An Unplugged Vacation, Clean Eating January and Hello 2015!

Choco Banana in Sayulita, Mexico via

The famous Choco Banana in Sayulita, Mexico.

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of an empty house. After a fabulously fun and relaxing winter break, the kids are back to school….and I’m ready to turn my calendar to the new year.

I always appreciate the chance to reflect a bit before I dive in to my routine again. It’s not necessarily about making resolutions, but instead, a chance to think back on what I learned from the year past and to get inspired for the year ahead.

Do you take the time to reflect in the new year? What excites you about 2015?

Benefits of an unplugged vacation 

When we booked a rental house for our week-long vacation in Mexico, we knowingly chose a house without wi-fi. Crazy?  Admittedly, I was a bit worried that we’d be hearing the boredom cry from our tween/teen boys in the evenings after the beach day was over and it was time to chill back at the house. It never happened.

Why? Because there is actually life without wi-fi!! My younger son had a fascination with my new Nikon camera (what better place to take photos than the Mexican jungle?) and my older son demolished a couple of novels. Best of all, we had the most amazing family conversations and hilarious rounds of 20 Questions and similar games that I really don’t think we would have had if wi-fi had been available. We did hit up the local internet cafe for a quick media fix (and Instagram upload!) a couple of times. And yes, being unplugged was good for this social-media addicted mom as well!

Would you take your older kids on an unplugged vacation?

January means cleaner eating

Our warm weather Christmas meant that I did not eat as many holiday cookies and treats as usual. However, I made up for it in Margaritas and those addicting Mexican tortilla chips.

Now it’s time to settle into more mindful eating habits again. This week, I’m starting off by giving up alcohol, sugar and processed food. Next week, I’ll eliminate dairy and maybe wheat after that. I’m not planning to do a full-on detox this year. Instead, I’m focusing on eating clean, healthy foods without all the extra treats.

How about you? Are you doing a detox or other clean eating plan for the New Year? 

Mindful Momma 2015

Do you know that Mindful Momma started in 2006? That means that this summer will be my 9th blogging anniversary. Sheesh! That’s a long time to be doing the same thing.

I’ll admit, I’ve been getting a tiny bit bored so I’m looking to switch things up a bit. This year Mindful Momma is going to take a slightly different path. I’m working on a Mindful Momma Marketplace, to bring you the best products for greener, safer, healthier living. I’ll also be focusing more on trends (products, concepts, ideas) as well as doing more round-ups of the best blogs & resources for healthy living.  Think of me as a curator for your green & healthy life! 

What would you like to see on Mindful Momma in 2015?

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