Why I Love to Wake Up With Stonyfield

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One of my favorite, organic brands is celebrating its 30th birthday! Stonyfield Organic has been a staple in my kitchen for longer than I can remember (seriously, it’s been a good chunk of those 30 years!) Besides the fabulous yogurt, I’ve always appreciated that the company supports family farming and so many health and environmental causes.

Stonyfield is celebrating with a fun, social campaign called Wake up with Stonyfield. From May 1st to June 30th , Stonyfield is posting a wake-up call to action and inviting fans to participate by sharing photos on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and tagging them with #WakeupwithStonyfield. Each day has a different theme. I have to admit, I look forward to getting my daily email. It’s a way to add a little creativity and inspiration to my day. Here are a few of the photos I’ve posted so far:

Wake Up Energized:

wakeupwithstonyfield www.mindfulmomma.com

This kefir fruit smoothie is getting me energized for the day. #wakeupwithstonyfield

Wake Up Craving:

wakeupwithstonyfield www.mindfulmomma.com

What am I craving today? SPRING! #wakeupwithstonyfield

Wake Up With Mom:

wakeupwithstonyfield www.mindfulmomma.com

My boys know that food is the way straight to my heart. #wakeupwithstonyfield

You can get in on the fun too. Just sign up for the daily Wake Up with Stonyfield emails and start sharing your inspired photos! Bonus: you’ll get some Stonyfield coupons and special opportunities for signing up.

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(Disclosure: As a Stonyfield YoGetter I occasionally receive free yogurt and other small gifts but I am not being compensated in any other way.)

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