Conscious Consumers Course + Community


Get the roadmap to a worry-free, healthy home & lifestyle

Let me guess - You want to make lifestyle and product changes that are better for your health and the planet. You are concerned about chemicals in products you use every day - but you are a bit too confused to know where to start. I get it - there'a a lot of conflicting information out there and who has the time to research it all?

It's time to go from concerned and confused to CONFIDENT!

The Conscious Consumers Course + Community is a combination online course and community that goes far beyond what you learn from a blog post or website, designed to transform you into a confident consumer!  

Inside the Conscious Consumers Course we will dive deep into lifestyle topics and product categories to help you make the choices that work best for you and your family! You’ll find tons of well researched information, videos and ideas for safer product swaps. 

In the private Conscious Consumers Community, you can get help evaluating your current products and ask questions, all in a judgement free community of like-minded people.  

PLUS I'll be there to guide you and advise you every step of the way!

Ready to stop being confused and TAKE CHARGE instead?

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