Green & Healthy Gifts to Surprise and Delight

Green & Healthy Gift Guide | Mindful Momma

Green & healthy gifts: Gift guide featuring eco-friendly, non-toxic, sustainable, and ethically produced gifts for all occasions. Holiday shopping is a mixed bag for me. On one hand, I love the feeling of finding just the right gift. Something that will make their eyes light up and put a genuine smile on their face. … [Continue reading]

How To Succeed At Healthy Living Even When You Fail

How to Succeed at Healthy Living Even When You Fail | Mindful Momma

How to develop the right mindset for healthy living so you can succeed in your goals even when you feel like you've failed. There have been so many stages. The oblivious childhood stage (eat, play, sleep). The teenage dieting & exercise stage (no eating, only exercise). The college junk food/partying stage (eat and … [Continue reading]

3 Non-Toxic (& Cheap) Laundry Fresheners to Make or Buy

Non Toxic Laundry Fresheners

Get the scoop on laundry fresheners made without toxic artificial fragrances that are bad for your health. I once took part in a mock Febreze commercial. You know the one, where they show a teenager's messy, stinky room and freshen it by spraying Febreze on everything? First I was blindfolded, then brought into a room that … [Continue reading]

9 Ways To Encourage Your Teen To Be Healthy Now

Top Lifestyle Habits for Healthy Teens | Mindful Momma

Raise healthy teens by teaching them these important lifestyle habits.  (Thank you to Stonyfield for sponsoring this post.) Ugh, what's that smell? One day while hanging out with my tween son, I smelled something a bit rank. We were loooong past the diaper stage, so what could it be? Something he stepped in? Something on … [Continue reading]

4 Certifications To Help You Shop For Safer Beauty Products

Certified Safer Beauty Products & Personal Care

The trusted certifications to look for while shopping for safer beauty and personal care products. You’re cruising through the store, about to grab that shampoo you need, but in the back of your mind, you’re thinking WAIT – wasn’t I planning to buy a safer, more natural version this time? Problem is, you've heard that … [Continue reading]