Tackling the Dirty Days of Summer with BISSELL

Tackling Summer with BISSELL www.mindfulmomma.com

Yep, that’s my son, playing in the dirt!

Note: This is a sponsored post for BISSELL via the Mom It Forward Blogger Network.

Watch out! The kids are almost done with school for the summer. You know what that means: more dirt than ever being tracked through the house. I’m not the type of mom to try to keep my kids sparklin’ clean all the time. I’d much rather let them play in the dirt and then take a shower every night if they need to. But lest I let dirt take over the house, I had better have a plan for cleaning up the floors and carpets too.

Which leads me to vacuums. A vacuum is a vacuum is a vacuum right? Not really. The more you get into it, the more complicated you realize vacuum shopping can be. There are upright vacuums (like the one I bought during our remodel)  and canister types, there are bagless versions and traditional vacuums with bags. Plus all sorts of attachments, filters and other bells and whistles. It can be confusing. Consumer Reports helps for making sense of all the options and features on big purchases like these. Reading customer reviews on websites helps too. I like to ask the opinion of my friends but often times the exact model they have is no longer available.

Tackling Summer with BISSELL www.mindfulmomma.comThe BISSELL CleanView Plus

So let me tell you a little bit about the BISSELL CleanView Plus vacuum that I have been test-driving lately:

  • It’s an upright vacuum (as opposed to a canister or hand-held type).
  • It is a bagless style with an Easy Empty dirt cup.
  • OnePass Technology™ claims to clean thoroughly on the initial pass.
  • A HEPA Media Filter captures 99.9% of pollens and ragweed.
  • Comes with a number of tools including a TurboBrush® tool for stairs, furniture and upholstery.


  • This vacuum really sucks! And I mean that in a good way. Compared to my Electrolux, this vacuum clearly has more powerful suction capability. So far the OnePass Technology concept seems to be holding true.
  • It is relatively lightweight – at 15 pounds it definitely weighs less than my other upright vacuum.
  • The dirt tank pops out easily so you can dump the debris in the trash without a mess.
  • I love that you can take out the inner cyclone piece for easy cleaning (my other vacuum does not have this feature and I wish it did).
  • At $89.99 the price is very reasonable.

Second Thoughts

  • This machine is louder than my other vacuum. And when you put on the TurboBrush, it is super loud. I wouldn’t plan on vacuuming while the baby is sleeping – LOL!
  • The HEPA media filter is not in an airtight sealed compartment, which means that some of the dust may escape through openings in the vacuum. Maybe not a big deal if you do not have issues with allergies or asthma but if you do, this vacuum might not provide the filtration you need.

Overall, I think the BISSELL CleanView Plus is a very good vacuum in the under $100 category and will no doubt help you tackle the dirty days of summer!

What type of vacuum do you own? What do you love about? What do you wish were different?

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