How To Find A Healthy Breakfast Cereal Both Kids & Adults Will Love

Guide to healthy breakfast cereal brands that both kids and adults will love, including certified organic, nonGMO, low sugar, high fiber and gluten free cereal.

healthy breakfast cereal brands

If you have kids then I bet you have a cereal battle going on. If it hasn’t happened yet, believe me, it will. Even if you try to shelter them, your kids will eventually discover the addicting allure of sweetened cereals – at a friend’s sleepover or at a night at Grandma’s house. Once they have had their first bite of neon colored sugar bombs, they will never want to go back. And the battle begins…

Back to the Roots and Other Healthy Breakfast Cereals
Back to the Roots Purple Corn Flakes

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Why It Matters

Breakfast cereal is one of those things we love but hate at the same time. Convenience is its biggest asset. Grab the box and the milk and breakfast is served – a weekday morning miracle!

On the flip side, breakfast cereal is often not a very healthy option. Conventional cereal brands are highly processed, low in nutrition and loaded with artificial ingredients. Here’s what’s NOT to love about most breakfast cereals you’ll find on the shelf:

  • SugarSugar is addictive and unhealthy and we shouldn’t be eating so much of it at breakfast
  • Artificial colors and flavors – Linked to hyperactivity, attention issues and allergic reactions
  • Preservatives – BHT, theobromine and other unhealthy food additives are linked to health problems like cancer and endocrine disruption
  • Low nutritional value – While many breakfast cereals have added vitamins, they are often low in fiber and protein
Guide to Healthy Breakfast Cereals

What To Look For in a Healthy Breakfast Cereal

The extreme position is to not allow your kids to eat breakfast cereal at all – or if you do, limit it to the unsweetened variety. But like I said, you can’t keep the good stuff off their radar forever. Fortunately, there are plenty of better cereal brands available – but beware – some of those natural and organic brands are still high in sugar and low on nutrition.

Here’s what to look for when shopping for healthier breakfast cereal for kids (or adults):

  • Low sugar – 6 grams or less is ideal
  • Certifications – When you see the USDA Organic or NonGMO Project Verified seals you won’t have to worry about pesticide reside or untested GMOs
  • Natural flavors and colors – Safe alternatives to artificial versions
  • Fiber – 5 grams or more will help keep you full longer
  • Whole grains – Whole wheat, oats and other whole grains are much healthier than processed grains
  • Healthy ingredients – Superfoods like chia and quinoa, or sprouted grains that are more nutritious and easier to digest
  • Fair Trade ingredients – Feel good knowing that ingredients like sugar and chocolate are from Fair Trade sources

Healthy Breakfast Cereal Brands

The breakfast cereal aisle is confusing – no doubt about it! To make your next shopping trip a tad bit easier, I’ve done some research for you. The chart below rates popular natural cereal brands on a variety of important health and nutrition dimensions. After that you’ll find another chart with some of the healthiest breakfast cereals with 6 grams of sugar or less!

Pssst! Even though these are healthier options, that doesn’t mean you should eat cereal every day. At our house the kids only have cold cereal 3 days a week – and leave the rest for other nutritious breakfast options, like overnight oats, toast with nut butter, eggs and all that other good stuff! (Note: I didn’t include granola in this guide – I could do a whole separate post on that!)

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Guide to Healthy Breakfast Cereals

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Kid Favorites Under 6 grams of Sugar

We’ve already established that kids love the sweet stuff. Here’s how we can give them cereal they will love but still keep some control over the situation. I’ve rounded up the best kid-friendly healthy breakfast cereals that are still 6 grams of sugar or less. Does your family have a favorite, lower sugar cereal? Let us know in the comments! (P.S. – A great place to buy healthy breakfast cereal at affordable prices is Thrive Market.)

Breakfast cereal 6 gm sugar or less


Your turn: Do you have a breakfast cereal battle going on? What’s your favorite healthier option?

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  1. I love the Cascadian Farm and Nature’s Path cereals! I totally agree with your list. I am about to have my first child (eight months pregnant!) so I’m not needing to deal with this stuff yet, but I will in the future!

    1. Congrats on your pregnancy Kate! Once your baby starts eating, you’ll see how quickly the sugar addiction starts. I recommend steering clear of sugar for as long as you can. But eventually your child will discover it, and the battle will begin! In my opinion it’s all about moderation – and finding healthy lower sugar foods that kids still love.

  2. As a child I was not allowed any of the cereals I wanted such as sugar puffs and frosted cornflakes. So, as bad as it may seem, I let my own kids choose their cereals. I ensure they have a healthy diet with lots of fresh fruit veg and lactic products. But some chocolate cereals won’t do them any harm. I never got the chance as a kid unless I was staying around a friends home!

  3. I would love it if you could update the kid list to have a gluten free column. Had a idea that if you could make these charts printable we could print them out and lamente them to attach to our reusable shopping bags as a quick guide.

  4. We like Van’s Gluten-free cereal. The Honey Crunch and Cinnamon Heaven are both liked by young and old in our house!

  5. Peggy Sokol says:

    Can you tell me where to purhcase “back to the roots” cocoa clusters?

  6. If you were to pick one cereal to have which would it be?

    1. I don’t eat cereal myself but my kids like Cascadian Farm!

  7. Nina Paul says:

    Thanks for sharing these great cereals, but if you please share the links from where I can shop them.

    1. They are available at most natural food stores like Whole Foods.

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