Why We Should Ask Congress to Support Organic Farming (Sign the Petition!)

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As a Mindful Momma of two, active boys, I cook healthy, homemade meals and buy organic foods as much as I can. Why? Because I want to give my boys the best chance possible at having long, healthy, happy lives. Buying food grown without toxic pesticides is an important part of the equation.

Top sources for organic foods

We live in a major, metropolitan area, so it’s relatively easy for us to find organic food. In the summer and fall months we belong to a local CSA farm that grows all organic produce. We also shop at nearby farmer’s markets for whatever we don’t get from the CSA box. Plus we grown some of our own veggies in our home garden! During the winter months, we rely on our wonderful, local food co-op, as well as natural food chains and traditional grocery stores that sell a surprising amount of organics these days.

Not everyone has easy access to organic foods

Just last week, we were on vacation in a small town in coastal Georgia. Although it was a very nice, beach town, there was evidence of poverty nearby. We went to the local supermarket to get a few groceries and I did not see much at all in the way of organic produce offered. In fact, I was appalled to see this junky, “juice” drink being marketed to kids and touted as being healthy. Rural towns are often known as “food deserts” because of their lack of healthy food options in restaurants and grocery stores.

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Passing the Farm Bill is key

One of the main reasons that many people do not purchase organic food is affordability. And the key to affordability is getting organic food produced on a larger scale, by more family farmers. Currently our government does very little to support organic farmers. Instead, tax dollars go to highly profitable agribusinesses that really don’t need the money.

Congress will soon vote on a new Farm Bill – the federal measure with the greatest impact on the food we eat. According to the Environmental Working Group, the new Farm Bill is poised to increase overall funding by as much as 50% for programs that will expand local and regional food systems – meaning more healthy and organic options locally!

Please sign the petition

The Farm Bill is the most important legislation affecting the food we eat. If we all join together and sign this petition to Congress, we can make healthy, REAL, organic food affordable to more people. It will just take a minute to sign. Will you do it, pretty please?

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This petition will be sent to Frank D. Lucas, Chairman of the House Committee on Agriculture and Debbie Stabenew, Chairwoman of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry.

Do you buy organic food? What are your favorite places to buy it?

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  1. Shellie Maggio says:

    How can any human sleep at night knowingly KNOW that children all over the U.S. are being feed food that is grown and produced full of toxic chemicals and GMO’s. Please listen to our voices as parents and take in consideration, so we can make healthy, REAL, organic food affordable to more people!! What is an environment/world with no healthy children???

  2. It’s so important that we all educate ourselves about this. I grew up on a family farm during the time that most family farms were going out of business because bigger was better. How amazing that we’ve come full circle and realize that moderation in farming might be key to a healthy future.

  3. Signed! Isn’t it time that we re-introduce the concept of small town fairs again so that we can bid on beef and put it in our freezer. It worked for me once upon a time.


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