Eco Friendly Subscription Boxes that Make Great Gifts

Roundup of eco friendly subscription boxes with non toxic beauty products, healthy food and tea, and natural home products.

Eco Friendly Subscription Boxes | Mindful Momma


Dilemma: You’d like to get an eco-friendly gift for someone but 1.) you don’t know exactly what they would want or 2.) you don’t have the time to shop all over town looking for the right mix of things or 3.) both of the above.

Solution: A subscription box service with a natural, organic, artisan-made, non-toxic, fair trade or sustainable theme.

It’s a fun way to help your friends and family discover green and healthy brands and a unique gift they probably won’t get from anyone else. You can choose from a one-time gift or an ongoing subscription – each company has a slightly different set-up.

Here are some of the eco friendly subscription box services that I’ve personally tried and would recommend.* I’ve given some of them as gifts too and they have been very well received!

Eco Friendly Subscription Boxes | Mindful Momma



Prospurly was born from the idea that pursuing a happy, healthy life should be fun and easy for everyone. They curate monthly boxes filled with decadent food, relaxing natural bath & body products and special items to share with friends. There’s a new theme each month – from Breakfast in Bed, to Seaside Escape to Seasonal Splendor.

  • Artisan-crafted, small-batch, natural and organic products
  • 6 – 10 products per box
  • Average value $80
  • Learn more

Cost: $49.95 per month as a one-time gift or on-going subscription (get 10% off for life when you sign up now).

Eco Friendly Subscription Boxes | Mindful Momma



The mission of Pumeli is to inspire women to slow down and unplug – in other words, to give them permission to relax. With that in mind, each box is filled with calming tea and the materials for time-slowing rituals to help you relax in as little as 5-10 minutes per day.

  • Artisanal tea and steeping accessories
  • Beautiful paper to inspire creativity
  • Fair trade goods that empower artisans around the world

Cost: No longer a subscription but gift boxes range from $50 and up. 

Goodbeing and Other Eco Friendly Subscription Boxes | Mindful Momma



Goodbeing boxes are custom curated based on a member questionnaire to provide products that match your skin needs and concerns. All products are vetted to be non-toxic, sustainable and high quality. They emphasize that it is a service intended to help you find products you love and will continue to use. (company was formerly known as Goodebox)

  • Healthy beauty products
  • Non-toxic cosmetics
  • Products for wellness
  • A mix of 4 – 5 trial and full sizes

Cost: Ranges between $21 to $18 per box depending on length of commitment

Eco Friendly Subscription Boxes | Mindful Momma



Yuzen is a quarterly spa box designed to awaken your mind, body and spirit. Everything included is premium quality and comes in elegant packaging including a piece of Japanese yuzen paper which can be repurposed as a bookmark.

  • Products are eco-minded with clean ingredients
  • 6-8 full-sized or premium sample sizes
  • Learn more

Cost: $36 for a one-time gift, $33 per month for a quarterly subscription, or $29.75 per box when you pay for 4 boxes at once.

Eco Friendly Subscription Boxes | Mindful Momma



Bestowed is a monthly subscription box to help you discover healthy snacks, personal care and lifestyle items to help you live a healthy and enjoyable life.

  • 7-10 items per box (some full sized, some trial sized)
  • Natural and organic ingredients
  • No artificial preservatives, flavors or colors
  • Curated by nutritionist Heather Bauer

Cost: $20 for monthly subscription, additional discounts for paying ahead. Use code LOVEHEALTHY for 10% off.

Do you have a favorite eco friendly subscription box? Please share in the comments!

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(*Note: I received some product samples and purchased others but all opinions are my own. There are a couple of affiliate links in this post. If you make a purchase through a link, I may receive a small commission, at no additional cost to you. Thanks for supporting Mindful Momma!)

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