How to Build a Clean Medicine Cabinet for Better Health

Learn why clean medicine is important and how to make over your medicine cabinet for better health with Genexa.
Genexa Clean Medicine This is a paid partnership with Genexa. All opinions are my own. If you are a regular here at Mindful Momma, you know we are all about helping you clean up your lifestyle and products to be better for your health and the planet! You’ll find plenty of articles about clean eating, suggestions for clean beauty and other non-toxic products, ideas for how to clean up your lifestyle and lots more. But here’s something that may not have crossed your radar yet….clean medicine. What is clean medicine? Clean medicine is medicine that has the beneficial active ingredients you need, but does not contain potentially harmful inactive ingredients.

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Why Clean Medicine is Important

Here’s the thing….most over-the-counter medicines have a long list of inactive ingredients like artificial dyes, sweeteners and preservatives that are used to make the product taste better, look better and last longer. But those ingredients may cause allergic reactions, digestive issues and other health problems. Here are some of the ingredients commonly found in conventional medicines:
  • high fructose corn syrup
  • artificial flavors
  • artificial dyes
  • artificial sweeteners
  • paraben preservatives
  • petroleum based ingredients
When you choose a clean medicine brand, you are reducing the chance of having a negative reaction to the inactive ingredients in a product. 

Genexa clean medicine

Build a Clean Medicine Cabinet with Genexa

Because of my interest in having everything I eat, breathe and put on my body be as clean and natural as possible, I was excited to learn about the first clean medicine company – Genexa. Genexa makes medicine with the same proven, active ingredients people need, but without the artificial, inactive ones they don’t. For example, a typical over-the-counter kids pain relief formula contains the active ingredient acetaminophen, and is flavored with high fructose corn syrup and colored with red dye #40. Genexa Kids Pain & Fever contains the same active ingredient acetaminophen, but is flavored with organic agave syrup and real organic blueberries, and contains no dyes. In fact, all of Genexa’s medicines are free from artificial dyes, flavors and preservatives, and are certified gluten-free, lactose-free and non-GMO. Most are also certified vegan and many are certified USDA organic.  Genexa makes a variety of clean medicines for kids and adults including products for:
  • pain relief
  • allergy care
  • cold & flu
  • digestion
  • sleep & stress
You can find Genexa at stores near you such as CVS, Target and Whole Foods. Or buy Genexa online and get 25% off when you create your own clean medicine cabinet by purchasing four or more products. 

Genexa Allergy Care

My experience with Genexa

We’re right in the middle of allergy season and I’ve been trying out the Genexa Allergy Care. I’ve never been tested for allergies, but I’m pretty sure it’s the grasses that make my nose itch and my eyes water, whenever I head outside. Genexa Allergy Care is a homeopathic remedy and the inactive ingredients include organic tapioca, rice bran extract, maltodextrin, carnauba wax and acai berry flavor. It’s certified USDA Organic, certified gluten free and certified vegan.  I’ve been taking 2 tablets about twice a day and I’ve definitely noticed a reduction in my symptoms. I’ve read a lot of great reviews of this product too, so it’s not only me who finds it helpful. Going forward, I’ll be checking the weather app on my phone to see when high grass pollen days are coming up, so I can be sure to take Allergy Care before I leave the house!  Are you ready to make over your medicine cabinet with clean medicine? Let me know what you would try first!  Micaela signature      

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