DIY Necktie Bag Tutorial

Learn how to make a stylish mini bag out of an old necktie. You’ll love this fun and useful repurposing project!

DIY Necktie tutorial

Do you know anyone who still wears neckties other than your grandpa? I happen to love neckties (so many cool fabrics!), but sadly, they seem like a dying fashion trend.

Here’s a fun craft project to make with those long-forgotten neckties you still have lying around the house or the cool, vintage one you found at the thrift store. Just follow these simple steps to turn a necktie into a cute little bag for your cell phone, iPod or mad-money! (sewing machine not required)

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Supplies for Necktie Bag


Coordinating thread

Velcro closure

Decorative cord for strap

Tutorial for Necktie Bag

Step 1: Cut necktie at 13 inches from the wide end of the tie.

Necktie Bag Tutorial

Step 2: Fold cut edge under 1/4″ and then another 3/4″.  Press and pin to secure. Hand-sew the bottom edge closed. This will create the channel for the strap.

Necktie Bag Tutorial

Step 3: Open up a few inches of the center seam of the tie. This will make it easier to fit things inside the case. (You’ll know what I mean when you look at the tie.)

Step 4: Fold the tie in half (wrong sides together) so the bottom edge reaches just below where the tie becomes a triangle. Using a slipstitch, hand sew the side seams through the top layers of fabric. Do not sew the front and back of the case together, or you will not be able to put anything inside!

Necktie Bag Tutorial

Step 5: Add a Velcro closure (follow manufacturer’s instructions).

Necktie Bag Tutorial

Step 6: Thread cord through channel. Cut to desired length and sew together or secure with a knot. Hand sew the cord in place.

Necktie Bag Tutorial

Have you ever made any crafts with old neckties?

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(Note: This project was first published in my book, Practically Green: Your Guide to EcoFriendly Decision-Making. Check it out for even more green DIY ideas!)


  1. So this is the cutest DIY I have seen!!! love it. I guess I better start reading your ebook!! SO many books to read, so little time!

  2. I agree with Stephanie-such a great DIY idea. There are a lot of unused ties hanging around our house. I could have bags
    in multiple colors and patterns!

  3. Cute! There is also a way to dye Easter eggs with old neck ties. I saw it on Martha years ago but I bet it’s on her website somewhere.

  4. Thanks Stephanie! I agree – there is no end to the number of cool things to read and learn about going green. I'm still learning myself!

  5. Lori – my mom has been making a wall hanging out of my dad's old neckties. Hopefully I will get a photo of it to share soon!

  6. Dying eggs with neckties? Never heard of it but am very intrigued! Leave it to Martha to come up with something like that! 🙂

  7. So incredibly creative of you! Thank you for sharing your great idea!

  8. Glad you like it Moxie! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  9. My husband gave me 100’s of his ties. An accumulation of 50 +years. I want to make something and was inspired by your vase /flowers post. My husband would really enjoy and appreciate this work of art. I would love some direction for this hanging.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Nienke – I’m so glad you like the necktie hanging! My mother made it and she is no longer alive to share how she made it. She was very creative and just created things like that without patterns! Good luck creating something with your husband’s ties!

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