Favorite Green & Healthy Living Podcasts to Inform and Inspire

A roundup of my go-to green & healthy living podcasts covering healthy food and nutrition, sustainable and zero waste living, natural beauty and aging, stress, sleep and more.
Green & Healthy Podcasts Podcasts. Apple iTunes only started offering them in 2005 and now it’s hard to imagine life without them.  If you see me walking my dog, I’m probably listening to a podcast. If I’m on a drive more than 10 minutes long, I’m probably listening to a podcast.  Podcasts have become one of my go-to sources for information and inspiration on many topics, but especially for health, wellness and eco-friendly living! 

My Go-To Green & Healthy Living Podcasts

If you are not already a podcast junkie, you will probably become one once you check out this list of my favorite green & healthy living podcasts. These awesome podcasts cover topics like healthy food, nutrition, gut health, sustainable & zero waste living, natural beauty and aging, stress, sleep and so much more. Seriously – I’ve learned so much from these podcasts and they continue to inspire me every week!  Take a look at my favorite podcasts:
MindBodyGreen Podcast

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  • Jason Wachob, founder & co-CEO of mindbodygreen, interviews the people shaping the world of well-being – from health care practitioners to entrepreneurs and everything in between. 
  • Why I love this podcast: Jason Wachob has a great interview style, gets amazing guests and asks the best questions.  
  • A great episode: Foods You Should Be Eating (But Probably Haven’t Thought of) with Desiree Nielsen, R.D. 

Wellness Mama Podcast

Wellness Mama

  •  Katie Wells, founder of the popular Wellness Mama blog, covers health topics ranging from real food, stress, sleep, fitness, toxins, natural living, and much more. 
  • Why I love this podcast: I appreciate Katie’s ability to keep it real and provide actionable steps to improve your family’s health.
  • A great episode: What to Expect & How to Prepare for Menopause with Dr. Lyla Blake-Gumbs

The Sustainable Minimalist Podcast

The Sustainable Minimalist

  • The Sustainable Minimalists Podcast with Stephanie Seferian is where sustainability, minimalism, zero-waste living, decluttering, parenting + conscious consumerism intersect.
  • Why I love this podcast: Stephanie’s advice is super practical and never judgemental.
  • A great episode: Green Cleaning Made Easy with Micaela Preston (that’s me!!)
Joyous Health Podcast

Joyous Health Podcast

  • Joy McCarthy and Walker Jordan bring a dose of joy to your day, and some healthy inspiration as they explore food and nutrition, well-being, beauty, family and entrepreneurship. 
  • Why I love this podcast: You can’t help but feel joyful when listening to this podcast filled with inspiration and truly helpful information.
  • A great episode: Whole Body Microbiome & How These Invisible Creatures Impact Your Health with Dr. Brett Finlay
Live Simply Podcast

Live Simply

  • Kristin Marr uses her podcast to explore practical tips for real food, simple living, and natural wellness.
  • Why I love this podcast: Kristin understands the challenges of preparing healthy food and making natural lifestyle changes for a family, so she keeps it real. 
  • A great episode: Navigating Food Labels and HealthyWashing with Meghan Telphner 
Low Tox Life Podcast

Low Tox Life 

  • Alexx Stuart, founder of the Low Tox Life blog, interviews guests on topics around sustainability, health, fashion, farming, lowering our toxic load and much more. 
  • Why I love this podcast: Alexx gets the most interesting guests on such a wide variety of topics – there’s so much to learn!
  • A great episode: Asha Evertsz on Skin Health
Positively Green Podcast

Positively Green

  • Two bloggers – Becca from Organically Becca and Kelsey from Green Willow Homestead – discuss sustainability, green living, natural beauty, eco fashion, and more.
  • Why I love this podcast: Love the easy conversations these two gals have with interesting guests.
  • A great episode: Holistic Sleep Tips with Kate Eskuri, RN
One Part Podcast

One Part Podcast

  • Jessica Murnane brings conversations and tough questions with some of the biggest names in in food, wellness, business, and design.
  • Why I love this podcast: With Jessica you get excellent questions about fascinating topics, without any fluff.
  • A great episode: Going Zero Waste with Kathryn Kellogg
Unlocking Us Podcast

Unlocking Us

  • Brené Brown speaks about connection, courage, and vulnerability,  to help us bring meaning and purpose to our lives.
  • Why I love this podcast: Mental health is such an important part of overall health.  I appreciate the truth bombs that Brené Brown puts out in this podcast.
  • A great episode: Glennon Doyle and Brené on Untamed

Do you have a favorite green & healthy podcast? Please share in the comments!



  1. Such a great list of amazing green and healthy living podcasts. Since I’m at home anyway, I have the time to go through this list and listen to some of these amazing podcasters. Besides, I love Brenee Brown anyway and would love to hear her Unlocking Us podcast.
    Laurel Christine

  2. This looks like a great list for my morning listening – while I prepare breakfast and lunches. Thanks for putting this together!

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