The Unfolding of a Blog Post

The Unfolding of a Blog Post via

Hey friends! This week I’m participating in a blog tour – something  I don’t do very often – but always manage to enjoy. This one is about the writing process. Seems everyone has a different way to tackle to process of writing – whether it’s a blog post, an article or a novel. Obviously, there’s no right or wrong way to go about it. Just different people with different methods. My good friend Lori from Groovy Green Livin invited me on the tour. Her post last week about sticky notes and toilet paper was fun to read and very insightful. What does toilet paper have to do with writing? Find out!!

Now it’s my turn to attempt to fill you in on why I do what I do and show you how one of my typical blog posts unfolds. Here goes!

What are you working on? 

Over the years I’ve been introduced to so many wonderfully creative, brave and inspiring people – from owners of small, eco-friendly businesses to leaders of powerful non-profit advocacy groups and even my own state Senators! My goal is to continue to share what I’m learning from these amazing people with you. Green news, healthy recipes, the latest eco-friendly products….anything that will help you live a better, greener, healthier life. I don’t always know where the path will lead but that’s what I love about this job.

So what am I working on? More of the same! Keep your eyes peeled for a new green & healthy resource list on my blog. All the great brands, all in one place! Coming as soon as I can get it done (it’s a long list)!

How does your work differ from others in the same genre?

Oh boy – there are so many wonderful bloggers in the green & healthy space. The cool thing is – we all have our own voice and our own story. My work tends to focus on simple solutions and products that make busy lives easier to manage – while still being safe and good for the planet, of course.

When I first started this blog, I was writing about homemade baby food and safer sippy cups. Now that my boys are bigger, you’ll find posts about low impact camping and parenting issues like screen time limits and spending time in nature. And in case you haven’t noticed, I’ve also got a big passion for consumer protection – as in better chemical laws and food safety and health issues.

The unfolding of a blog post via

Why do you write what you do?

I was a bit of a granola girl in college, but it wasn’t until I had kids of my own that I really started thinking about how my personal actions had an impact on others and the planet. I know, that sounds so cliché. But when you have this little person depending on you for everything, suddenly you would do anything to improve their world. That’s just the way it is.

So I spend hours researching things – like the perils of plastic and the benefits of Omega 3’s. I figure after all that time, I might as well share what I’ve learned, right? I get a kick out of simplifying complex information, making it easier to understand. That was the goal for my book, Practically Green: Your Guide to EcoFriendly Decision-Making too. I’m driven to share, educate, and inspire.

How does your writing process work?

My blog posts unfold in a semi systematic way, that becomes more of a free-for-all by the end. First, I start with an outline – trying to get the main points nailed down. Some days, when writing comes easily, I dive right in and the words just pour out onto the page. But many days, I need time to think first. Time for my ideas to form and ferment. Sometimes I ponder my post on a run or a Rollerblade, other times it’s a brain dump using pencil and paper. The most amazing ideas come to me in the middle of the night…but sadly I don’t remember most of those!

Once I’ve got the post mostly finished or if I get stuck somewhere along the way, I walk away for a while. The power of fresh eyes always amazes me. Suddenly those “just right” phrases pop into place and I’m ready to hit the publish button (but not after hitting spell check first). Then it’s off to the social media races to promote my post!

Who’s up next?

Part of the blog tour deal was for me to choose two bloggers to do a similar post next week. Sadly,one person couldn’t do it and I never managed to find another person – life got away from me! But I’m happy to say that Anne from Flour Sack Mama will be sharing her writing process next week! Anne is a journalist/blogger/gardener/supermom with awesome photography skills to boot! We’ve spent time together on Capitol Hill and at the BlogHer conference – and it’s been a joy watching her career blossom!

Update: Here’s Anne’s post on Flour Sack Mama and one from Diane MacEachern at Big Green Purse – who joined in as well! 

Lindsay Dahl’s also participated in the writing process blog tour along with me – check out her insightful post!

If you would like to read more writing process posts, follow the hashtag #mywritingprocess

Do you love to write? What kind of process to you follow?

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  1. I’m so glad you were able to participate in this blog tour Micaela! I learned a bit more about you 🙂 I like your idea of an outline to make sure that the important points make it into the final draft. I might have to incorporate that into my haphazard writing system. Can’t wait to read Anne’s post!

    • Thanks for inviting me Lori! It’s a challenge for me to think about how (and why) I write – but it’s good for me to take the time to do it. I always learn a lot!

  2. Thanks for sharing your writing process, I’m genuinely fascinated with how other people write. I still have my post (almost finished) on my writing process too. Side note: love the image of the flowers and the way your new comments section looks!

  3. Thank you. I really enjoyed this. I love communicating with the world via bloghing. Im new to it all, and would love to follow the writing process.
    I journal my experience of life…with a view to reaching people as a lifecoach or lifestyle consultant of some kind. I admire your role as a green brand marketer it sounds very worthwhile x

  4. Thanks for inviting me along on this writing journey. No pressure for me here following a real, published author and popular/influential blogger:) You are challenging me to look at what I do with a keener eye.


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