How to Simplify Your Personal Care Routine With Akamai

These 3 Akamai personal care products are all you need to simplify your daily wash, shave & brush routine.

How Akamai Personal Care Will Simplify Your Routine

Open the drawers in my bathroom vanity and you’ll see a colorful collection of tubes, bottles and jars – all in a jumbled mess. That’s because I’ve been researching and testing natural personal care and beauty products for this blog for many years – and I’ve accumulated a few things.

While it’s fun to try new products – I am a big fan of keeping things simple, less cluttered and having less stuff. It’s easy to get caught up in the marketing hype that we need more products to look and feel better but the truth is, we don’t.

Akamai Personal Care Basics

That’s probably why I’m so enamored with Akamai – a brand-new company that makes multipurpose personal care basics. The philosophy of Akamai (which means “smart” in Hawaiian) is that “clean and healthy skin, hair and teeth can be achieved with far fewer products, chemicals and complexity.” It’s a radically simplified approach to personal care, that proves that less is more.

Akamai sells 3 products – toothpaste, bar soap and an oil blend. The beauty is that each product is a mega multi-tasker. Aside from deodorant, these three products could be all you need in your bathroom (or travel kit). Just imagine how nice those uncluttered drawers would be!

Mineral Toothpaste

  • clay based formula absorbs toxins and bacteria
  • works as a toothpaste, breath freshener, gum treatment, blemish treatment, skin poultice
  • non-sweetened but flavored with an energizing mix of essential oils including clove, anise and cinnamon (I’m addicted!)

3 in 1 Bar

  • mild but moisturizing formula with a great lather
  • works as a body cleanser, face cleanser, shampoo bar, shave cream (my husband loves this!)
  • doubles as a laundry soap while camping

Skin Fuel

  • blend of nourishing oils and healing trace minerals and fulvic acid
  • works as a face & body moisturizer, face cleanser, beard oil, scalp treatment, hair conditioner (a rockstar product!)
  • light rosemary scent is gender neutral

Are you ready to dump the junk in your bathroom vanity? Akamai is a great way to start over! Or if you’re like me and you can’t quite give up all your favorite natural products, here are two situations where I think Akamai could be a game-changer:

1. Getting your dude to make the switch to natural products (simple to use, no heavy fragrances).

2. Travel and camping – all products are TSA compliant and fully biodegradable.

What ever your reason – here’s a chance to check out Akamai personal care: Akamai is offering 20% off your first order using my *affiliate code: A-SAVE20MMM at checkout (good through 3-31-17). FYI – Akamai is a subscription service but you can modify the product selection and timing easily, and quit at any time.

What personal care products are most essential to your routine? Which ones could you get rid of?




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