putting it in the refrigerator for about an hour. It should look opaque and a bit yellowish – like lemon curd! Homemade Body Butter Tutorial www.mindfulmomma.com Using a hand or stand mixer, whip the ingredients until they magically change from lemon curd to whipped cream (takes a couple of minutes – maximum). Just don’t be tempted to eat it! Homemade Whipped Body Butter www.mindfulmomma.com Carefully spoon the cream into a glass jar, keeping its whipped texture intact. I often use repurposed jelly jars but you may want to invest in a new glass jar if the body butter is for a gift. The jar you see in this post is from Organized Living but I’m pretty sure it’s the same as this glass jar available on Amazon.

Homemade Whipped Body Butter www.mindfulmomma.com

This recipe makes about 1 cup of body butter. Shelf life is approximately 3 months. Body butter can be stored at room temperature but you may want to store in the refrigerator in warmer months to keep it solid.

What is your favorite DIY body care product?

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  1. Hi Micaela,
    Did you ever think of opening up an online store for your nature products? I just wondered because the body butter looks lovely and sell-able (but I can barely squeeze in time lately to shower and don’t want to take on any more DIY projects), and I’m a regular reader at the “Clean” blog of Lusa Organics–she has a whole line of skin care/soaps that she makes (plus her blog is gorgeous). Just thought I’d pass it along as food for thought!

    1. Oh – thanks so much for saying that Joy! I haven’t really considered selling my products because it seems like too much work. I love Lusa Organics though – she is from my hometown of Madison, WI!!

  2. Very interested in your body butter. Please share if this absorbs into your skin without leaving you
    feel greasy!

    1. It absorbs pretty quickly but not immediately. Leaves your skin super soft!

  3. Does it harden up afterwards or keep its whipped texture?

    1. Good question – due to the shea butter, it will be softer when warm and harder when in cold temperatures.

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