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Whew! I’m back from a whirlwind weekend in SoCal for the Natural Products Expo. It’s a business trade show – with more than 2700 exhibitors, 70,000+ attendees and a fun-loving, activist vibe unlike any other trade show or conference I’ve ever attended.

Obviously I wasn’t able to visit all 2700 booths in only 2 days but I did my best to search out the types of products I thought you would like. I especially love checking out the newer, smaller brands, oogling over the unusual products and looking for trends that we might see more of in the future. Over the next few days I’m going to share a few highlights and trends I noticed from the show. More to come, I promise!

Certified Snacks

See the photo at the top of this post? Everything in it has either the USDA Organic certification or the NonGMO Project Verified seal on it – or both! (FYI – a certified organic product can NOT contain GMOs but NonGMO verified does not mean the same as organic – an important distinction.)

Being certified clearly makes a difference – even in the snacks and sweets category. I was happily surprised to see the number of brands that decided to invest in these rigorous but important certifications to show consumers (that’s us!) their commitment to healthier, more sustainable products.

A few standout products:

Barnana – You won’t believe how good a dehydrated banana can taste. Coat it with peanut butter or chocolate and WOW – my favorite snack from Expo West!

Coconut Chips – Get your crunch fix with something other than standard chips. Two of my favs: Bare Simply Toasted and Go Raw Tangy Lime.

Pure Crispy Clusters – Perfect for lunchboxes or after school treats – these crunchy granola-like clusters come in Chocolate Pecan, Salted Caramel and Honey Peanut. Healthy decadence!

Crunchy Chickpeas – There’s a good dose of protein and fiber in these flavorful baked garbanzo beans. Look for Sweet BBQ from chic-a-peas or Chipotle from Saffron Road.

Bixby Bars – Vegan, NonGMO chocolate bars in crazy good combos like Sweet Current Hazelnut and Goji Berry Cardamom.

Have you noticed Organic or NonGMO certification on any snacks you buy?

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(Disclosure: I attended the Natural Products Expo as a member of the press and was not paid to promote any of these brands.) 

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  1. Your favorite snack sounds like it would be my favorite snack. I think I’ve seen Crunchy Chickpeas in the store. I’ll have to try them. So many fabulous snack choices!

  2. I’m glad the “natural” trend is continuing, but are you seeing any improvements in the packaging for all these products? At least with a real banana, you can compost the peel, right? Can you recycle the Barnana wrapping? I love the idea of crunchy chickpeas!

    • Diane – I did see some recyclable packaging but not a ton. Obviously, whole food is best for health and the planet – but I’m a sucker for salty & sweet snacks myself so I’m glad to see healthier options!

  3. These all look delicious, although I’m always wondering how I can make such goodies myself at home. Nice to know there are yummy healthy options with good ingredients that can be bought in a pinch when you need them.

  4. These look great but I always worry about all the packaging. Is there any progress being made to have it be compostable or made of recycled materials?

  5. Man, they all look so good. I tried making my own crunchy roasted chickpeas in the summer and it was an epic failure.

  6. Barnana sound amazing! I wish they had a sunflower butter version, I’m allergic to peanuts and nuts. So sad!


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