Easy Eco-Tip: Turn Diapers into Dusters

Easy Eco Tip: Turn Diapers into Dusters Calling all cloth diaper users! What do you do with your prefold cloth diapers when the baby stage is over? You could pass them on to another parent of course. But if you still have some laying around in your cupboard somewhere, I suggest pulling them out and repurposing them as dusting cloths. That’s what I do!
Most cloth prefolds are 100% cotton (although some are bamboo) and are super-absorbent and perfect for dusting. Other reusable dusting cloth ideas include:
  • Bath towels that are too shabby for the bathroom
  • Dish towels that are stained or otherwise unworthy of display in your kitchen
  • Old cotton t-shirts cut up into smaller pieces (approximately 10 x 12 works well)
Instead of the ubiquitous yellow can of dusting spray, try an eco-friendly furniture polish or make your own homemade Lemon Olive Oil Furniture Polish.

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  1. Free Diapers says:

    You can actually pass these folks on to another mom or dad of course.

  2. Actually, I have a separate cloth cleaner for my laptop, which just happens to be my son’s old cloth diaper. Heeh, it works effectively in dusting the keyboard, and as a protective cover, too. It’s great how something as inexpensive and commonplace as an old cloth diaper could actually be a pretty effective dusting implement.

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