Make It: Handmade Mittens from Felted Wool Sweaters

Learn how to make handmade mittens from felted wool sweaters with this super easy tutorial.
MAKE IT HANDMADE MITTENS FROM FELTED WOOL SWEATERS Here’s a super simple project for those of you itching (pardon the pun) to try something using felted wool sweaters.  It’s from my book, Practically Green but I get to let you in on the details here on my blog. Isn’t that nice? You’ll need a sweater with ribbing at the hem (you know, the stretchy part) which will become the cuffs of the mitten.  And if you want to put an applique design on top, you will need some felted sweater material in a contrasting color.  Use the star pattern below or make up your own!Sweater mittten cropped
Here’s a pair that I made.  They are super warm and cozy!  Someone asked me at a book signing if they were for sale, but I just can’t part with them.  Please let me know if you make a pair – I’ll post the photo on my social media accounts! postsiggie4 copy


  1. I needed this pattern! I just found a hole in the elbow of my favorite sweater and want to make something out of it.

  2. Kelli@GohnCrazy says:

    Very cute! I think I need to bookmark this one. 🙂 Thanks for sharing it.

  3. These are cute mittens! I like them for my kids who love to hangout even if it is too cold.

  4. I need to make some new mittens. At the dog park with Scamper, I lost one mitten from my favorite pair. Now to decide which wool sweater to sacrifice.

  5. Sorry to hear you lost your mitten Robbie (Mom!) – I'm sure you'll whip up a pretty new pair of mittens in no time!

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