Spotlight On: Thrive Market Private Label

Thrive Market private label //

Just a quick update here to share some great news: Thrive Market, the popular membership based, online source for affordable natural and organic products, is venturing into private label.

New Product Spotlight via mindfulmomma.comPrivate label or store-brand is typically a knock-off of a popular product – based on the same or similar ingredients and quality level as the branded version. Since Thrive Market’s mission is to deliver high quality natural and organic products at affordable prices, private label is a natural next step for them. The new Thrive Market brand means that already low prices on the organic products you love, are getting even lower!

The Thrive Market brand has launched with two products:

Thrive market coconut oil // www.mindfulmomma.comCertified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Thrive Market brand: $7.95 for 15 oz jar

price comparisons:

Nutiva brand (at Thrive market): $8.95 for 15 oz jar

Nutiva brand (retail price): $12.99 for 15 oz jar

Certified Organic Tomato Sauces

Thrive Market brand: $4.95 for 25 oz jarThrive market tomato sauce //

price comparisons:

Mama Jess brand (at Thrive Market): $6.29 for 24 oz jar

Mama Jess brand (retail price): $8.99 for 24 oz jar

Word is they have a lot more private label products in the works – so keep checking back on the Thrive Market brand page to see what’s new!

If Thrive Market is new to you, read more about what they have to offer here. I am a frequent customer of Thrive Market because they have so many brands I love at great prices!

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