So You Want to Live Naturally? Here’s a Surprising Place to Start!

How to Start Your Natural Living Journey // mindfulmomma.comYou’ve been wanting to live a more natural, healthy life.


You don’t know where to begin.

All you see is a huge list of have-tos, shoulds and can’ts – and not a whole lot of extra time or money to get any of it done.

Plus you’ve got a lot of questions and endless research to do.

Yes, it can be overwhelming. I get it. I’ve been there myself.

How to Start Your Natural Living Journey //

How to kick-start your natural living journey

Whether you are brand new to natural living or want to dive in a little deeper, the first thing you should do is forget your to-do list and focus on this ONE important question:

How do you want to FEEL?


Yes, you read that right! How do you want to FEEL as a result of the changes you make? How do you want your body to feel? How do you want to feel emotionally? How do you want your family members to feel?

The key to making successful habit and lifestyle changes is understanding the motivation behind the actions. What do YOU want out of this? How will natural living benefit YOU and YOUR family? Just being conscious and mindful of these desires is a huge step on the path to natural living! The truth is, you’ll never succeed armed with a to-do list alone. You need to tap into your emotions and motivations.

Run through this list and see if any of these statements resonate with you:

  • I want to feel healthier every day
  • I want to feel energized when I wake up in the morning
  • I want to be less worried about the health of my family members
  • I want to feel strong in my body
  • I want to help my child feel happy and healthy
  • I want to feel motivated to cook healthy food
  • I want to feel relieved that I’m not using toxic products in my home and on my body
  • I want to be smart and savvy in the decisions I make
  • I want to help my spouse/partner to feel well and healthy
  • I want to feel positive about the lifestyle I’m living
  • I want to be confident that I am making good choices for my family
  • I want to feel challenged to work hard and make lifestyle changes
  • I want to feel assured that I’m doing my best
  • I want to feel hopeful for the future

Then, take a minute to come up with your own personal statement:

I am motivated to live a more natural, healthy life because I want to feel ………………


Now that you understand your feelings and motivations, you’re ready to start taking meaningful action! Here’s a great place to GET STARTED – with my most popular posts about natural home, healthy food, better products & DIY!

But first, I would love to hear your thoughts on how you hope a natural lifestyle with help YOU feel. Please leave me a comment below. I’m excited to know how you’re feeling!

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