Mindful Momma in Every Day with Rachael Ray Magazine!!

Mindful Momma in Rachael Ray magazine

For over 5 months now, I’ve been holding on to some big news and I’m so excited to finally let the cat out of the bag! I was hired to do an article for Rachael Ray’s magazine: Every Day with Rachael Ray!! I’ve had articles and interviews published in lesser known magazines before, but this is my first piece in a big-time, national publication. It’s quite exciting! The article is in the April issue (on stands now!) and covers my favorite reusable grocery shopping bags that I use for a variety of occasions – from the weekly power-shop to Costco trips to impromptu stops. My job included road-testing a whole slew of different reusable bags and evaluating how they worked for different shopping situations. Tough work but someone had to do it! Choosing which bags to feature was the hard part because there are so many great reusable bags out there. And to be honest, the choice was not entirely up to me. Multiple editors and art directors had their hands on this piece and there were many iterations of the story before it was finished.

Rachael Ray April 3013 cover

Curious to know which bags made the cut? I wish I could show you, but they’d probably have to kill me. I can tell you this: One of the bags is from a certain Minnesota company that I reviewed many years ago and whose bags I still use all the time!  Next time you are in the supermarket checkout line, take a look for the April issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray. Update: Here’s a link to my article online at Every Day with Rachael Ray! postsiggie4 copy


  1. Congrats!!! Very exciting & such a valuable topic! The more people that use a reusable bag, the bigger the impact will be! I guvevthem as gifts & am curious to see which brands you recommend! I’m a huge fan of enviro sax for slipping into my purse & always having one with me!

    1. Michelle – I love Envirosax too – they have such great designs!

  2. How exciting! I’ll be sure to grab a copy.

    1. Thanks Lynn! It was a fun project!

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