Better Life Loves Target!

Better Life Loves Target //

Thank you to Better Life for sponsoring this post.

Let’s face it – convenience matters. Even when I love a product, if I can’t buy it easily, I will likely skip it altogether. That’s why I’m always happy to find greener, healthier brands I love at Target.

Needless to say, I was thrilled to learn that for a limited time, Better Life is being featured in the seasonal section of over 800 Target stores! If sales do well, there’s a good chance the line will take a permanent spot on the shelves…and that would make me very happy!

Why I ♥ Better Life

I’ve been using Better Life products to clean my home for quite a few years now. Bottom line: Better Life products clean really well, smell naturally nice and are safe to use.

Recently the brand has been given a bit of a makeover – same great products but new packaging and more straight-forward names. Their new tag line –  “safe for the mess makers, not the mess” really hits the nail on the head. As always, Better Life offers:

  • Full disclosure of ingredients (free from parabens, sulphates, ethoxylates, VOCs, phosphates, chlorine, and artificial fragrances and dyes)
  • Nice smelling natural scents (plus unscented options)
  • Affordable prices

Better Life Loves Target //

Enter the Sweepstakes

To celebrate this partnership with Target, Better Life has a big sweepstakes going on! The #BetterLifeLovesTarget Sweepstakes runs Sunday March 27th-Friday, May 13th

Grand Prize: A $500 Target gift card, a Better Life No Dirt Left Behind Kit (pictured above) and an assortment of Better Life’s favorite natural products!

To enter the sweepstakes, just snap a photo of the Target product display at your local store (it’s in the seasonal section), head over to the contest page and share your photo! You’ll get extra entries for tweeting, posting it to the Better Life Facebook page, and sharing it on Instagram. Be sure to use the hashtag #BetterLifeLovesTarget for a valid entry. The winner will be drawn and announced at 5pm CST on Friday, May 13th.

And before you head to the store, print out a $1 off coupon from the contest site to save on anything you buy. My personal fav is the Naturally Filth-Fighting All-Purpose Cleanser (formerly What-EVER spray)!

Have you tried Better Life? What are your favorite products?

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(This post is sponsored by Better Life but all opinions are my own and I promise you, I love these products!)

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