Treat Yourself to Eco Friendly Jewelry for Earth Month

Treat Yourself to Eco Friendly Jewelry For Earth Month

Thank you to Ecotopia for sponsoring this post. 

Happy Earth Month! Don’t you think April is the perfect month to celebrate our beautiful planet? With plants bursting out of the ground and flowers beginning to bloom – it’s nature’s way of saying Hey – don’t forget all that I do for you!

And while I’m not a big fan of buying more stuff just because of Earth Month, I do think it’s a good time to reflect on the choices we make when we do purchase things. I talk a lot about mindful shopping on this blog – asking questions like Do you really need this? Can you reuse something you already have? Is there a more earth friendly option? 

But let’s be realistic here- sometimes it’s fun to buy something nice for ourselves. A little splurge. For me it’s jewelry or beauty products. I feel best if it’s something earth friendly and artisan-made though, instead of cheaply made stuff you can get anywhere.

Not to twist your arm, but Ecotopia, a web store specializing in handmade, eco-conscious products (and one of my blog sponsors over the past year), has some really beautiful and unique eco friendly jewelry on their site – and a lot of it is on sale for Earth Month!

The prices are very reasonable – and shipping is a flat rate of $5.95 (or free over $100). I have to admit, I’m coveting a few of these items myself! Plus thinking about gifts for later – because it never hurts to shop ahead.

Take a peek! Or just jump over to the sale pages for recycled glass and wood jewelry.

Recycled Glass & Silver Drop Earrings //

Recycled Glass & Silver Drop Earrings

Recycled Wood Dragonfly Earrings //

Recycled Wood Dragonfly Earrings

Recycled Glass Cirque Necklace //

Recycled Glass Cirque Necklace

Recycled Glass Hoop Earrings //

Recycled Glass Hoop Earrings


Paloma Pottery necklace from Ecotopia //

Recycled Glass & Pottery Necklace

Rec cled Wood Pyramid Bracelet //

Recycled Pyramid Bracelet

Recycled Glass Rings & Things Earrings //

Recycled Glass Rings & Things Earrings

Recycled Wood Tribal Swirl Earrings //

Recycled Wood Tribal Swirl Earrings

What’s your favorite little splurge for yourself?

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(This post was sponsored by Ecotopia but all opinions are my own.)



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