How to Brew a Green & Healthy Cup of Tea {Giveaway!}

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If I were asked to give one word to describe the way I feel when I drink tea it would be this: Comforted. The soothing flavors. The beneficial herbs. The fragrant steam. Even the warmness of the tea cup on my fingers comforts me. You’ll never sway me from my morning cup of coffee but my afternoon and evening tea holds a special place in my daily routine – at least during the winter months which tend to stretch on longer than they should here in Minnesota.

As with many of life’s daily/weekly routines, I try to make my tea drinking experience as green & healthy as possible. You wouldn’t think there’s much to it – grab a teabag, some hot water and you’re all set, right? Wrong! Here are a few things you can do to green your tea making routine:

How to Brew a Green & Healthy Cup of Tea via

Tips for greener brewing

Go Organic – Did you know that conventional tea leaves are sprayed with pesticides? Yep, and they aren’t washed before they are sold so those pesticides are steeping right into your tea. Best stick with tea brands that are USDA Certified Organic like Miss Tea, which comes in both caffeinated and caffeine-free varieties and is also Fair Trade.

Get Loose – Brew using loose tea leaves and not only do you save resources but you also avoid tea bags made with plastic or chemical treated paper. I’ve been using the Couleur Tea for One set from MightyNest and love that it has a built in porcelain strainer. Just one less thing I need to use and wash!

Sweeten Safely – I drink my tea plain but if you prefer your tea sweetened, be sweet to the bees too – by using organic or locally produced honey.

Reuse the Leaves –  Give those tea leaves one last hurrah by giving them a second splash of hot water. Personally, I don’t mind a slightly weaker second cup.

Compost It –  Instead of dumping tea leaves in the garbage, toss them in your compost. Tea leaves are a great source of organic material for your compost pile!

Earn money for your school through MightyNest

Did you know that MightyNest, will donate 15% of every order you place to your school? All the more reason to buy your supplies for greener, healthier living from this awesome company! Not only can you donate from your own personal orders, but MightyNest for Schools is a rockin fundraising program. Imagine how much you could raise if you got the PTA involved!

There’s a fun Earth Day Challenge going on right now where you can win $1000 for your school by taking simple actions that have a mighty impact. Things like packing a reusable lunch, making a healthier snack, pitching the plastic and many more easy ideas. Sign up your school and start earning points NOW!

How to Brew a Green & Healthy Cup of Tea via

Win a green & healthy tea package

MightyNest is giving away a green & healthy tea package worth $75 to one Mindful Momma reader! Plus you’ll get $75 for the school of your choice! The giveaway will be open through midnight, central time on Tuesday, April 15th. Good luck!


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(Disclosure: MightyNest is a sponsor of Mindful Momma and provided me with a few supplies for this post. All opinions are my own.)

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