Nourish Your Skin with Homemade Shea Butter Body Cream

Shea butter body cream tutorial www.mindfulmomma.comRaise your hand if your skin gets extra dry over the winter. I’m seeing a lot of hands, right? I’ve often thought I should invest in a body care company for all the creams and lotions my family slathers on our bodies. Instead, I started making my own body cream.

This shea butter body cream recipe from my book is super easy to make and it only has 3 ingredients – shea butter, sweet almond oil and essential oils for fragrance. It’s rich enough to stand up to a Minnesota winter – so I’m guessing it will work for you too. πŸ™‚

Shea butter body cream
My local coop sells unrefined shea butter and sweet almond oil in bulk so I can buy just what I need. If you can’t find these things where you live, Mountain Rose Herbs is a popular online resource. Here’s what unrefined shea butter looks like, in case you haven’t seen it before:

Melt the shea butter in the top of a double boiler. Then add the sweet almond oil. (Note: If you’re feeling fancy, try substituting a couple tablespoons of Vitamin E oil, carrot seed oil or evening primrose oil at this stage.) Finally, remove pan from heat and add the essential oils. The blend in the recipe is one of my faves but use any combination of essential oils you prefer. (BTW – I usually make a double batch – enough for about an 8-oz jar of cream)

Let the mixture cool slightly. Pour into a glass jar while it is still warm but not hot. Let sit overnight. The cream will solidify and be a milky white color.

Homemade shea butter cream makes a great gift but be sure to keep some for yourself! And if you’re on a DIY roll, try my homemade lip balm with shea butter too!

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  1. Great recipe! I tried to make some cream today to post a recipe, but I have been running after a 14 month old. So lets say I didn’t get around to it. Love this recipe, I am going t try it for sure! Thank you. πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Good Girl Stephanie – the good thing about this recipe is that it is really fast. Once you have the ingredients you can make it in a jiffy! Have fun!

  3. I have all the ingredients! I’d like to experiment with other butters though…I think shea is kinda stinky. Perhaps the essential oils cover it up?

  4. Stephanie – I agree – unrefined shea butter on it's own is kind of stinky. But I love the smell of it mixed with essential oils! Can you buy just a little bit of shea butter and try it out?


  5. I need to go to Natural Grocers this weekend and I’m gonna finally try to get my hands on some Shea Butter!

  6. Andrea – Shea butter is the best! Have fun making some homemade lotions & potions!

  7. Mindy @ The Purposed Heart says:

    I made your wonderful Shea Butter Body Cream last night, Micaela and I love it! So easy to make and so moisturizing too πŸ™‚

    Thank you SO much for sharing with Make-It Yourself Monday πŸ™‚

  8. Hi Mindy – I'm so glad you liked the Shea Butter Cream! I'll be back again for your Make It Monday linky post – such a great idea!


  9. Hi! I made your Shea butter cream yesterday, and followed the recipe to the “T.” But I was a little disappointed to find it still quite runny this morning. It thickened up a little, but definitely doesn’t look or feel like a lotion. What did I do wrong? πŸ™

  10. Hi Nikki – Sorry you are having trouble with the shea butter cream recipe. The ingredients are temperature sensitive so the warmer it is, the thinner the cream will be. Try putting it in the refrigerator overnight to help it set. Hopefully that will thicken it up!


  11. I used this recipe but substituted the shea butter for coconut oil (which has a butter like consistency) so I didn’t have any problems with grainyness. I was pleasantly surprised that it looked just like whipped frosting after 3-4 blendings! I didn’t add any fragrance because the smell of cocoa butter is simply good enough to eat!

  12. Denise Johnson says:

    Thank you for a great easy creamy recipe it came out very well!

  13. is it alright to replace the sweet almond oil? if yes, what other oils can replace it?

  14. Hi Jojo – Yes, you can substitute other oils in this recipe like jojoba, apricot kernel, sesame, even coconut. I have not tried it but the properties of these oils are similar so it shouldn't be a problem.

  15. Marysdaughter says:

    I would love to try this for myself and to give as Christmas gifts. Being new at this I have a few silly questions. First, is it ok just to use the almond oil without the essential oils? Won’t the other oils mask the almond scent? Are essential oils actually essential for a good lotion?

  16. Hi Marysdaughter – No the essential oils are not essential! They are primarily there for fragrance although they have therapeutic benefits as well. If you make the lotion without essential oils it will have a nice rich, natural scent from the almond oil and shea butter combination.


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