Spring Cleaning Makeover

In this Masterclass


The Surprising Truth

Learn why toxic chemicals are allowed in cleaning products and the health problems you may be experiencing because of them.

How to Green Your Cleaning Routine

Discover the worst toxic cleaning products to AVOID completely and learn surprising techniques for healthy cleaning.

What it Takes to Be a Confident Consumer

Arm yourself with information and so you can confidently choose cleaning products that are safe for your family and the environment.

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Your concern is about to be replaced with CONFIDENCE!

Instead of worrying about whether your laundry detergent is going to lead to skin sensitivities , or your oven cleaner is spewing toxic chemicals into the air, you'll know how to evaluate your cleaning products and make changes when needed.

Understanding how to identify and purchase non-toxic, eco-friendly products is a powerful way to assure the health of your family and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Join me to get the low-down on how to transform yourself in to a confident, healthy, eco-minded consumer!

This Masterclass is a

Must Attend if...

  • You are concerned about specific health issues like migraines, eczema, or hormone problems (just to name a few), that could be linked to chemicals in your products.
  • You're a parent looking to create a safe and healthy environment for your family.
  • Find yourself worrying about the products you are currently using, but don't know where to even begin figuring things out.

A personal invitation from Micaela

Hey there!

Ever since I became a mom (over 20 years ago), I've been on a journey to make sure the products I bring into my home are as safe and healthy as possible for my family.

Through my blog, Mindful Momma, and my book, Practically Green: Your Guide to Eco-Friendly Decision-Making, I've been educating people on the same steps I've taken to create a green & healthy home and lifestyle.

If you are committed to following a similar path, please join me to go from worried and confused, to having the peace of mind that your cleaning routine is safe!

Choose the time that works best for you.

See you there!

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By signing up for the masterclass, you are also agreeing to be added to the Mindful Momma mailing list. You can unsubscribe at any time.