12 Healthy Food Trends to Look for in the New Year

Healthy food trends to be looking for this year.

Healthy Food Trends for 2016

Food trends are so intriguing. Some are creative solutions to problems. Some seem a bit contrived (breathable cocktails? see below). Some are simply a healthy ingredient finally getting its time in the spotlight.

Whether or not you actually try them all, it’s fun to have these healthy food trends on your radar. Look for them in stores and at restaurants throughout the year and let me know which ones you try!

12 Healthy Food Trends


Regrained Bars and Other Healthy Food TrendsByproduct foods – Concern over food waste has people getting creative with leftovers that were formerly discarded.

Find it: Probiotic Tonic made with whey from yogurt making, Regrained Bars made from spent beer grain, caffeinated Coffee Flour made from leftover coffee cherries

Souping – Tired of the same old juice cleanse? Souping, the hip alternative to juicing, delivers more fiber, less sugar and is more satisfying than juice. Drinkable soups are also on the rise.

Find it: Tio Soups and Power Souping book

Custom Nut Milks and Other Healthy Food TrendsCustom nutmilks – Some things are better made fresh. Look for nutmilks made to order in cafes or even delivered to your doorstep – just like the milkman used to do!

Find it: OMilk and NotMilk

Pulses – The lowly legume is getting a makeover. Who knew pulses was the name for dried chickpeas, lentils, dried beans and peas? The cool thing is that pulses have a tiny carbon footprint, are extremely nutritious and are super cheap – all the more reason to eat them my dear!

Breathable cocktails – Imagine immersing yourself in a cloud of gin and tonic or breathing in a flavorful amuse-bouche between courses. For some, it’s a new way to absorb alcohol (whether or not this is healthier remains to be seen). For others, a non-alcoholic flavor treat.

Orange-Maca-Tumeric-Shot and Other Healthy Food TrendsSuperherbs – Superfoods are so last year. Say hello to stress-busting superherbs, like moringa, maca, ginseng, and turmeric. They’ll be showing up in juices, chocolates and more.

Find it: Juice Warrior’s Orange, Maca, Tumeric Shot and Vega Maca Chocolate.

Cardamom – My prediction for the spice of the year. It’s one I happen to LUV in baked goods and I’m seeing it popping up in yogurt, snacks and juices.

Find it: Dark Cherry Chai Yogurt, Ginger Masala Chai Coconut Chips, Sweet Potato Cardamom juice 

Obi Probiotic Soda and Other Healthy Food TrendsBig bacteria – Probiotics continue to thrive as we learn more about the importance of good gut bacteria. Probiotic bacteria will show up in everything from tea to baking mixes. Even fermented cocktails are a trend.

Find it:  Obi Probiotic Soda and Enjoy Life Baking Mixes

Swavory food – As our palates are getting more sophisticated, we are moving toward savory versions of typically sweet foods and vise versa.

Find it: Blue Hill Yogurt and Soupologie Beetroot & Pomegranate

Thrive Algae Oil and Other Healthy Food TrendsSeaweed & algae – Move over kale – nutrient-dense seaweed and algae are in takeover mode! Look for it in noodles, in oils, as a seasoning for rice and even as a topper for popcorn and other snack foods.

Find it: Kelp Noodles and Thrive Culinary Algae Oil

Natural sweets – We know we’re supposed to be eating less sugar, but we’re not about to give up sweets completely! Yay for less junky candy and even GMO free Hersheys.

Find it: Unreal and Surf Sweets

Plant-based meats – Red meat has a bad rap but that doesn’t mean we don’t crave it. Enter plant-based alternatives that look, taste and even “bleed” like real meat (yeah, gross.)

Find it: The Herbivorous Butcher and Impossible Foods

Which one of these food trends will you be most likely to try?

Love trends? Check out my Health & Beauty Trends for 2016 – plus other trends posts throughout the year!

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(Sources: J. Walter Thompson, New Hope Media, Baum + Whiteman)

Top photo credits: turmeric by Steven Jackson via flickr cc, seaweed by Ken Hawkins via flickr cc, reclaimed grain from Regrained, nutmilks from NotMilk.


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