Reusable Gift Wrapping Ideas that Make the Gift Wrap Part of the Gift

Unique, reusable gift wrapping ideas that are also eco-friendly, using items like dishtowels, scarves, napkins or reusable bags as gift wrap, instead of wasteful wrapping paper.

Reusable Gift Wrapping Ideas

It’s Christmas morning, and the carnage from gift opening is everywhere. Ripped gift wrap strewn about the room, boxes underfoot, beautiful ribbons carelessly discarded. The parents quietly begin gathering it all up, not wanting to break the Christmas spell, while the kids continue playing with their brand new toys.

Could this be your house? It’s definitely ours! You’d think a tornado had ripped through, for all the mess.

The eco-fairy in me makes sure that everything that can be reused is saved and all the recycling makes it to the proper bin. But maybe there’s a way to avoid such a crazy mess in the first place…

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reusable gift wrapping ideas

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Unique, Reusable Gift Wrapping Ideas

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Here’s a smart solution to the wasteful gift wrap problem:

Instead of traditional wrapping paper, wrap your gifts in reusable items like dishtowels, scarves, snack bags, and even socks! By wrapping gifts in reusable cloth, you not only eliminate waste from paper gift wrap, but the wrap is actually part of the gift!

Here are some of my favorite reusable gift wrap ideas:

Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas That Are Part of the Gift | Mindful Momma


This is one of my favorite ways to wrap gifts – because who couldn’t use a new dishtowel? And there are so many cute dishtowels to choose from! Buy something special at a craft show (like the sweet tomato one above), choose from all the lovely screen printed towels from Etsy or pick up something inexpensive (but still stylish) at IKEA or Target.

Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas That Are Part of the Gift | Mindful Momma


The centuries old wrapping technique from Japan called furoshiki is the perfect solution for wrapping with large pieces of cloth like a scarf. You don’t need to spend big bucks on a scarf either – I have found beautiful scarves at thrift stores at very reasonable prices!

Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas That Are Part of the Gift | Mindful Momma

Snack bags

This one’s great for kids or anyone who might need a snack bag for when they are on-the-go. I’ve used reusable snack bags as a sneaky way to package gift cards as well as other smaller gifts.

Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas That Are Part of the Gift | Mindful Momma


A pretty napkin is another fun way to package a gift – and an extra napkin will always come in handy! I used another furoshiki technique to wrap the gift above. If you’re up for a little sewing, make your own handmade napkins!

Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas That Are Part of the Gift | Mindful Momma


This may seem far-fetched – but how about a pair of socks? In the photo above, I packaged up a couple bottles of my homemade kombucha in a pair of organic cotton socks!

reusable gift bag

Reusable Cloth Bags

These days many products come packaged in cloth bags – like bedsheets or beauty products. I save those bags and then use them for gift wrap later. Not only does it save me money on gift wrap, but I love giving a bag another purpose!

fabric reusable gift wrap

Reusable Fabric Gift Wrap for Purchase

If you can’t come up with an actual reusable product that someone would want or need, then opt for reusable fabric gift wrap. The great thing about reusable gift wrap is that it can be used for many gifts over time. We actually have a really nice reusable wrap that we keep in the family, so we can use it over and over again – for birthdays and holidays too! 

Etsy is a great resource for reusable gift wrap. Here are a few that caught my eye:

So this year, why not avoid the wrapping paper tornado and wrap in reusable items instead!

What unique gift wrapping ideas do you have? Please share in the comments below!

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  1. What great ideas! So creative!

    1. Thanks Mel! Just hoping to help with that holiday clutter and craziness!

    1. Thanks Kelly! I think people really appreciate it – both the extra gift and the creativity!

  2. These are such great ideas! Every holiday season, I spend all this money on wrapping paper and tissue paper that just gets thrown away… I’ll definitely be using these tips this year. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. Oh good! Glad to be of help Allison! I think you’ll enjoy the creativity of it too!

  3. You are a genius! It pains my earth-loving heart to see the piles of wrapping paper, at least we make sure to recycle it. But this is even better! I see beautiful scarves at the thrift store all the time!

  4. Great ideas, Micaela! I generally don’t wrap at all, but these are fabulous alternatives to conventional wrapping paper.

  5. I love the Lunchskin bag as a gift wrap. I would never have thought of that. I love all of these and they are always the gifts that stand out and create memories for the recipient. This year I made gift bags out of sheets to use at our house. I’d like to start giving gifts in reusable cloth gift bags as well.

  6. I have been using cloth Christmas stockings that my children have gotten as goodie bags from my son’s elementary school resource specialist teacher’s Christmas parties as reusable gift bags for many years as well as reusable fabric drawstring gift bags for wrapping Christmas presents. I also have used pillow cases as larger gift gift bags that then become an extra gift as well as the gift that is inside of the pillow case. I also love to use a baby receiving blanket as the wrapping paper for a baby shower gift.

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