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I’m not exactly a clean freak. In fact, I wouldn’t be sorry to give up cleaning forever. That said, I have found that making an effort to use safe, environmentally friendly cleaning products does make the process a little easier. Gone are the harsh, toxic products that I used to use years ago and instead my home is stocked with naturally fresh smelling products that still are tough on dirt and grime.

My cupboards are full of many different brands (as well as my workhorse baking soda and vinegar), but here are a few newer products that I’ve been experimenting with lately:

Laundry Detergent

Whole Foods Organic Laundry Detergent – This newish line of cleaning products sold under the Green Mission™ label (pictured above) is USDA certified organic and garners the highest rating on Whole Food’s Eco-Scale rating system for cleaning products. My first reaction was that the watery liquid (based on organic soap nuts) wouldn’t really clean my clothes but I after putting the detergent to the test, I was pleasantly pleased with the results. $13.99 for 100 oz (100 HE or 66 standard loads).

Thumbs up: Full ingredient list on label. Scores well on the EWG Healthy Cleaning Database. Love the subtle lavender scent. The Organic Dishwasher Gel is a winner too.

Second thoughts: Despite the claims, a grease stain is tough to remove with this detergent even after pre-treating (stain remover is still my best friend in the laundry room). This thin liquid detergent is easy to overpour. I marked the lid with a sharpie pen to keep better track of the dosage.

Honest-multi-surface-cleaner-cropAll Purpose Spray

Honest Multi Surface Cleaner – Cleaning is not such a bad chore when you are spraying this yummy grapefruit scented cleaner around your house. If you haven’t checked out the sweet, safe products from The Honest Company yet, I encourage you to do so STAT. $5.95 for 24 oz.

Thumbs up: Non-toxic and biodegradable. A true multi-purpose product. Did I mention the scent?

Second thoughts: Products are available online only.

Biokleen bac out bathroom cleanerBathroom Cleaner

BioKleen Bac-Out Bathroom Cleaner – Natural enzyme-producing cultures are what helps this product kick butt in the bathroom. $7.50 for 32 oz.

Thumbs up: Food grade lime extract and lavender essential oil make this product smell good enough to eat, even while it attacks mold and mildew stains and odors.

Second thoughts: Full ingredient list is not specified and therefore the product rates poorly on the EWG Healthy Cleaning Guide.

EinshineStainless Steel Cleaner

Better Life Einshine – My fridge was shining pretty after using this streak-free, eco-friendly stainless spray. That is until the kids messed it up again. $6.99 for 16 oz.

Thumbs up: The non-toxic formula is free of icky fumes and fake fragrances.

Second thoughts: Is there any way to fingerprint-proof a fridge?

What are your favorite green cleaning products?

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(Disclosure: I was sent free samples of a few Whole Foods Market Green Mission products as well as a sample of EinShine. All other products were bought on my own dime. There are a couple of affiliate links in this post.)

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  1. I love the Whole Foods laundry detergent — even with three hockey players in the house, the clothes get clean! For bathrooms, Bon Ami is my favorite — green ingredients and it scrubs!

  2. We love, love, love Crunchy Clean laundry soap! Totally environmentally friendly & supports a small family business. No commercial detergent has ever worked as well to keep my clothes clean & colorfast. We also like BonAmi alot for cleaning in the kitchen & bath.

  3. There is a way to fingerprint-proof stainless steel…Don’t use polish, clean. Polish leaves a residue which attracts dirt and is quickly attracts fingerprints.

  4. Meghan (Lovebook) – I use Bon Ami too. Great scrub and so affordable! I've never heard of Crunchy Clean laundry soap but thanks for the tip!

  5. I use a few of the same products. I’ve never tried Honest Multi Surface Cleaner. I can’t get my stainless clean. Constant fingerprints!

  6. Desiree – Another Bon Ami fan – awesome! Glad to hear that WF laundry detergent is getting your boy's clothes clean! Do you use the organic version?

  7. Lori – You've got to try the Better Life Einshine. And then send your kids outside so you can admire your shiny fridge for awhile!

  8. Thanks for the ideas. I haven’t seen most of the ones listed but I haven’t looked for them either. Trying to go green is a bit of a challenge with competitors in the house. But I really like the idea. Thanks again for the products. Can’t wait to see the green clean.

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