Support Solar with ClimateStore for Earth Week

Shop #10ForSolar with ClimateStore for Earth Week

Thank you to ClimateStore for sponsoring this post.

The bright colors and pure joy in the photo above made me smile today. Would you like to know why these woman are so happy?

They are smiling because their garden is getting consistent watering from a solar-powered irrigation system – in one of the driest places on earth.

Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF)

The Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF) is a non-profit whose mission is to implement solar energy solutions to help the 1.5 billion people living in energy poverty around the world. They do this by producing small solar installations in places with a specific need – like the irrigation system for those life-sustaining gardens in Benin.

SELF has completed successful solar projects in 21 countries, including Haiti, where they powered health centers after the 2010 earthquake and rural Columbia where they provide lighting for schools.

Ready for some joy? Watch this video to see how solar power from a SELF project helped these women in Benin.


You already know I love ClimateStore because of their dedication to helping people take action on climate change. Now there’s even more to love: ClimateStore will donate 10% of proceeds from all purchases during Earth Week (April 22 – 27) to SELF.

So if you’ve got your eye on anything over there – maybe that groovy rain barrel, some camping gear, or a special Mother’s Day gift (hint-hint!) – Earth Week is the time to buy!

And please support the project by using the hashtag #10ForSolar on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

Wishing you a joyful Earth Week!

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(Disclosure: I am partnering with ClimateStore as an ambassador. They sponsored this post but all opinions are my own.)

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